SaLuSa | September 10, 2010

“KING ANANTII & ROYAL COURT” by SETH DENNON There it was, hidden in alphabetical order. – Rita Holt SaLuSa | September 10, 2010 Let no one deny you your rights to your own beliefs, but honor another soul who has chosen a different path. It should be possible to exist side by side, without causing […]

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Discernment At this time of transition, be very careful about who and what you are following. In fact, if you are following at all, that is the first indication that you are off track. For those of you who are still the students of gurus, we recommend discernment. This is no longer the time of […]

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Universal & Spiritual Laws

MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN Universal & Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos Star Laws of the Wheel of Humanity Universal Law of Free Will TUNKASILA – Protects Personal Freedom ARCTURUS – Invokes the Freedom Ray QUAN YIN – Accesses Great Karmic Council Spiritual Freedom of Man MATO MANI – Open Gates That Have Been Closed MAHPIYA OYATE […]

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Mr. X Interview

An interview with Mr. X Mr X’s written answers were in response to questions posed by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. Where his responses are in purple italics, this denotes his current personal opinion as opposed to information he is now reporting, recalled from what he read or saw in his archivist’s work over twenty […]

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Extraterrestrial A-Z!

Hello Gang! I just came accross this information today. It is very interesting and somewhat mind opening. In case you haven’t noticed, lately in my art style I have been exploring beings from other worlds who are here assisting us. This guide book is sure going to make my art allot more interesting and hopefully […]

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