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Never have children, only grandchildren.

– Gore Vidal


Allow Gratitude to guide you through NOW to the

moment of your conception, your earthly Being-ness.

As you journey through to the beginning of YOU let Gratitude

be your guide, remembering a state of perfection, purity, and

one-ness with Source.

One might be surprised to realize how many times the physical

body re-creates itself through Gratitude. So it IS with our

energetic, intellectual, and spiritual Selves, too.

You’re beautiful, baby!


Go Gratitude!


Imagine this Beloved Union happyning within YOU – one beating

true with Love and Gratitude. Feel this pure state of emerging Life

bridging here with NOW, re~birthing *you*, US, everyone

into a state of Grace through the power of Gratitude.


Conception: Two cells merge, form a ‘vesica piscis’ – a deeply

sacred shape where the centres of two spheres or circles bisect

each other. Next sperm and ova pass right through each other

to become a single cell or zygote. Then: mitosis and the

chromosomes join, then migrate to North and South poles.

Then a tube forms pole to pole and the chromosomes split and

migrate to alternate poles. This is the complete prototype new

human. The zygote then splits into four cells and

forms a tetrahedron inside a sphere. The next division yields

a star tetrahedron/cube in a shape called ‘the egg of life’.

These eight cells reside at the perineum – our centre

(geometrically) and literally where we grow from. And an

important esoteric plexus, besides, on which our energy field

fixates. Anyway, eight cells divide into eight more, form a cube

within a cube. After this, divisions become asymmetrical as we

differentiate in all the tiny special little ways that make us, well,

special! At sixty-four cells the embryo becomes hollow and the

poles grown together and form a tube torus, one end of which

will be the mouth, the other, the anus.

So, to sum up: life begins as an ovum or sphere, becomes a

tetrahedron, then a star tetrahedron, a cube, another sphere,

and finally, a torus.

(note: the symbol of Gratitude is a tube torus, too! wow!)


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