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All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. – Samuel Butler


I am proud to present Jantu Jeanni. 

The Jantus are a highly evolved class three civilization encompassing the Telarian galaxy.  Jeanni  is one of 11 spiritual anchors of light and consciousness reflection throughout the galaxy so the light can transcend into the lower physical dimensions within their civilization.  His main point of services is two aid souls who wish to descend into physicality (3D) or ascend back into higher levels of consciousness so they may achieve and experience all their souls experiences to at one point complete their journey and eventually spark their own civilization from scratch and have the entire grand cycle of existence on every level be controlled by that soul, essentially becoming a godhead for a new galaxy/universe.

Artwork Feedback Needed

I am asking for allot of feedback as this piece is where I am starting to get into this particular series of fractal beings and would appreciate any feedback as to what my viewers like and dislike. I am evolving my style everyday and you are welcome to join in this process.

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