Energetic Transformational Services Recommendation

I recently had an energetic transformation session with GEOFFREY BARRY ROSENBERG.  It was an authentic and gifted session.  At moments I had physical movement in my body being facilitated from my light body as the old paradigms where being lifted.  The piece of artwork above is what I have created to visual express how I experienced Geoffrey’s Energetic Transformation session.  I am still adjusting to my new state of being, but I am well, filled with gratitude and love, and my minds eye has never been more clear.

The sessions are performed while you are comfortably seated. We will together create a protective energetic space. I will ask permission to energetically connect with you (for you intellectuals, we will be creating a unified field entanglement) and ask our higher selves to choreograph the healing, light transmissions, activations, and accommodations.

The first process we experience is a chakra and light body balancing. Audible sounds may be experienced as well as light or other vibration energies.

The next process involves passing through a multidimensional spiritual “osmotic membrane”. The purpose is to filter out old ideas, thought forms, and programming which interferes with fully embracing the consciousness paradigm shift.

Next we will experience what I call the crystal water activation, which is to adjust the DNA to accommodate Higher Light Frequencies.

The last activation is to retrieve your Original Identity Vibration and ground that vibration in your sacred heart space.

I would highly recommend a session with Geoffrey for anyone whose is attracted to activation work.  His work is genuine, powerful and authentic.  You can visit his website at: http://grosenberg.com/transformational-services/

In Loving Light!

~Seth Dennon

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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