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“Happiness is not a reward — it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment — it is a result.”

~ Robert Green Ingersoll


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Good Day my Friends!

This is some of the most impacted information in aiding me in further understanding, and then truly knowing all the nuances of our shifting consciousness’s.  I have been observing for sometime now, my mind’s eye so to speak, becoming increasingly acute.  Or in other words, hee…hee, I am thinking with allot less words and with imagery, definitely imagery in motion, which is experienced on so many more levels of myself than words can purvey on their own. 

If you have been an observer of my illustrations, you will notice these jumps or shifts in my images as I perceive more I completely use my art to fully express my new perceptions. 

I found the following worded information to only be even more quickly translated into imagery.  I look forward to the blessed day we are all ready to accept and perceive our basis for our new form of communication 100% of the time.  Right now I alternate between the phases, but I do know which I prefer and seems to be so much more completely natural for me to do than struggle with words all the time.




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What Dimension are you Thinking In?

     Can you feel the pull of your ego’s thinking?

Now surrender that thinking to your Soul!

Your Soul/SELF—your fifth dimensional consciousness—thinks very differently than your third dimensional ego/self. Your Soul/SELF thinks in pictures rather than lining words up sequentially. As an alternative to “having a thought,” your Soul/SELF will “have a picture.” Your Soul/SELF can zoom in, or zoom out, from that picture; it can step into the picture, or it can observe it. Your Soul/SELF can also observe your third dimensional ego/self, or any other part of your third dimensional world, whether or not your physical self is aware of that observation. Through fifth dimensional thought, you can deeply identify with every person, creature, plant, rock or drop of water.

In the past, your ego/self raised its consciousness to communicate with its Soul/SELF. Now, your Soul/SELF has entered your ego/self and begun to integrate with it. Shift your thinking from your ego/self to your fifth dimensional Soul/SELF. Take the long lines of words that make up your old manner of thinking and allow them to spin into a swirling vortex. Faster and faster, the words chase each other to completion. That completion is actually a beginning, the beginning of a new way of living in your mind.

Remember, your mind is not in your body. Your body is in your mind. If your mind can create it, whatever it is, however you perceive it, it is your true experience.

While in beta waves consciousness, your ego/self is in control of your mind. Beta waves are calibrated to perceive the third dimension and to filter out the higher dimensions. In this way, all your perceptions, both conscious and unconscious, can focus on the third dimensional physical reality. It is necessary for 51% of the citizens of a planet to hold beta wave consciousness or the 3D matrix will begin to degrade.

Alpha waves are calibrated to perceive the third dimension and portions of the fourth dimension. Since your astral self is free to create without the many barriers and limitations of the third dimensional world, alpha waves activate your creativity. However, if too much of your consciousness focuses on the third dimensional world, you will shift back into beta wave consciousness. 

On the other hand, if too much of your consciousness focuses on the fourth dimension, you will slip into theta wave consciousness. Theta wave consciousness is calibrated to perceive the fourth dimension and just beyond the threshold into the fifth dimension. If your body is not in a safe place and position, it could become injured, for theta consciousness is primarily an internal, higher dimensional focus and is only barely aware of your physical body and its immediate locality. However, if you shift your focus toward physical concerns, you may well slip into alpha waves. On the other hand, if you can totally surrender all control of your physical body to your Soul and maintain your focus on the fifth dimension and beyond, you may slip into delta wave consciousness.

It takes great practice to be conscious and aware in the third dimension while having theta wave activity. It is even more difficult while in delta wave consciousness. In fact, it is probably only possible to maintain delta waves if your Soul/SELF is in the Captain’s Chair of your earth-ship. Your ego/self’s mind is still an animal, a human having a spiritual experience. On the other hand, your Soul/SELF is a Spirit having a human experience. As your Soul/SELF’S mind begins to direct your consciousness, you will LIVE IN THE FLOW. That is, you will live in the surrender of the NOW and live your life from the inside out, rather than from the outside in—as your ego/self does.

When your Lightbody is activated, you will perceive the outside, third dimensional world from the perspective of your inside, fifth dimensional Soul. Your physical body will still correspond with the vibration of the planet so that you will not “phase-out” of the third dimensional reality. If the vibration of your earth ship rises too high above the vibration of the planet, you will ascend and “phase out” of the perception of the third dimensional inhabitants of Earth. Your individual ascension will make you a forerunner of the planetary ascension, but you will not be a part of it. These “forerunners” are necessary, but if your personal Mission is to be a member of the planetary ascension, your earth-vessel will need to remain in harmony with the vibration of Gaia.

The ground crew that has volunteered to be a part of the planetary ascension will wait until the call of the NOW directs them to place 51% of their consciousness into delta and/or theta waves. All of you are practicing this skill of learning/remembering to calibrate your consciousness with your mind. As you do this, you will realize that there are infinite realities of the same experience differentiated only by the vibration to which your consciousness is calibrated.

For example, from your third dimensional beta wave perception you are reading this writing. From your alpha perception, you are feeling the impact of the words and “seeing” the pictures that they create. You are surrendering to an inner guidance, while you may also be battling the doubt and fear of your ego.

From your theta wave perception, you are inside, and beyond, an earth body that allows you to experience the third dimension in an intimate manner. You are an observer in that world watching your ego/self as it learns, fears, loves and grows. The words on this page have no meaning to you as you think only in pictures and concepts.

Your Soul/SELF thinks with delta waves and transmits a message to its lower dimensional self, via the channel of delta-to-theta, then theta-to-alpha, then alpha-to-beta to read this page. If you ask your Soul questions about this reading, you will use the same channel in reverse: beta-to-alpha, alpha-to-theta, and finally, theta-to-delta. During this multidimensional transmission, you are in conscious communication with your Soul. Unfortunately, once this transmission is completed, the connection between these alternate dimensional realities will likely be disconnected.

However, your beta-self’s perceptions and your alpha-self’s perceptions are intimately related. After your multidimensional experience, your beta-self will return to everyday life. Your alpha-self will perceive the astral world, your life in Faerie, and the imagination of your third dimensional life. If the beta-self becomes ensnared in fear, the alpha-self will perceive the fear and anger of the lower astral plane. On the other hand, if your beta-self is filled with love, your alpha-self will soar through the higher planes of the fourth dimension. Conversely, if the alpha-self is engaged in lower astral drama, the beta-self will feel depressed, anxious, or physically ill. Then when the alpha-self is enjoying the merriment of Faerie, the beta-self feels free and creative.

The biggest shift in consciousness is from your alpha-self to your theta-self, who is intimately intertwined with your delta-self. This is because the third and fourth dimension are intertwined and echo off each other. However, the shift to the fifth dimension and beyond represents a great leap in consciousness. Theta and delta waves are intermingled, because your theta-self can consciously cross the Rainbow Bridge into the fifth dimension. Once across the Bridge, the dimensions beyond are less discrete than they are in the lower planes. With group/planetary ascension, the ground crew will practice connecting with all their parallel dimensional realities. Then they will be ready to assist others is doing the same.


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