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Hu-Mans, Devine Beings of Pure Love!

“Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves. Its eternal goal is life.” Smiley Blanton

“Hu-Mans, Devine Beings of Pure Love!” an illustration by SethD8 26 FEB 07

Hu-Mans, Beings of Pure Love!



Planetary Activation Healing Channeling

Channel’s note: Planetary Activations are most easily conceived of as transmissions/activations of new Divine energies for the entire Earth, dispensed by source through the galactic-solar gateways (stars) from the Central Sun of All That Is.

Jordan’s Healing Channelings for Planetary Activation days are intended to help all who participate more consciously through reading and attention to these energies to integrate them with greater ease, joy, realization, fulfillment and celebration.

These channelings are very high vibration and exist as an encoded matrix of pure energy outside of time-space, so you may tune in and read them several times for increased benefit.

The beings requesting to speak through this channel at this time are Ascended Master Sanat Kumara and council members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light (together):

Dear Ones, We wish to be with you today in the most lovingly open and surrendered of forms. Many eons past, your planet rose from amidst a sea of planets as the site of a most grand experiment, an exploration of the newest form of life in your galaxy, in your local clusters of galaxies, the form of love incarnate, the form of hu-man. These sacred syllables “hu”, “ma”, “n” resonate in your chest with a key of who you have chosen to be in this body if you let them do so.


Many eons past, hu-mans descended to this Planet you now call Earth with their one directive, mission, goal, and power: Love. This is, of course, THE universal Law and so much more than you may conceive of a “law” and its implication.

Hu-man being nature and content was intended for learning to BE love. The nature of love resonates for all parts of every hu-man, as it is held eternally as the Divine blueprint of hu-manity. Of course, the blueprint is greatly distorted in the reception of it for most at the time we speak in, NOW – intact as it may be held eternally. So much could be said of the distortion of the blueprint, and is written of elsewhere on Earth for those who wish to know. Needless to say, it did not happen overnight, so to speak, and your replay of old patterning has degenerated progressively as a species on Earth. There is no blame in our thoughts or words, Dear Ones, only fact. Healing such a rift is a task all have set for themselves on Earth now, and it is with great joy we celebrate you, as it is now only a matter of each one of those in a hu-man form beginning to wake up.

The awakening is a big and essential first step. Again, we remind each one of those who may read these words we speak here, that the waking up process is long from a perspective of a single lifetime, but lightning fast when we look at how long many have slept.

You certainly cannot go back to sleeping; that time is past. You are all beginning to wake up, and it can never be stopped now. Fear not, for this is something you have each chosen individually, and something you have all chosen collectively. It is so fast and yet it is prophesied that the time to awaken is NOW. So we are quite proud of you that all have chosen the great awakening to happen for themselves and for all life throughout all universes, for surely you have many watchers with you for such a grand event as you gathered here in this lifetime for.

Allow us now, if you will, to impulse you more directly with an activational matrix of sound and light, bringing this around your bodies and being to anchor a new energy configuration to help you transition into waking life. You may close your eyes and sit up comfortably for several moments and we will let you know when we are done. It may take anywhere from 10 to 70 seconds for each of you, depending on your present configurations.

Notice how many on Earth who wish to control their unfolding seem to forget where they are going, and certainly seem to forget who they truly can be. That which they already are in blueprint and nature and truth is hidden, so it may seem, in others whom we meet sometimes, familiar and unfamiliar to us.

There is no greater message now or ever than to love what is, through loving them and loving ourselves. This is accomplished, Dear Ones, through accepting and loving our feelings with all our being. The accomplishment of this is quite active and is not a purely mental process. Much more could be said, Dear Ones, of how to do this. There are many teachers on Earth who do these things. The doing becomes being and the process of love is integrated – the being is fully awake.

You are hu-mans and this is your birthright. We wish you many blessings of great joy in the Planetary assistance coming to you this day, and we are always here with all beings to support and impulse the truth of love. May you flourish in the height of the great plan unfolding NOW, and may you drink the sweet nectar of all your processes and attainments in momentous celebration of your love. We are one.”

Namaste and Thank You dear council members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light and Sanat Kumara!

Wednesday February 28th 7:30-9:15pm: FREE Monthly Meditation

This Event is Located in Jamaica Plain MA (Boston)

Our meditation gathering is loosely structured to include learning Pleiadian Lightwork meditation, grounding, boundaries, and higher self alignment, followed by a healing channeling and group meditation. This meditation and healing event is overlighted by the Hierarchy of Light as well and many light beings work with us throughout the evening.

Bring yourself, your questions, and your issues, and receive clearing and healing in a vortex of divine love energy and support.

Please Register for this Event by emailing

We look forward to serving you!

Much love and great devotion,


:: Rev. Jordan Bain :: Energetic Healing Therapy

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