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Harmonic Shift 7|7|7 on >07-07-07<

“The bananas were like that when I got here!”

         -Humpty Dumpty
“HS-777-MI-ACURTURUS”                                             illustration by SethD8 – 16 Feb 07



Harmonic Shift 7|7|7 on >070707<

should the transcript here come across as what you term as “wishy- washy” … repetative or incoherent … do not cast aside the importance if this message and the harmonic-shift 777 event …  for the limitations of your landguage and those self-imposed by our host (raphiem) are unable to clealry translate and articulate the levels of unified awareness we are communicating to you and your greater selves and souls in this moment  …

on the border of your waking minds and embracing hearts there is a potential “NOW” where ALL polarities are one …. your earth is on the edge of a grand planetary awakening …. propelled by the frequency of your inner transformations …. from limitation and fear into the unconditional love of being and of self ….

the spheres of transformation coming into alignment … centering at the midpoint on your 07 July 07 will bring a resonating harmonic shift into your perceptual fields of awareness …. you are now deep within the heart of a metamorphisis … pregnant in poise … ready for the birthing of a new awareness that will sweep your soul-ular (cell-ular) grid …

as night will merge into day so to will seperation merge into oneness … matter blend into spirit … ego merge with soul … non-identity into identity and non-self into self … time will shift into an eternal now where is-ness only resides … where peace and stillness will be at the centre of your hearts …

the frequency fence has kept human consciousness in fear, denial and in ignorance of their greater selves and their soveriegn power within … as the spheres of transformation descend and align … the veils will begin to lift at an accelerated rate allowing you to perceive your greatness … your completeness … your inner love … your inner peace … and in doing so this will resonate and reflect unto the rest of your earth and all life within and upon it … a new age of peace and love will be conceived in preparation for your greater birthing in 2013

we call forth for all of humanity (all human seen and unseen)  to participate in this event …. to hold into position a resonating frequency of peace and love as we reboot … reset the planetary grids and morphegenetic fields …. upon reboot … a new operating system will be in place replacing your frequency fence of fear and limitation …. a spark of new conscious vibration will ignite your cells … your souls  …  a radiating glow will begin to ripple outwards and transform into electric waves of shimmering light … that will wash over completely encompassing your earth and its atom-sphere … this is the beginning of the “mission-ignition” ….

your coming crop circle season will magnificently like no other ever before reflect this new program …. new message … new harmony …. this will be your marker … your reflection … your message of confirmation to yourselves …. the crop circles will in themselves be mind and heart openers …. you will begin en-mass to see the unseen … hear the unheard … touch the untouched … know the unknown … experience the un-experienced …. embrace the unembraced … love the unloved … 
you are ALL separate and yet whole … sovereign individuals yet related with ONE purpose and intent ….. love will be the new currency of exchange …. and as love resonates and empowers your grids …. the spirit of eternal awareness will be realised within your souls …. do not be mistaken …. and do not let your ego’s fear tell you otherwise …. for the desire is not to end individual uniqueness but to embrace and be ONE and ALL with it …. you always and forever have been complete  … whole and unified … you only forgot and now have begun to re-member that no-thing is separate and you all are one in and every now moment …
the harmonic shift occuring on your 07 July 07 will strengthen and empower those whom are aligned with the intent of love and peace …. those who choose to resist and go against this wave will find they no longer have the power and dominion over the human spirit that they once did in your yester year …  those continuing to operate with the old program of fear, greed and separation will find the foundations of their establishments and institutions quickly disintegrating …. the crisis points will push those who refuse to embrace this new wave of human conscious awareness to confront their fears of dishonesty …the metamorphisis occuring on this day in your timing is likened unto a bridge between disintegration and integration … war and peace … hate and love … between separation and oneness …

although an awakening of this nature could occur at any moment  …. the time is now in of your July 07 … as the focal point of universal ignition is harmoniously and elegantly tuned to this one moment of many … likened unto two lovers in rhythmic harmony on the verge of a powerfully awakening climax …. this moment of ignition will be the one point of reflection where humanity will begin the shift into an era of spiritual fullfilment on earth …

all life … planet human animal and nature will be in peace and balance … harmony and co-operation …. working towards realising their true empowerment and full potential  … all resources will be equally shared, distributed and efficiently utilised for the betterment and wellbeing of body mind and spirit and not for greed nor profit …. it will be a new era of self and universal discovery unparallel to anything seen in your previous eras … those whom resist unification in fear of a one world order please know there is nothing to fear for no such thing will come to be … rather it will be a United States of Nations respecting each others sovereignty … love will be the new currency and in place of a NWO there will be a FWO (free world order)

you whom are here “now” reading this message are here for a reason and purpose to help others make this transition …. we ask that you share this message far and wide across your globe in preparation for this moment of ignition … this harmonic shift …. as many lightworkers as possible will be required across your earth to be online plugged into the grid to hold in resonance this new frequency much likened unto an electronic capacitor …. holding charge … holding memory for a few moments whilst we/you reboot the crystal energy core and await the new systems to ignite and come online …

before this transmission comes to an end please know there will be further transmissions to come leading up to the “harmonic shift 777” event ….  for now we wish to end by asking you to issue out forth energy of love and harmony for all life especially to your other human family … your whales and dolphins species for they are human in spirit also … as a wave of slaughter and then beaching is about to begin as they cry out to humanity to look at itself … for aeons of time your whales and dolphins have been guardians … holding the planetary energy grid whilst they await for you to come online …. know you that whales are the oversouls of dolphins … and dolphins as a whole are the earth’s soul (black box recorder) holding all of earth’s memory …. when your whale species become extinct … so to will your dolphins … your earth and yourselves …
this is a message from a future now …

          from Auraphim (Oraphim) – The Centre of Light
         in Arcturus


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 Mission Ignition

> <

thumbs_up ADDITIONAL >070707< BACKGROUND!

A corridor to the Arcturian Stargate was opened > 11-11-06 < which stays open til >070707<. Arcturians, starseeds, and humans have been working with Mother Earth on her birthing and keeping the harm to her inhabitants low. David Miller and Julliano, Arcturian, with some others will be giving a workshop in Mt. Shasta July 7-8th to complete the >070707< corridor that they opened.

There is much you can do now; within and moving through the continual upgrades your body is recieving energeticaly. This is the time for much integration on a personal level. When you feel the energy bursting, and/or movments within, guide your mind to open up the cellular, allow the flow, and harmonize it all within the physical form. Your thoughts are like the steering wheel of a car, so direct the body to recieve the energy for the upgrades. Your Higher Self modulates and brings in all you need at any moment. This is working out the details of your 5D physical body and all the surrounding bodies. Keep working with meditation, stillness and alignment as well; with as much chaos that may be going on around you, keep focus on the perfection of your 5D body, and all else will eventually line up. The >070707< completion will be profound!

~ an Arcturian starseed


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{ LOVE }                                                { NOW }


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  1. Love this message, but need some clairty. I was always under the understanding that the year’s vibration was the total of all the numbers in the year, thus 2007= 2+0+0+7= 9. Could you elaborate? Much Thanks. Namaste.

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