Wayseer Manifersto

Inspired by the Wayseers Movement. I am a wayseer so it is nice to connect with others. A Must download and enlarge to see the detail. I came across this video and website on my facebook page and check it and man did it resonate deeply with me. I felt like someone had just made […]

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SETI@home needs your help!

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. ~ Anais Nin   “SHAGGY” Arch Faces Series by Seth Dennon Hello Everyone: I believe in supporting SETI@home efforts strongly, more information is below. In Loving Light, ~ Seth Dennon   December 2010 | SETI@home needs your help! In the last few […]

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SaLuSa | September 10, 2010

“KING ANANTII & ROYAL COURT” by SETH DENNON There it was, hidden in alphabetical order. – Rita Holt SaLuSa | September 10, 2010 Let no one deny you your rights to your own beliefs, but honor another soul who has chosen a different path. It should be possible to exist side by side, without causing […]

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