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“A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword.”  -Robert Burton
(And when you truly begin to understand and know multidimensional consciousness you imeaditly understand the impact every unaligned thought creates.  These basic ‘private’ thoughts have created much of our demise not re-membering the power we each hold.  ALL-ways OBSERVE | EXPLORE!)


“Dimensional Living” an illustration by SethD8 – 26 Feb 07



Bluestar Speaks:
“Welcome to the New Dimension!” 
Issue #XLVII  – 25 FEB 07 to 25 APR 07

Special note from Celestial

“Father’s transmissions are sometimes complex; yet he always imbues certain energies into his wording in an effort to make your understanding as easy as possible. With this transmission in particular, I strongly suggest as you sit down to read it, forget about everything you think you know. Then read it.”

Well, I see many of you ones have been awaiting this Godumentary with bated breath! I am not sure if I can consider this a “good thing” or not. It is not exactly a secret that millions of peoples who are dis-contented with their lives relish the mere thought of a “new to-you change.” Our concerns are of a grave nature with this issue, for it is well known that so many among you ones failed to have lived in your past present life experience dimensionally, and are looking for a quick fix. I will right here and now, please notice the “present” tense, quickly abolish that time honored and too true addiction of humankind! I spent much “time” considering the difficulties that may present themselves by my sharing with you ones information of the new epoch of your existences.

Granted this is the beginning of a grand new period of historical and polarity balance in the planetary life of this orb and her inhabitants. It is NOT my intention to initiate or condone any irrational behaviors on your parts. In other words, if you are part of the millions of the masses still in disharmony with themselves, still seeking “greener pastures,” still unwilling to fulfill your individual Soul Contracts and Soul Resolutions, then you should not be reading this anyway! This is my “disclaimer” and I am sticking to it!

Now, “dimensions” themselves are poorly understood by most people. A dimension is a level of reality or realities, which define specific aspects of consciousness, be it individual consciousness, or the mass groupings. Each level of consciousness is indigenous to the individual(s) who inhabit that aspect of reality(s). So it is that one person’s reality may not be conducive to another person’s understanding of such; it all depends on where the Soul Voice of the person is most comfortable, or where Its mission resides. It is also a way of defining any physical quantity composed of magnitudes of mass known here as “time allotments,” linearly speaking. Some dimensions are harsh realities. There is one that you can identify with the most, the “third-dimension,” which has been the most trying and difficult of all. Now if you are ready or not, you shall learn of the recent dissipation of the former third-dimension. The third-dimension was a realm of lessons and teachings, of unsettled cravings, of archetypal types and ancient unrest. It was of bizarre bipolar actions and extremes being carried out by people and non-humans alike. This Earth Star planet suffered most grievously as the very beings she had pledged to protect and assist rendered the most inhumane assaults upon her and each other.

No one wanted to be here, yet EVERYONE wanted to be here. Many ventured forth to enact their Soul Pledges of reestablishing themselves as true vehicles of God; others came to Create new challenging opportunities through which to mature into themselves and expand omni-dimensionally. Still others were portraying chosen roles while interacting with ancient foes or ancient Soul Loves which here on Terra, were the opposite of what they, the people with whom they interacted with, had been in previous incarnations. A male of today was a female of yesterday…buck up men, you can handle this truth! A female of today was a male or female of a time before, it is always a matter of not only CHOICE but what your SOUL decrees It requires in order to expand into a more evolved form of ItSelf. You see, the third-dimension provided a sequential process composed of a “spiraling” formation of diverse elements of thoughts, words and deeds, before it could then amass enough INDIVIDUAL consciousness to reform itself and beam forth with great majesty in a “concentric mass formation.” I shall speak further of this particular formation later in my narrative.

Neither the God of this universe, the Creator nor the Creation intended to send forth merely troubled beings whose Souls yearned for “FREEDOMLAND,” to be the peoples who repeatedly reincarnated to journey to this sphere to complete their vital “learning ascension process.” Tis why the “great melting pot” of Souls merging together from all their respective evolutionary levels took place. To have sent forth only those who still had myriad experiences to endure for their own sakes, would have accomplished naught. Now, it was long ago when the Earth Star was Created that the most brilliant of the Spiritual mindsets gathered together with God and the Creator and thus laid plans carefully for a “special” dimension to be erected. One that would include a barrier formed beyond the Earth confines, to prevent possible intrusion by the hostile dark forces, at least as much as would be possible. All was set into motion and the first peoples were Created to be physical representations of God I AM. Yes but of course many of our mentors, accompanied by an elite “special forces” of beings of the Spirit World, gladly put aside other responsibilities in order to assist in this “GODVENTURE.” When the “Call was Issued,” requesting that life forms from other planets and other galaxies send forth their beings who were in dire need of reeducation, there was of course no lack of “incoming” life beings traversing between worlds and dimensions to arrive here on Terra. All were “in knowing” of the selection process; all were “in awareness” of what they as individual Souls, were arriving here for.

None were admonished for any “transgressionary” issues which they Created that had precluded taking advantage of any opportunities that would have invariably assisted the individual(s). Even though the result of those “losses” of momentum meant that the individual had given away “gifts” that action effectively caused them to fail to rise to their next level of evolvement. This is one reason for the necessity of “cloaking the mind” of the incoming Souls. You see, I do indeed understand that it may be difficult for you ones to comprehend that the necessity of the laying of “the cloak of forgetfulness” upon each incoming life form, was in actuality a great gift from the God of this universe. When Souls, whether collectively or as separate entities, must confront and deal with harsh realities, Soul Voice will always and forever seek out every door, every window of opportunity, to allow ItSelf to not only be heard, but to also be understood. Soul Voice can also, when certain conditions and coordinates prevail, CREATE the openings needed for Its continuous ascension. Consider the implications now! Where else could Soul be so sorely tested, where else could the karmic past of any individual be propelled into any situations that could early transmute what YOU think of as “karmic debts,” anywhere but HERE? Now, all these original “incoming” Souls were unable for a multitude of reasons, to either ascend or alter their “past present” life experiences, when remaining as a part of their home planet.

The greatest test of their endurance and determination to not fail themselves, was to engage in a microcosmic life experience on a sphere with millions of others from many different planets, who over many, many years would return again, and again and again, until such time Soul Voice was in triumph. The third-dimensional aspect of life which has proven to be such a hampering “mind block” to so many for so long, was NEVER intended to be a “permanent” fixture. All right, now we shall speak of the non-linear aspect of this “time framing” dimension. All those who required the “remedial editions” to be reread and relearned anew, had been told that “in NO time” the veil of the third-dimension would be lifted for many. BUT NOT FOR ALL! In our further efforts to maintain a certain re-alignment between the Spiritual world and the world of the microcosmic “panamania views,” the volunteers came forth just as they always have, in even more vast numbers. BUT each Soul Cluster received vital information relative to the evolved level of the Cluster AS A WHOLE. The information divulged the importance of specific Clusters traveling to Terra on EXACT linear time lines; it also further stated the “where, why and WHEN” the Clusters would integrate with Earth Walkers who entered the third-dimension in order to “make a difference.” Furthermore, approximate dates, specific places, and upcoming planetary events that were known would unfold, designated not only the individuals within a Cluster “being in the right place at the right time,” but also allowed them the “luxury” of being able to be of assistance to those they had previously aligned with through pre-birth Contract. Twas and still IS the greatest “massing of Soul Gatherings” I have ever borne witness to.

Now, I had mentioned the “concentric mass formation” relative to “individualized consciousness.” The integrated aspect of the Divine Plan of motivating Soul Evolvement, was IN PART dependant on the billions and billions of tendrils of God that had yet to either experience life in a lesser dimensional reality, or to experience life as living as part of a Grand Force of Watchers, Star Keepers and Spirit Beings; all whose destinies were intertwined with all Soul Clusters that would develop on this third-dimensional plane. In the early beginning times, obviously this was neither possible nor permissible. You see, when the “Great Descent” developed over a period of a century, the ACTUAL first century of habitation here, not the years you THINK they were, it had been foreseen that less evolved beings arriving here to inhabit this planet, would become “lost in the illusion of time.” So as linear episodic “moments” ensued, those who were less evolved than others in the Soul Clusters, did indeed fall from grace.

Now, while so many were lowering themselves to a state of illusionary realities, those who refused to become entangled in that void patiently and prudently began the slow process of amassing energy molecules released by their off-world loved ones, which were relative to each individual Soul. These molecules contained strategically placed off-world Soul memories, just a bit, no more than that. Each aspect of their Soul Voices which carried the individualized “indelible fingerprint” of the specific being’s true essence gathered unto ItSelf great bursts of harmonic energies and listened most carefully to the Voice of God. The God of this universe had promised that He would always, throughout the mortality of the individual, remain aligned with each child and continually SPEAK to each. The telepathic communications would always be ones of encouragement and love, NEVER FEAR ORIENTATED! This is why so many of you ones at times have the thought, “promises made and promises kept. “ Now, the presence of billions of Orbs were seen then as “normal,” for indeed these precious iridescent Souls were fulfilling a promise of their own; TO SERVE AND PROTECT. So it was as all this was transpiring then, the “fallen ones” began to deride and hassle those who did not “cross over and become one of them.” Early “time” battle lines were drawn and untold numbers of the Watchers, the Star Keepers and those evolved Souls in the Spirit World true to their pledges, erected many barriers between their charges and the now forces of malevolence running amuck.

As the guardians and the protectors worked diligently to completely develop their missions to be of the greatest assistance to those they so loved, the “true blue” Souls who were “heaven bent” on developing human communities and connecting with human counterparts, received the data they needed to construct the personal net formation of “conceptualized concentric mass formation.” Here is where it gets a tad complex: those early time Souls who endured so much to be the real pioneers of this planet, knew well in advance of their original life expression here, that it would indeed require many, many future lifetimes before all which they would seed here, could come to fruition as the greatest Rainbow Harvest this planet would ever know.” They had also been forewarned that they each must exercise great caution to keep them from recreating the same old patterns and experiences in each future lifetime. They were forewarned that those former predicaments would be “carryovers“from less “wise“lifetimes. However, not only the God of this universe but the Creator as well, spent so much “time” reassuring the children and letting them see that God and the Creator understood far more than did they. Most especially of concern were the fledging Souls who would have need to incarnate repeatedly. The children were told that oftentimes they would stumble and at times recreate the same scenarios that caused them not only so much pain previously, but conversely also provided so much growth. The Divine Forces assured these Souls that in the end, they would be fine.

It was indeed the wisdom of the ages that assisted both God and Creator in the knowledge that these things would occur to those beloved Souls, oftentimes as a direct result of the Souls’ free expression, and other times due to the hostilities and the attacks that would be heaped upon the children Spiritually by others. It was then during the earliest of communions between them all, that a facet of their “future selves” was revealed to each of them. Firstly though, each Soul was reminded that they possessed the innate understanding regarding the necessity of repeating the reincarnation process here. They were further reminded that the process would ultimately result in the greatest planetary shift of the ages. Further, that each reincarnating theme would ALWAYS be geared around that shift event while simultaneously guiding the Soul of each into a more evolved Form of ItSelf. As each Soul was gently taken into a “remembrance “of their awareness of those events, a revelation was given to them to assist in the clarity of their “life mission.” They were shown a future time, one that would incorporate all they had experienced in all of their past lives with THE BIG ONE. They learned that in each lifetime that was well lived, elongated energy streamers and DNA alterations would become a major part of those existences. They learned how pure light non-invasively enters into the physical vehicle and supplants “normal” cells of the physical vehicle while imbuing the individual with more TANGIBLE “God I Am” filaments.

After all the “remembrances” were re-understood, the PLAN for the final development of the Earth Star planet was then shown to these ones. They were “imaged” the reflections of things that would come to pass here in order for them and all their descendents to bring into activated physical materialization, the presence, the incontrovertible truth that GOD WALKS HERE. They would participate in the manifestation of the osmotic process of the dissipation of third-dimensional density and the simultaneous emergence of “NESARA THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOD.” Now, would that we could all have tweaked our collective noses and simply have brought this time into this world immediately! BUT, all things being equal, at least most things, that would have caused irreparable damage to ALL living Souls and those that were not yet birthed. You see, there could be no “quick fix,” the ultimate goal of the Creation, the Creator, and the God of EVERY universe, is the merging into totality with SOURCE as fully developed Souls who are incandescent in the glow of God I AM. Nothing less will suffice. So, each of those early Souls “signed on,” although I will admit many Souls were “selected” by the Trinity of Creation. None selected said, “I won’t go.” They understood too well the heavy burden of what would befall their relations, their Soul Clusters if they themselves chose not to arrive here to help.

Each knew there would always be mitigating circumstances here that would necessitate at times certain individuals taking the place of others who could no longer continue in the mishmash of third-dimensional madness. All first agreed and then secondly, ALL paid close attention to the sequential steps that had to be undertaken here in order for their missions to be successful. They learned that not only would they each in their own individual manner, be diligently fighting off the guards of the Illuminati forces bent on destroying them, they would be compelled to live within the shadow of dross mass consciousness. However, the balancing of the Scales of the Universe would always be in perpetual motion, seeking to maintain vigilance where necessary and providing energetic forces to assist the Souls On-Call. It was then that they accepted the knowledge of the importance of accumulating mass energy components in each life experience, and building upon what they could amass during that time. They thoroughly understood and relished the genesis of cherishing each iota of personal consciousness and releasing it into the nucleus of their Soul Essence. They were “in knowing” that as they progressed into each future incarnate state, all which they had accumulated before in “consciousness levels,” would coalesce with each upcoming “new” level.”

These Souls were shown the wondrous gift which energy has that is the least understood by incarnate individuals. You see, when each miniscule drop of energy which is a part of any individual consciousness is either Created or enlarged upon by the individual either consciously or unconsciously, that energy form immediately seeks out either the same vibrational components, or ones of an equal Soul Level and they ADHERE! So it is that throughout this universe, each of these molecules combines with each other one of “like force” and the momentum and the quality and quantity BIRTH another form of mass consciousness.” One that is pure and dedicated to the Light of all Lights! This has been occurring since the beginning of the teleporting of Souls to this planet. It has thrown the Illuminati into steady “dis-organized chaos” with each passing linear year. Each of these years has been bringing with it a constant mass of incoming Souls, most especially those here to “be all they can be, for the right reason and for the RIGHT Season.” So, you are learning how it came to pass that each life experience contains encoded gifts that are a part of individual birthright. However, for all those of you and YOU who have gone before YOU, the expression of the accumulation of personal consciousness without “consciously” knowing “the why” to it all was a bit daunting.

All those in the early periods were told patiently during intervals of Sacred Communions, that without the slow amassing of individual consciousness, the long awaited “concentric mass formation,” could not take place. The spiraling of the expressions of clarity of thoughts and of the desire to succeed of each individual in each lifetime had to be accomplished before the accruing of the energies could be gathered. Each time one of these Souls envisioned the “coming together of all the Rainbow Tribes, “the thought forms and imaging added to their Clusters‘ collective consciousness. Every aspect of those individuals contributed to the accumulation needed. In a way, you could think of this as “sowing and reaping,” Indeed you ones should be aware that this required slow, steady step-by-step enhancements of the vital energy of the Soul Clusters, as well as the collective strength shared by each facet of the Cluster, in order for this monumental venture to not only occur, but to be WELCOMED here!

As each lifetime of these ones ended as all lifetimes must on Terra, all those individuals as well as small groups of people they had been able to reach through telepathic means, and through physical contact, did indeed continue the good works the others had implemented. So it was that generation after generation passed on their knowledge and wisdom to each succeeding family member and/or Soul Cluster aspect. Those who continuously rebirthed themselves in order to extend the planetary knowledge so needed by the Earth’s peoples simply began again and again, “where they had left off.” They always brought with them more information of a higher level which was predicated upon their own individual ability to assimilate this knowledge; it was also dependant on their own personal evolved state of being. They brought teachings and lessons of both a practical and a Spiritual level in order to maintain the continuum that was already in place here, thanks to their former good works. It was because they had already planted the seeds and uprooted many, many weeds which was the enabler of the free form energy that was the catalyst, the primary facilitator of regeneration for them in order to re-nourish themselves in the dense, atrophied existence which was experienced only here on the Earth Star planet.

Now, on the super-conscious level of “knowing,” they were each aware that we who maintained our vigils at different observation points, were able to easily see not only what predicaments they might have been entangled in, but we also watched the Rainbow hues of the ever rising spiral formation composed of all the elements of the planet, working in conjunction with each individual’s infinite thought forms. Each of these ones, these extraordinary Souls of Light, yearned to hear the words which were subtly encoded in their memory banks, “THE TIME IS NOW, or NOW IS THE TIME.” Sometimes they would see the words rather than hear them; other times they may have read a headline or paragraph in a book and the words would change, even if only for a brief few moments. It had been told to all those Souls that when they did actually hear or continuously see those words, it would be their “key,” their stimulus “pulse point” for the period of acceleration of the final longed for release of the spiral format. None of these ones had any regrets of anything they had “lost” or not “experienced” in a lifetime; they intuited that the work they were here to do was far too important to allow any dalliance on their parts in superficial Earth pastimes. Although we heard many sighs and goodly amounts of mutterings, none would have had it any other way.

Then the grand day arrived! It began in the early 80’s here; the accumulation of all that was needed to bring forth the concentric mass formation had arrived at its apex! Without the previous spiraling occurrences, the New World could not have happened. Again, it was a matter of sequential levels needed to be achieved and much of the presentpast life experience of each of the Soul Cluster groups that Created the modification of energetic matter and triumphantly raised the level of the Earth from the dark ages of religions, ALL of which were Illuminati creations, into the true states of Spirituality. The 80’s themselves were a mass of turmoil, confusion and irreconcilable differences experienced by peoples all over this planet. We expected this. NEVER can change occur without first upROOTing the causes of dissention, of disbeliefs, of blithering hogwash, of Spiritual and politically motivated mayhem! The only ones who were surprised were the Earth Star people. They lacked the innate understanding that this was a Spiritual Tsunami in activation.

Now, what began then continued to the fall of last year, (2006.) Many of you ones might consider that a long period of time, however we do not. The wrack and ruin of this planet was so dire, that at one point Earth sought solace and the termination to her life force. First-The Spiraling momentum followed by 2-The Spiritual Tsunami, which led to the ORGANIZED chaos of the 80’s = The restoration of Earth and the Ascension of the Infinity of God here and NOW. The fall season of 2006, October if you wish me to be exact, heralded the advancement of a child full born and complete. The “concentric mass formation” entered here omni-dimensionally and began to replace the former “third-dimension.” This mass is omni-directional and omni-competent; it is not reliant on humans to “do the right thing now,” probably a good thing too! This mass is a golden energetic form filled with the most glorious shades of the pure gold molecules that exist within the depths of each Soul who has ever been.

It carries within its nucleus spectral lines that conjunct with all the Higher frequencies and Higher vibrations. “She,” I shall use this term even though of course she is androgynous, began her circling motion while enveloping the Earth in her loving embrace, simultaneously sending forth delicate coils of her Golden Light to all those Good Souls who have answered the call to unite NOW. The third-dimension which had already begun its slow dissipation prior to this serendipitous emergence, began to diminish in accordance with the Universal Law governing the concordance of events. The Earth Star planet began to sway in a surreal fashion, as she aligned with the new energy. Weather patterns began in most areas here to revert to the old way of revitalizing the Earth, by tossing off odious decay on the land and seas, allowing ancient life forms to once again surface. Some of these resurgences you are aware of, many you soon will be. Animal life and many of the plant kingdom, increased their teleformation process, while humans across the globe began to make choices predicated upon their own ability to remain here, or depart from this plane and return at another time.

Friction between lovers, spouses, family members and friends increased among many of the Earth cultures. Many began the free expression process of eliminating those people, places and things that no longer enchanted them. Even though so many have done this in an unconscious fashion, oblivious of the momentum of the driving force “to change” their lives which was gently pushing them forward, they still began their OWN spiral journey. All must first experience this spiraling motion before they can tangibly be aware of the grand changes which have been occurring here. Now, here is where your own understanding of events is most required. When the NEW TIME OF GOD arrived, she did so in a sweeping, quiet, mellow fashion. * Note to my Celestial daughter-the following sentence will be a long one, do not attempt to edit it please.* When predestined timelines intersect with predestined “ allotments of NOW molecular energies, the force of such is so enormous, so INFINITE in their envelopment of all sedentary matter, that unless a person is either paying close attention, or is experiencing a predestined “moment” of their own in bearing witness to the spectacular occurrence, then a person(s) will not be aware of all that transpired UNLESS it is not only explained to them, but the information rendered must be assimilated in “notime” fashion, then in “notime,” witnessed. You see?

Now, what is still occurring today, began in October as I have stated to you ones. It was because we used a specific “selection” process at that time, that not all peoples everywhere were “in the knowing” of the beginning of the beginning. This is where individual pre-destiny came into play. I can use Celestial’s experience rather than another’s for I am not violating her privacy in doing so. After all, I have to live with her! She intuited that what she saw then and what she still sees every day was meant to be shared with all peoples, all races, and all creeds. Celestial is well aware that the word must spread in synchronistic fashion in order for others who also will soon be, or already are, in tune with the Universal Concepts of Cleansing and Renewal, can come forward to teach others, who can teach others, of the grand portal that is NOW open. Celestial, please insert the web url for “NESARA The Golden Now! Why should you read this? Because” THE TIME IS NOW!” If perchance you have already heard/read about this then give yourself a great gift reread it and when you do, read it in a different fashion than you have before. Read the words slowly, savor the words, then close your eyes and “image” in your mind’s eye what she saw, felt, sensed.

Now, there is of course a quintessential reason for doing so; you ones who have lived lives of third-dimensional constraint and angst here, have not always been able to maintain your “true sight, true hearing, true sensing.” In an effort to restore or re-nourish your natural gifts of “sentiences,” the simplistic approach of placing yourselves in her “shoes,” of seeing through her eyes and acknowledging to yourselves all of which you observe, will not only assist you is seeing the new dimension for yourselves, but in a free expression of amicable style, you will BECOME what you SEE. You really can get there from here! None among you ones should wonder why this is important, you should in fact be feeling a bit of a “rush,” while I speak to you ones of this “Heavenly” matter. Over the course of your present lifetime you have been conditioned to believe the sky is blue, there is only 1 sun and moon and so forth. So your intellect has been well programmed to subjugate you to the true realities. You see, the “naked eye” can only perceive what is in front of it, so to speak. Oftentimes however, as a Soul progress from the unconscious states of “unknowing” and un-illumination to the next sequential level, the individual may feel that their eyes are playing tricks on them.

At times, mayhap for a flicker of an instant the eyes will behold something that logic dictates is not really there. Yet in truth the veil of cloudiness that the person had been integrated with, is slowly and patiently lifting; thus allowing the true eyes to see what is really there. The eyes carry imprints of all they see, they then superimpose what has been “recorded” into the brain as “reality.” Ergo the silly saying, “seeing is believing.” Now, those among you who have elected “to see clearly now,” are maintaining at times a tenuous hold on the realities that exist beyond the former third-dimension. As your acceptance of what is really to be seen is reinforced by Soul Voice, more and more shall be revealed to you ones, rather than less and less. If you do not today look into the sky and become a participant in the Golden Now which is enveloping this planet because THE TIME IS NOW, then you shall tomorrow…whatever “tomorrow” means to you personally. “Today” everything has altered, whether you are aware of it or not. An interesting “side affect” to living within the Golden Now is the absence of linear time. As Celestial, David and many others know, when the knowledge that “time” is no more is experienced, EVERYTHING occurs on a completely different level of reality than has ever occurred on this planet in previous times!

Quite often in the new today increments, everything has a special “surreal” quality, imbuing itself to all that you do, all that you feel and sense. You cannot tell the difference between what you did yesterday, if you can remember what that was, or when “yesterday” was, and what you plan to do “today” or “tomorrow.” Everything has “merged” into one elongated allotment of NOW. If you go to check on what date of the current month it is, it can be a tad trying if you cannot remember what day it is first. Try to think back to a week ago…good luck! Your clocks will have also now begun to either move very slowly or conversely, you will find that “clock time” has enlarged itself thereby allowing you ones to “get more done.” If you are paying close attention here you will discover, provided you do not know this already, that multitudinous dimensional doorways began to blast open on October 17th., 06. Nary a day or night passes now that you cannot see them, experience them, walk through them. This is occurring even in the worst of the vice laden metropolitan areas of this world! They are present in homes, offices, schools, everywhere that human life exists. People who are still a part of the mass consciousness of remaining in third-dimensional time frames, will be the last ones to receive the gifts of the Golden Now; those who remain on earth shall have ample opportunities over the next few years to release their conditioning and join the WAVE of Golden People. Or they shall join the WAVE of those departing Souls.

Now, Soul Clusters are reacting to this new dimension in accordance with their Soul levels; the most evolved of them, when they are not celebrating with great enthusiasm and gusto for life, “know” to immerse themselves in this new dimension and be thankful to themselves for all which they did to assist in the vast transformation. They do not attempt to speak to others of this great NOW period, unless the ones they speak with are “in awareness.” They realize that to do otherwise could cause great harm. I can relay to you ones the sensations that these Golden People now enjoy on all levels, the Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes. They feel a certain “lightness” that at times defies description. They also experience a sense of heightened sensitivity through their skin. This sensitivity seems to radiate from one part of their bodies to another part. Many times noise distortions are felt by them through the skin and body parts. Their hearing “issues” border on the ludicrous at times; a person can be standing no more than a mere 3 inches away from them and speaking, yet the Golden Person is so attuned now to listening to the higher frequencies, that he/she cannot always hear/understand what the other is saying.

Oftentimes, whether they know it or not consciously, their telepathic abilities have so honed themselves that they will hear what the other is thinking rather than saying. A continuous blocking and unblocking of the eardrums will occur until a stability is achieved allowing these ones to SIMULTANEOUSLY hear people on this planet speaking while they themselves are listening and speaking to others “off world.” Then of course there are the anomalous “memory disruptions.” When this occurs they may be speaking to another and suddenly their memory “blanks,” they cannot remember what they were about to say, nor even what they did say. Remembering simple words such as “spoon“for example, can become quite tiresome and for some, a bit frustrating. You see, all this occurs simply because the individual(s) are attuning or “being attuned,” to higher vibrations and frequencies. As the natural rhythm of the momentum of the Golden Now ensues, each of these ones shall ascend in easier, gliding fashion, until they have bypassed the last vestiges of the former third-dimensional density and integrated into the New Dimension in totality.

You may liken it to having ingested a wondrous antibiotic, one which is NOT genetically engineered in laboratories, and recovering from a protracted lethargic state of illness into a state of wholesomeness. So, do not be dismayed as these events continue to unfold for you, consider it a great gift, for indeed it is. As you meander through life, enjoying the great gifts you have so richly earned, do not be surprised to encounter multitudes of others such as your self. Embrace one another and say “hello, fellow “NOWTIMER!” Now, Golden People who have pets are discovering that many times their pets act strangely around them now. Because animals have always lived in the “now,” it may take a while for the animals to understand the transformation that has taken place in their homes. They can clearly see the hues and shadings that are different in the person’s electromagnetic system; they sense the pervading frequency change within the human. The animals are aware of the amplification of the peoples’ thoughts and the dimensional doorways that are now inclusive as part of “normal “life. Tis but a matter of readjustment.

Another interesting side effect to your personal evolution is that quite often a Golden Person will think they have been speaking aloud to another, only to discover that they have been telepathing. At times, actually quite often, the loud silence which is so predominant here on Earth now even in the middle of a traffic jam, seems so deafening that the man or woman catches themselves shouting to others rather than speaking in the former “normal” tones. Even though some periods of change must ensue, none are too much dismayed by these new occurrences. The silence is Golden. On a strictly Spiritual level, the veil or cloak of “intended forgetfulness” is carefully being removed from so many of you ones in such manner that the adherence to your individual and Soul Cluster Contracts is not violated in any fashion. This is but one reason why so many among you ones, perhaps YOU yourself, who have not been able to “remember” your “mission, “or the imprint of your “life purpose” prior to this grand serendipitous event, are slowly remembering now. The memories will steadily construct your memory format by increments; do NOT be in haste to learn all that you can! Be content to accept the removal of the veil and process the discovery of all that awaits you in GOD’S TIME. In other words, it will happen NOW, but “NOW” you must be prepared to effortlessly Create, Create and Create, never halting in this New Dimension, never looking back to a time that no longer is relevant in your lives.

Discovery DVD SaleNow, please to be aware that you will still need the “ordinary” devices such as clocks, watches, calendars and so forth, for a while longer yet. You ones will still need to know “what time” it is in order to maintain routines of work, doctor’s appointments and other ordinary events in your lives. Until the last breath of the FIRST WAVE of mass consciousness ceases to be, you, all of you ones who are the bearers, emissaries, participants of the Golden Now need to understand you are the SECOND WAVE of mass consciousness! In this sense, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Now, your understanding is needed. Those of the Illuminati brethren and their drones, clones and other things that go bump in the night, have been beating a rather hasty retreat here for some time as I have stated to you ones before. Since the incoming force of “NESARA, the Golden Now” was initially felt and seen by the dark energies, their scanty understanding of this propitious event was enough for them to know that they had to hasten all their attacks and leave this world as soon as they could safely escape. You see, neither they themselves nor any human being here who is not of equal vibration and frequency with this new level of evolution of the planet, can withstand the onslaught of pure light that accompanies this New Dimension.

I have told you ones before, “ the dark cannot exist within the Light of all Lights,” and so it is…This, what I call “THE FIRST WAVE,” is a compendium of like-energy beings, a concentrated mass, one that is congealed in deliberate ignorance. It is WHY they have already begun to “depart,” in one fashion or another. It is the TIME of the leaving of Terra by the lesser evolved beings of the dark and those whose mass consciousness is still intertwined in the old third-dimensional realities. It is IMPOSSIBLE for either man or THING to co-exist here if neither their physical vehicles, their hearts, nor their Soul Vibrations can align with the LIGHT. The very frequency waves and decibel vibrations now prevailing on Earth are in complete contrast with “the old WAVE.” You see, it is not only the Light itself, but what composes the Light which is anathema to the former forces of dark and humans of ignorance. Now do you ones better understand the reasons behind all the necessary changes; physical, Spiritual, emotional and mental which you have been experiencing?

Now, I am compelled to remind you ones that “great change” always results in the “casting off” of those who do not change. In other words, firstly be prepared not to be accepted by those who are preparing to leave, I speak of humans now, these ones will continue to leave Earth because they no longer “fit in.” They will feel quite uncomfortable in your presence; you will not need to utter a word, yet these other ones shall speak of you as “strange,” and “weird.” Be of good heart, they are only acting out. They do so from the same heart centered fear just as they always had. Also be prepared and accept yet another fact from me; millions and millions of people will die physical deaths, this will occur in previously unheard of numbers you understand. Definitely “out of the ordinary”circumstances will seem to be the causes. Those of the FIRST WAVE must leave and journey on to a far different destination; one where their Souls can revitalize and be re-nourished, yet again. Do not weep and wonder why they left or why you did not join them. I have given you the reasons! Neither the Creator, the God of this universe, the Creation, nor any of my brethren will have cause to weep either. Rather, we shall all rejoice for our children are coming home to regroup, relearn and then disperse to other worlds again. 

Now, please bear in mind that all knowledge that is given to you ones at any time in always predicated upon a need to know basis. Too much knowledge given to you could be as dangerous as too little. So if you have been wondering “why” I am sharing these revelations with you ones now, it is because NOW IS THE TIME!

Salude…Blue Star The Pleiadian


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  1. I am seeking an entity whose designation is sethd8. I wish to correspond. Please reply back. I promise good conversation.

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