To be pleased with one’s limits is a wretched state. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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Use this movie to manifest confidence in yourself, your decisions and your life.
The Binaural Beats used in MANIFESTING CONFIDENCE produce beats at a frequency of 3.9 Hz. This frequency is in the Theta Brainwave range. The specific frequency of 3.9 Hz is associated with Zen meditation, profound inner peace, purpose of life exploration, treating unsociable behavior, transforming limiting beliefs, inner wisdom and many other positive aspects.
Although you will see the commands before they are given to you subliminally, here are some of the subliminal affirmations you will experience in MANIFEST CONFIDENCE:

Some Affirmations in the MANIFEST CONFIDENCE Manifestation Movie

# your possibilities are endless
# you are confident and in control
# you are clear and focused
# You are worthy of great love
# you take what you want from life
# you deserve to have what you want
# you are a rock
# people are drawn to your strength
# you make quick, good decisions
# you believe in yourself
# you totally trust yourself
# you accomplish many great things
# you make things happen
# you speak with ease and confidence
# you always know what to say, and you say it
# you have power over your life
# you radiate love and happiness
# You are important
# you glow with fierce confidence
# you choose what to accept or dismiss in your life
# you have special talents
# you feel and speak confidently
# you are worthy of your dreams
# …and many more

Use the free Manifestation Movie to increase your CONFIDENCE! When you have confidence, you KNOW that things will work out the way you want them to. And I want ALL OF YOU to start experiencing that inner confidence without any self doubts!



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