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“The human mind treats a new idea the same way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it!”

P. B. Medawar




Hello You!

This is my official update as to what I have been doing, what I have currently envisioned for my direction, and hopefully in there somewhere a more concise and consistent experience across my digiverse.

First many ask, What is your digiverse?  The SethD8 Digiverse is my concept for spreading seeds of awareness and sharing what brings the most amount of love and peace out from within my physical universe to a more tangible expressed form, like a digital one connected to billions of people here on our mother earth.  I recognized that much like our current worldscape, nationalscape and localities, the Internet may remove allot of barriers, but it still rather segmented.  I like blue, you like green some like red as so depending on your conditioning and beliefs particular websites and communities attract similar types of people aligned with anything from there mission to there overall look and feel.  My mission is about inclusion, not separation!  So to begin to achieve this I began sharing information which resonated with me, along with a custom illustration related to the content as my contribution across many, many websites.  Several Blogs, Social Networking Sites, etc.  Needless to say the concept seems to be working fantastic, I am achieving my goals!

NOW!  It is review time.  I have spent the past year creating my hiney off to build the digiverse v1.0.  In total in encompass roughly 33 websites for which I hold responsibility for managing.  Lessons learned?  Oh yes!  That is allot of websites to continually update!  Over the year I enlisted several automation tools to streamline this process, can we say technology learning curve?  Also this only a small part of my evolving self.  To put it in scientific type terminology, this is definitely the year my string broke.  Or in other words, I healed end began to utilize my ever evolving mind through new beliefs and thought pattern through which I feel as though I am on an exponential learning spiral.  As an example of this you can observe some fairly large leeps in my most recent artistic expression, as I perceive more so does my art reflect it. 

So after several months of spinning my wheels and truly have difficulty pinning my self down to fully complete a project, I just kept jumping around in this huge play pin of newly forming knowledge.  Artistically is is fantastic, I am truly being able to fully express the dimentiality of my existence.  As far as everything else, well lets just say I have allot to get done.

I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING A 90 DAY BREAK FROM ILLUSTRATING AND SHARING (ACCROSS MY DIGIVERSE) INFORMATION WHICH RESONATES WITH ME.  I need this time to redo the infrastructure, design and functionality of what will be my digiverse v2.0.  I have also included several links below to sources of information which continually inspire me.  During this down-time so to speak, please feel free to explore these other websites.

What will the SETHD8 digiverse v2.0 look and feel like?  Here is a brief overview of upcoming changes and newly aligned priorities:

  1. New Artist Community and Master Portfolios
  2. New website portal
  3. Complete redesign of current product website
  4. The Official launch of, this will be my “main blog” fully featured and world class
  5. General design adjustments to many of the various digiverse component sites to better integrate into their target site
  6. Full attribution and licensing using creative commons
  7. Better cross-site integration to foster exploration
  8. And to be honest, what ever else I decide to tackle, but can’t think of right now…

I am fully blessed by all those who choose to experience any one piece of my digiverse offering, so I encourage you to keep posted for the Official Digiverse 2.0 launch date (Roughly in Mid-July).  And I always encourage and welcome feedback and suggestion so please share whenever the thought hits you.  I am creating my digiverse as an expression of me and my beliefs, but at the same time I fully want to balance it’s look and feel and user experience with the desires of the users (THAT’S YOU) so share on and let’s create some great things!

Namaste and ALL-ways LUV your STRING!




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