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The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

– Bret Harte


Open your arms ever so wide.

Then lovingly wrap them round your front side

and HUG, HUG, HUG yourself.

Gently sway from left to right,

caressing the body with adoring pride,

squeezing, pleasing, and joyfully teasing

this earth suit holding YOU.

Now, imagine looking down from above …

Yes! It’s you hugging you in Gratitude with Love!


Go Gratitude!


Now that you’ve wrapped yourself in Gratitude,
extend this gift to others, too! Next time you do –

open your heart, creating a portal for your Love

and Gratitude to flow through, intentionally

sending gentle waves to warm, comfort and

connect on every level.

You will feel the difference – and others will, too!

Beware! You might find others getting in line

as Word gets round you are the best hugger in town!


"Inside my heart I visualize ever increasing waves of

light which eventually come closer and closer together

until it is a mass of white light energy. When I am ready

I open my arms and aim the energies that have built up

to my beloved Twin Flame. As I open my arms I then

draw them back to me as if embracing her in a HUG.

How it expanded!

This time as I did it I was asked to slow the image down

so that I could observe what was happening before it

gets to her. This time I repeated the ritual and I watched

the waves of energy as they left my heart. I saw them

moving out into the universe and what I then saw

surprised and amazed me at the same time. I could see

multitudes of beings absorbing these waves, this loving

embrace and it was being received in joy and magnified/

multiplied before it was being sent out.

First of all it was being sent to Mother Earth and as she

absorbed it she sent it out to her surface, offering it to

all beings upon her. It then reflected back out into a

multitude of universes. I was dumbstruck at the beauty

of what was unfolding in my hearts eye. I had tears of

Love and Gratitude rolling down my face as the enormity

and the results of this simple little hug had created."

Ian ~
Check out this inspiring story about Juan Mann, who follows
his bliss, aligns with the Heart’s calling, and embraces the
Great*Full*ness of Life!  *Free Hugs for ALL!*


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