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All is One.
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Being Present, Authentic, Inclusive and Responsible
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Workshop: Becoming Present

It’s been said that most of us live either in the past or in the future, but rarely in the present moment.

What does it mean to “be present,” why is it important, and what tools or processes are available to help us move from a non-present state to a present one? That’s the subject of this week-long, online workshop.

To learn more, check out the description and then be sure to sign up! It starts March 9, and space is limited.

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The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Collapsing Systems

The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life a little above the level of farce, and gives it some of the grace of tragedy. – Steven Weinberg

Meg Benedicte

Message from the Sirian Council

Well, it’s been a wild past couple weeks, as we witness the dismantling of our government and financial institution’s spending practices. No joke…it is all coming down in the weeks and months to come. And it has been hanging by a thread for some time now. We must remember…all that is from the Old World Order cannot maintain a hold in the New Earth energy. It is ordained by Universal Law of Justice that what does not support the Whole will collapse.

And we can see how this not only adversely affects the well-being of our country, and human consciousness, but it also is directly affecting where we personally are holding old energy of duality within our own being. It poses the question – where have we been engaged in these corrupted practices of greed or envy? How have we embodied these symptomatically? We must ask this question now…for it can no longer remain in the fiber of our being.

All decay from greed and obsessive acquisition is now being exposed in the "high-beam lights" of truth and justice.  No one can escape the intense exposure! All shadow of egoic covetousness is being flushed from our planetary system and washed out in a wave of cleansing recovery. We can no longer accept and adapt to the destructive elements of the human psyche that propel an endless pursuit of money, power and prestige. This must come to an end!

We’ve come to a time in human history that we can no longer tolerate the destructive greed of those in powerful positions. It has been centuries of this pastime installed in the collective consciousness that allows it to take place. We have been passively allowing our elected officials and corporate CEOs to game the system in their own self-interests. The world can no longer ignore the atrocities being enacted upon a free nation, in the guise of personal protection. It is abhorrent!

And so we come to a time in this great nation where we need to stand up and disavow all approval or sanctity for this behavior and allow the natural process of dissolution to take place. We do not need to save this current financial system. It must be demolished, so that the new world can begin. We can no longer expect our public officials in the government to support our best interests. They have a higher power to answer to!

We can no longer count on many of the established systems to provide for our needs or support our personal quests for a meaningful, productive life. It is not there to support us! And so, we need to redirect how we pursue life’s full potential in ways that can be satisfying and fulfilling, but also embodying a deeply profound purpose of re-building a New Earth reality. This is the time to embrace how we can fulfill our deepest needs and desires while re-affirming the greatest quality of humanity – compassion for all life on the planet. When we can effectively step into the shoes of someone who "walks the talk" then we begin to radiate a different reality. It is when we are no longer concerned with how much we own, but with how much can we contribute, that our lives will change and improve!

Now is not the time to be concerned about what is falling down in collapse, but a time to weather the storm knowing the dawn of a new day is near! We are not being asked to sacrifice our joy or happiness during this time of upheaval. Actually, it is the very opposite! The more that we can focus on the New World vision and hold it in our hearts, and feel its power and presence inside our core, than we are entering a realm of true happiness. It is available now! All it takes to achieve this grand transition is to alter what we project into our future. For the very nature of this human world reality is operating as a holographic insert, where all we need to do is determine just what kind of "eye view" we will perceive our lives from. In a sense, our minds and emotions set the tone for what kind of human story we project into the world.

With this knowledge we can begin to sway and influence more and more the way we see the world, and how we can become more involved with the nuances and reflections we are looking into. It works like a human filter, this mind view, and it operates as a lifetime repository of all that floats and flows through our minds and emotions. These flowing streams of thoughts and feelings persuade the flavor of our life experience to be loving and powerful, or destructive and hurtful. How we then respond and react to these images in our projection screen will then determine what becomes a "tried and true" pattern of behavior and belief. No longer are we co-creating our lives from a clean slate, but beginning to surround ourselves with outer reflections of our inner state of disappointment, despair and dis-ease.

Our power lies within, and we can begin to recognize just how much our infected minds and emotions are truly affecting the very nature of our existence. When we come into contact with these established mental patterns in a litany of life-long scenarios and subsequent emotional pain, how in the world can we change? How can we break free of the imprisonment that has over-taken our free spirits and creative minds? Where did all the fun go? Why are we still beating our heads against the wall of insurrection and despotism? Why can’t we state that we are tired of this game and want to set it all straight? When did the world become such a tragic drama-queen falling apart at the seams?

We must remember that this world view we are stuck in has come upon us from many centuries of destruction and dissolution, now in its prime! And when we witness the thousands of ways it has destroyed the very fiber of our being, why in god’s name would we strive to save it? Let it go down in the manner it was meant to dissolve! It cannot be saved! So we all must just get on with life, and lift our spirits up into the New Earth hologram with our new visions and projections of life-affirming endeavors.

Not only can we survive, but we can proliferate. We are not tied to what is dissolving, it is already dead. We are no longer dependent on a system that does not sustain human life in its glory. It has already proven it cannot support the Whole! The Universe is not supporting its extension into the New Earth consciousness. It is incongruent! We must realize how much this old system has been destroying the very nature of joyous celebration life was meant to be.

Keep on your spiritual path! Remember we are not only joined in most glorious union… but we will conquer the darkness that permeates the cesspool of government/ corporate greed and power-mongering. It will not be allowed to enter the New Earth, and will be re-directed elsewhere. Not all energies will be encouraged to exist in the time/space continuum of the New Earth hologram. An alternative new energy is waiting for each and every one of us who seek a better existence to walk across the line and enter the field of opportunity. It is welcoming us at a rapid pace and we can bridge over in such a short, sweet time. Don’t look back! Keep on pursuing a better place to live, to love and to enjoy human capacity never seen before!

Go in Peace, Namaste!

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