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A WORLDWIDE CALL (YES, this means you!)


“COLLECTIVMINDS!”                                          Illustration by SethD810 FEB 2007Collective Minds!


We believe that change is in the air and we would like to do our part.
Our message is simple!
     1. You and I are One
     2. We are Love

This is of course not a new concept for you or we would not be contacting you yet.
By accepting our add request you are in no way agreeing to help with the following project, we just hope you will consider it and pass it along. 




A WORLDWIDE CALL (Please read and repost)

The following domains have been brought together for your purpose!


These sites will be used to raise the Collective Consciousness of this planet.
We have begun a project that will search for people from every point to take control of these sites. You do not need to have a computer to participate. No time in history has the saying, “The More the Merrier” been more profound.

Will You answer this WorldWide call?

aCollectiveMind will legally sign over all rights to these domains as soon as a proper Planetary groups have been designated.

To participate or for more info:
Voice Mail: (806) 722-8082

Let’s get busy, We have a World to conquer, with LOVE
GOD Bless!


Discover New Musical Possibilities!
From My Ears to You!  I am listening to Suddenly The Trees Are Giving performed by Ulrich Schnauss available on their Intelligent Toys 2
Expand your choices today!

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