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I Am Back with Direction!

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man, and I will show you a failure.
~Thomas Edison


Ni hoa Everyone!

I am now officially back from my realinment break. You may have noticed me futzing with ideas aover the past 3 months with designs and different website concepts, after lots of playing, learning and focusing on what I am trying to achieve I redrew my game plan and all set to go.

JUST AN FYI: will now be the only active non-commercial site I will maintain, with exception to my social netwroking sites, so if you are reading this and you are not on you are playing in my schoolbooks so to speak so come over to the new playground!

So here is the game plan I have decieded upon. First maintaining multiple blogs and sites as in my original digiverse concept is too much work, it takes time away from doing the things I really love like creating art and percieving new possibilities. Even maintain multiple sites for the many facets of the things I am into is not practicle. So I am condencing, streamling and simplifying things for both yours and my experience.

This is what the new SETHD8 Digiverse will look and feel like:

This Will be my main art Art everything which inspires drives moves and keeps me taking that next breath site. Basically the real fun site. I am looking to attract a community of like-minded individuals who would like to share a common playground discuss/debate/challange our beliefs and perceptions and just be a spot to alls challange what you thought your curremt perception could hold. Basically a place which through illustration/word/sound any means of expression through the site will constantly poke at the edge of what today we now know as truth and tommorow will know as a new reality.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor/autor contact me and I will do the required araingements to authorise you as a contributor/author or even an administrator (with time of course). But by all means be sure and become a registered user and comment away. Starting Now. The site is at basically version 1.2 so it could use some feedback, this site is as much for you as it for me. Suggestions are more than welcome. Any hints and tips as well as I am still basically a neubee at hosting my WordPress and making all the adjustment and stuff.

Dimensional Bliss will at this stage contain the following areas to explore:

  • Blog/Art Entries in the past I used others written content and illustrated what the content ment to me. This worked for my break in period. I am still developing my writing skills, after all I am a Visual artist, but for the next 30 days, the 30 day plan is to modify my morning meditation a bit, where first I will create an illustration while I am having my morning conversaion with god, then I will tell the story about my morning meditation, the illustartion and my conversation I has with god that day. I hope you enjoy experienceing others personal journeys, may you climb the latter of life with me.

  • Kreatorisms Section basically this is all of my artwork which is available in digital form, about the last 10 years or so. Once I get the sections straighten out you will be able to browse by different periods and types of work. Write now there are about 414 illustration all in a jumbled mess which I have to straighten out. This is available under the KREATORISMS tab.

  • Animations Slider one of my newest artistic ventures is learning animation, on the top-right side of most pages there is an animation slider which will allways be up to date with my newest animations first. Just click on the thumbnail and away you go. I have not concocted a good integrated way for feedback yet on the animations since they are hosted on, but if there is a technologist out there I would love the sliding ability with the ability to leave a comment on, probably would have to use their API? But for now you will have to log into revver to comment. I chose revver becuase they have the best picture quality I have been able to find. BTW, if you like any on animation and have the bandwidth, all of my animations are available in High-Definition, and believe me the differences is astonishing. Just shoot me a mail and I will send you a link for download.

  • DB GEAR is my cafepress hookin, currently I just through some random products on there from my cafe press store. But really it is you store, so if you would like a print, mug, post card, notebook, t-shirt anything out of the 70+ products cafepress offers let me know. I have no problem letting you know my mark-up, since cafepress wholesale prices are fairly well known. In keeping with tradition of ditributing my art Art for free, I only mark-up items $1-$3 over cost. Believe me this is not to score a profit, it to keep the damn store open and website server bill paid ;). My ideal hope for including this section is that eventually the community will develope some of our own gear together and and this would be the spot to get it made to order to bring a bit of our digiverses into our universe.

  • AVATARS right now the temp solution I have in place for looks was to port some of my friends over from tribe, but in the next couple of weeks I will tackle the AVATAR thingy so we can all have cool user pics to go along with our posts and comments!

  • SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY! This is the first hosted wordpress site I have ever hosted and most defintely the most complex site I have had my hands in, thank god for all of the awesome people who know what they are doing and are willing to share, so people like me can go in screw their awesome work a couple 100 times until I become the person the are being now! I am learnig, but not by a book, or even by any sense or reason. I find the grandest levels of trial and error work best with my stubborn personality, sothen I not only know ho to do, but definitly how not to do it as well. So please bare with me, and guidance is all-ways welcome. I learn extremely fast, but have a habit of all-ways wanting to try every last little possibility out, and sometimes that just doesn’t keep things simple! With holding the intension high of building a true community site cofortable for all feedback on all-levels begins NOW!

Basically I am going to refocus this site souly on my commercial art business, as not to confuse the two.

Still under redesign, but will still be the my personal portal site to quicky link to all of different sites and content accross the web. I like to keep track of the stuff I personally create and put out their for authentication reasons. You never know when someone inadvertantly starts using sethd8 as their screen name, and since I market this as my artist name I need to maintain some measure of authentication of source.

I have upgraded my account, finally, so now all of my art in at least screen resolution from the past 10 years, since I went digital, is on flickr, in a mess, but there. As well all of my new art I am posting high resolution high definition arhival copiues on flickr available to you and everyone. Basically, the standard size I create in will print a 24×36 poster in stunning detail and if you use a printer who utilizes fractal proccessing it could go up to the size of a billhboard, in OK quality. I have decied to support flickr in becoming the most astound collection and really official record of our time complete and they will house one of the archives of my collective works.




This my new starting point, let see what we can get creating here!

Holding My Truth High and Pround Deeply Resonating By Vibrational Spiral Throughout my Being Knowing the matching vibrations have already been put into place! Let’s Create Our Sacred Play Space Here Now!

In a moment of grand blissfull peace!


I love Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky from the album The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place check it out!


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