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World Gratitude Gathering Begins Today!

There is a coherent plan in the universe, though I don’t know what it’s a plan for.

– Fred Hoyle


World Gratitude begins today!

We’ve designed this wave so our 42nd day lands on Dec. 31st,
New Years Eve!
Just imagine beginning the New Year with:

=>  Clarity of Mind
=>  Being fully aligned with Passion and Purpose
=>  Connection to a global Community of the Heart
=>  Tools to easily manifest any waking dream

=>  Reinforced positive attributes, gifts and talents

=>  Mastery in the art of letting go, to BE the flow!

This, and so much more, is possible by choosing to Align with
the Hearts calling and Embrace the Great*Full*Ness of life!
Register at:

Thumbnail via WebSnapr:


Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce our alliance with
the Earth Wisdom community in NM, and voice our intent
to help raise funds for the building of the Taanaashkaada
Sanctuary- a retreat and healing center, eco-village
and wilderness preserve.

Taanaashkaada means ‘Great Coming Together’, and is
a physical embodiment of the essence, and heart, of the
World Gratitude vision.

A portion of all WG donations will go to support the
Taanaashkaada Sanctuary.  We will be sharing more
on this community in the making, incl. ways to directly
participate in bringing this vision to reality.

More on this to follow …
For now:

=>  Register for this wave of the World Gratitude gathering

=>  Choose what donation feels right to you

=> Open your heart and prepare to receive blessings beyond
     measure, as we journey together, into the heart of Love and

Welcome, and thank you for participating in the creation
of our Community of the Heart.  Remember, you can join at
any time in the next 42 days, but to get the full benefit —

the time to join is NOW!

In Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude


p.s.  You might have seen our short video at the World Gratitude
home page.  It is a raw reflection of a vision we hold sacred within
our hearts — the Divine Union of Spirit and Matter, the flowering
of the heart and Humanity into Love, and the emergence of the
Age of Peace and Illumination.

It is another form of the Great Coming Together – Taanaashkaada.

Truly, this is only a small glimpse of what we are co-creating
together, and we thank you for being an integral part of making this
vision a reality!

You can see the video here:



Go Gratitude – a global service organization dedicated to

empowering Wisdom, One-ness and a Great-full heart!

Questions, comments, inspired ideas? Contact us here.

If you feel compelled to support Go Gratitude, our ongoing
updates, and our out-reach projects, please visit our site at: to make a donation.

Thank you, in advance.

You are welcome, and encouraged, to share these updates widely,
pay them forward and re-post, as inspired.  Thank you for helping
to spread the message of Go Gratitude by including credit and a link
to our sites.

The Secret Gratitude Book



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