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A stitch in time would have confused Einstein. ~ Unknown



FRIDAY – July 16, 2010 – 2.00PM PST

My guest this week will be Devra Laval who 25 years ago had a miraculous healing take place after having an enlightenment experience of the Truth, in answer to the age old question “Who Am I”. After this profound and transformative experience, she endeavored to integrate and deepen the experience into her everyday living, with the intention of serving others. She has written a book covering her experiences “The Magic Doorway into the Divine”  You will find more information at:

Another interesting guest.
      Mike Quinsey.

I know many of you are interested in the subject of UFO’s, so I would recommend you view the under mentioned link of a short video high-test truth from two gentlemen on the inside of government “UFO” programs, friends who have paid much to reveal the truth. We have to thank Milson of NESARA International for the information.


The Real truth about UFOs and ET’s

9 min. of testimony by Army Sergeant Clifford Stone & Command Sergeant-Major Robert O. Dean.


Listen live to BBS Internet Radio:

Copy the following link: and paste into your Internet Search Window. L/click on “How to Listen” in the left hand column – L/Click on button for “BBS Station 1” at the very top of the page. Scroll down to and L/click on your “Players Icon” . If you do not know which player you have, try “Real Player” and click on “Open File”. You will then be able to listen live to the program playing at that time.


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