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Arcturus .:. October 14th Event

The folly of mistaking a paradox for a discovery, a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself for an oracle, is inborn in us. – Paul Valery

by Kathleen Long

There is a commonality among those who have announced this event and it is that they feel within them thus they ‘hear’ onto themselves of this ‘event’ because what they know is that there is to be AN event however it is not quite as defined. You live in a reality that is based in time itself, it is 3D and therefore you must define things as such meaning that you must define things from other dimensions within your own understanding and the most obvious of your defining is based in physical ‘things’. You must define those physical things in terms of your vision. It is difficult to present an ‘event’ to you when in order to realize the event through 3D you must put it in ‘time’, you must then translate it to a ‘view’ or a ‘picture’ of something when in reality, our reality the ‘result’ of the event is what is paramount and the result that the consciousness seeks is what that event would/might do to them EMOTIOANLLY because it is through and within emotion that all of the human race will change the world, change their own lives and the consciousness in/of which they live.

The REALITY in which they exist. This predicted ‘event’ speaks to the world that the world will be viewed within an absolute new framework. For IF a ship were be presented in such a manner in such a ‘hugeness’ the structure of mankind would change, reality would be shattered and the foundation of humanity would quite literally crumble because it would show to the world that reality as they know it is no more. Their fears would explode, their emotional bodies would become catatonic and their very will to live, to maintain or try to maintain the only reality they have ever known would be shattered. So NO a spaceship of immense proportions will not appear per se in the skies over ‘anywhere’ on October 14th.

Now having stated that the ‘event’ that is proposed will AFFECT many millions of the earth AS IF IT DID. And having said THAT, all those emotions stated above will begin to express through the bodies of humanity because their own desire and their own consciousness (collectively) has been calling for the crumbling of reality.  Mankind is vibrating at a rate, within a frequency that has been literally calling to the relinquishment of an old reality and within that call there are various events. So imagine if you will how the world would FEEL if that event took place. Although each would hold it according to their own consciousness, it would affect everyone on the planet. Imagine again if you will that without the literal event itself, the results OF THAT EVENT will become known onto the emotional bodies of humanity and therein lies the purpose of the event.  Let us say to you that above/within your skies are many many ‘ships’ that hover and move about. Those ships are assisting within the greatest movement of the planet EVER; A MOVEMENT OF  ONSCIOUSNESS. Those ships onto most eyes are invisible but nevertheless they are there. They are there but they are not ‘physical’ as you know it to be. As each ‘body’ rises in vibration fear becomes less available as it is released from the cells. As the body rises it changes dramatically.  our eyes are not vibrationally available to see these ships at this time. 

The shifting that will take place in the area of time October 14th (ish) is a direct result of the assistance of the ships as they respond to the consciousness as the collective is saying (rather screaming) I  O NOT WANT TO LIVE IN/THIS FEAR THAT LIVES WIHTIN MY BODY. So in response the result of that call is to begin a process whereby the body is being ‘hit with a vibration’ that will assist in the elimination of that fear but to eliminate it, it must become enlivened, it must  ome alive, and it must be FELT. And although it lives within the cells, it is in partnership with the emotional body that each human wears. This emotional body is the key to consciousness; this emotional body is the key to creating, to empowerment, for all CREATE THROUGH EMOTION.  So the emotional bodies of humanity are being recalibrated into a higher consciousness as they collectively are to experience a fearfulness that would be as if they experienced an event such as the one ‘predicted’. So, although this event will not take place  ITERALLY it will take place to the degree that the response to it will prevail onto mankind which will be an upliftment but first or rather initially it will be emotionally fearful and mentally as almost a collapse for the mind will be stretched to the limits of one’s reality.  Throughout the last few decades of time the energies that have been much more tenderly moving into the planets aura have been felt by many of course some moreso than others but each time one would rise to the occasion of a certain ‘invitation’ in energy they would feel the surges of angst, fear, depression, discouragement etc etc. this ‘time’ there will be an explosion of emotions as there will be an opportunity of immense transmutation.

This ‘event’ could not have taken place even a few months ago because the assistance of those named themselves as lightworkers were not fully of the position to assist in the calming of the fears as they are now holding greater understanding and fearlessness for that is the power that they came to possess. They will stand in their stillness as if to be watching the world around them crumble. This is what they came for and you will see that there are MANY in the world whose life’s mission was to avail themselves for this very ‘time’ when they could stand in peace as ‘all hell breaks loose’ and that will be in so many ways that it does you no good to bring to mind any scenarios.  We tell you whatever you ‘think’ you might as well not forget it for it is nothing of your history, nothing of your memory. You as all are in your perfect position. You as others hold the hands of the fearful, calm the hearts of the anxious and express love onto the unlovable for it is ‘show time’ on planet earth. It would be of course fearful to view such a predicted sight but it is even more fearful to hold fear without a ‘reason’ per se and that in itself will magnify the fear.

Now this fear will obviously CAUSE events that will match it but the ignition of it on a global scale will take place through an event that will not be viewed at all and in knowing this, know as well that any/every event be it seen or unseen has been called forth by the consciousness to bring to the planet an expansion of the power within love and to do so there must be a release of fear and to do that there must be the magnification of fear to its demise.  So then our most beloved we speak to your heart as we remind you of your mission on earth to simply hold your light, your peace your calm and maintain your joy no matter what takes place around you for you will build a bridge with others of the same vibration and upon that bridge you will welcome many whose fears will be diminished within your light.




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