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Judy Satori


Hello Everyone

Two weeks ago I presented an event for the Association for Higher Awareness in New Jersey focusing on ascension information and advice and energy preparation to assist us all through Earth’s ascension process.

The event includes the latest information from Spirit on ascension changes and predictions, how to deal with ascension symptoms, St Germain’s rules for healthy living, Light Language energy work with the Archangel Metatron, meditations and mantras to consciously raise your vibration and questions and answers from Spirit.

I am now able to offer you this information and the latest energy preparation from Spirit via my website as three MP3 downloads.

The first MP3 is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and gives meditations and mantras to consciously raise your vibration. It is important that we are all able to consciously keep our energy vibration focused on love, unity and peace and the three daily mantras make it easy. I have also included a PDF of these that you can print. Also part of this free MP3 is The Forum for Love: Questions and Answers from Spirit. There were over 100 people at the AHA event and Spirit answered many questions from participants that have been recorded.

You will have seen on the news recently scientists discussing the increasing solar flares affecting Earth and as a consequence Earth’s changing electromagnetic structure and climate. This situation is further explained under ‘Ascension Process Updates and Predictions’.

Free to Download:

Meditations and Mantras to consciously raise vibration.

The Forum for Love: Questions and Answers from Spirit.

Running time approx 46 minutes

Click to Download

To Print a PDF of Meditations and Mantras

MP3 Download One:

Track One: Introduction and Prayer of Preparation

Track Two: The Prayer of the Angels with the Archangels Uriel, Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, Sandalphon and Metatron. Initial preparation and gifts of Spirit.

Track Three: Ascension Process Update and Predictions. A general overview about what is happening to us and the Earth as part of the Earth’s shift to the Fifth Dimension. Predictions for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Track Four: Ascension Symptoms and how to deal with them. The major ascension symptoms affecting people as of June 2010 are puffiness that feels like unexplained weight gain, increased acidity of the body, release of karmic distortion causing physical and emotional challenges and sudden volatility of thought and emotion. The reasons for these challenges are explained and information given as to how to best deal with their effects.

Click to Purchase – $US10

MP3 Download Two:

Track One: St Germain’s recommendations for healthy living. This information will guide you how to keep healthy while staying calibrated to the Earth’s changing energy.

Track Two: Energy Work with the Archangel Metatron.

This track is a 45 minute energy activation, healing, recalibration and DNA recoding session. This section holds a series of activations to clear the throat chakra and help us align with Divine Will, to ‘tune’ the crystalline heart, to clear the central vertical energy current aligned with the spine for incoming ascension energies, to improve circulatory capacity, to work with soul DNA in clearing karmic distortion, to harmonize and balance to entrain with changing Earth vibration.

The information and the energy activations by the Archangel Metatron were transmitted through me to inform people about the changes ahead as the Earth moves through an ascension process and to especially bring through energy words of preparation for physical and consciousness change. It is recommended that you listen at least three times to the energy activations for consolidation and a deepening of the energy codings involved.

Click to Purchase – $US10


best wishes and blessings,

Judy Satori


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