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Darwin – Light & Sound of God!


“We are always getting ready to live, but never living.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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“Re-membeing the Light & Sound of God!” 

 illustration by SethD8 – 10 Feb 07




From Darwin

Light and Sound

The work of the Master has already been finished with every student who comes to him to be lifted up.  He knows what the student is ready to receive before the petition is made. He gives all to the students in advance but if the student is not ready, there is no recognition that he has already received his gift.  When the student is ready, the gift shall be recognized and received with the joy and blessings of the Master.

In their spiritual function, the Master and his predecessors are one and the same, identical.  Their spiritual message is the same, that the pillars of the light and sound of Spirit lead the way back to God and the end of all karma in the lower worlds.  The more specialized missions of myself and Paul Twitchell in this world, our personalities, the ways of fulfilling our missions, express unique individuality, with my major objectives being a natural expression and evolution of the foundation established by Paul in the physical in 1965.

Every teacher that has taught the true teachings on this planet has taught the light and sound.  Some of the offshoots have taught it but they could only go so far.  There is nothing held back, nothing other than your own state of consciousness.  You are given help, for getting beyond these lower worlds is not easy.  This is where the Master of the time can help guide, assist and show these individuals the way through the lower worlds into the pure positive God worlds.  This includes those students of the past masters, as well as those that are initiated during the span of a present Master.

Many times the curtain is pulled on some of us and there is a reason because of some of the fear that has been built up in past lives, lives not only here on this planet, but perhaps elsewhere.  The majority of you have been on this planet many hundreds of thousands of years.  Man has always identified God with Light and Sound, yet has forgotten how to use IT for the good of mankind.

The light and sound of God are spoken of in all the scriptures of this world and only the Way of the Eternal explains how it can be used.  From these holy scriptures, held in sacred trust by the great Spiritual Adepts in the Golden Wisdom Temples, the student on this Path learns of the principles and true secrets of life, of his role in the scheme of things and how to attain his goal as Soul.

The goal of the student on this path is to become a co-worker with God, yet it is up to the individual.  This is the individual’s own choice, should he/she wish to become a miracle worker, and perhaps a master.  One must completely surrender to the God-consciousness, the Inner Master that is within you.  We don’t become a god, we become Divine Spirit, a vehicle for IT, the Light and Sound, while retaining our individuality throughout eternity.

These are experiences that are very necessary for some individuals, because they have not the understanding to let go, to become detached from certain emotions.  These emotions, both positive and negative, set up certain vibratory rates.  However, inward peace is not truth, because to take life as it comes when you reach the higher planes, you gain and know that you are working with the Sugmad.  You become very careful not only of the steps you take, the thoughts you think, but the words you say. Spirit of Itself does not manifest within things, although all things are manifested by Divine Spirit, the light and sound of God.

Many of the saints that had the ability to utilize the cosmic current to help those that were seeking higher spiritual understanding had not spread the word.  Yet they were doing great things in their own way.  Paul Twitchell had a great affection, affinity, for Saint Theresa, and there is a reason.  This saint looked up to her lord moment by moment.  There was hardly a time that she wasn’t speaking to him, or doing something for him.

When one is devoted in this manner, all of the miracles the magicians and any savior or saint can do or perform, are useless.  Humility, along with love, can lead you. If you take it to the inner master, to where you start to unfold and understand yourself as a human being, the world that you live in and the higher worlds, this produces a certain frequency within the individual.  And it goes out in this vibratory rate, and what goes forth must be returned.  For what issues out of Sugmad, from the center within the heart of God, goes in a wave, and when it has reached the outermost limits, that wave returns to the center again.  The Spiritual Travelers and the Silent Ones, who are far greater than the Spiritual Travelers, are there to help assist those souls that have been longing to get back to the home from where they have originated as soul and sent forth to the lower worlds for experience.  This is all we are here for to gain the spiritual experience of Being.




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