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smile_omg  “If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments.” ~Earl Wilson

Mylo Personal Communicator

We the People?

There is NO more Perfect Time for True Change than this very Moment NOW!

“Ready 4 the New Planet Earth Experiment?” 


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Illustration by SethD825 Jan 2007



 Are you ready and willing to truly change our World?  I know I am!  This is a HUGE part of what my blogs, social networking and other websites are all about!  I humbly, but yet overflowing with divine inspiration, invite YOU to join me in growing our awareness, perceiving grander truths and putting our conclusions in firm action.  This is the power of creation each of has innately, it time now that we begin to come to common terms of our co-existence, honor it completely, and then sit back a joyfully fill our lives with bliss as we watch ourselves create our new reality. 

Our world is the way it is because we, collectively, have allowed very few to horde our resources and direct us as you would a small child based on what these people in positions of power of deemed appropriate for us, but the truth in this matter is, utilizing breaking edge technology, re-distribution of the worlds resources among’s ALL it inhabitants, completely transparent and fair financial systems and the firm unwavering god given right each of us owns, the right to true freedom, liberty and the neverending pursuit of happiness as I (we) decide what this is. 

 Our governments would have to drastically re-align themselves with these new rights, and thoroughly undo laws or rules which don’t  fully support these rights.  By also putting into use the latest research in Quantum Mechanics & Thought, we would be able to re-think allot of our current controls in society using our ‘right’ thinking selves to heal, love and truly manifest the world Humanity will live in. 

There is soo much going on in our current moment, that it seems to be very easy to get caught up in the doingness and general drama of life.  Only gently re-mind yourself that evolution is not a one time event, it is happening every moment NOW and often reflect on how you are changing your inner world (self).  The BIG GOLDEN KEY is each of individuals festally working to truly align our inner world with exactly what and who we choose to be in every thought, word and deed.  When each of us masters our inner world, our outer world will, well, miraculously change into an even grander Earth than we have ever known.

Love & Light!

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American Passing Opportunities

received by Marcia McMahon –  Dec 30, 2006


M: Dearest Guides, I feel someone wants to speak.

Guides: Yes we with to address the occasion of the funeral of Gerald R. Ford as an opening. We wish to open wide the many potentials for America to right herself.

The former president served his generation in integrity and his death allows the people to remember a time of war when the people had had enough with Nixon.

Gerald Ford was the last of the ruling generation who worked among the Illuminati but was not engaged in them. This serves to give contrast to the current President present and to let the people see the obvious.

We see a possibility for a similar fate. It would not be wise to consider Cheney as a suitable replacement should the House impeach.

President George W. Bush.

The people are waiting and uniting to find a way to stop the war and bring this last cabal to an end; swift and just.

M: I wish to ask with whom do I speak?

Guides: We are the collective of all who have served America.

M: Are you of the Light?

Guides: We are!

M: Are you St. Germaine?

Guides: He is among us. We served the people of this Republic, those considered the Founders.

WE speak because we are concerned with the current state of affairs.  We founded this nation upon democratic principles that the people held to be inalienable, the right to be heard and represented for and of the people!

The people of your great country have been severed from REPRESENTATION at this time, as LIBERTY is now just a notion!

So much has changed. The multi national corporations are buying the VOTE of the representatives of the people! This sad state of affairs is not what we intended. And we petition the people begin with themselves and SPEAK Through other means, the MEDIA, to bring about freedom of speech and once again have representation.

We those who signed the constitution, sign this document here today through this channel, who works for the salvation and preservation of the principles we hold dear!

WE the undersigned request the help of all who read this letter to save this most wondrous UNION.

~ The Founding Fathers


The following is information from Christ Micheal’S Global Spiritual Network website. The above channeled piece is part of this Global Network. When I first read the above channeling I was a bit confused, but she referenced this website, after a bit of reading. It all began to make sense, ++An Outlet for coordinating our co-creative abilities to change our reality faster than we even thought possible!

smile_teeth Introductioning
Christ Micheal’S Global Spiritual Network (C.M.G.S.N.)


The global plan for the expansion of the ‘Teaching Mission’ of this Fifth (5th) Revelatory Epoch into the new Sixth (6th) Magisterial Epochal Revelation, is to streamline and co-ordinate various planetary spiritual groups and organizations through the Christ Michael’s Global Spiritual Network (CMGSN) focusing the global efforts of the celestial ‘Teaching Mission’ through the teaching interactions between the super-planetary teacher-hosts and their planetary Transmitter/Receiver (T/R) groups.

“The ‘Correcting Time’ is conducted through the efforts of mortal beings and the ‘Teaching Mission’ is conducted by the celestials”. (Eregon)

The CMGSN’s initial intent in this planetary ‘Correcting Time’ is to provide a Directory of the various participating celestial-host:human-T/R guided planetary activation organizations (PAO’s) and groups (PAG’s), and to begin coordinating their activities within the twelve sectors of the super-planetary government of the Urantia’s Governor General.

Twelve sectors of the seraphic-planetary reserve corps are discussed in the Urantia Book and they are- epochal, progress, religious, nation life, races, future, enlightenment, health, home/family, industry, diversion, and superhuman ministry.

The advisory and teaching activities of the CMGSN will be governed through the super-planetary administrative cabinet of twelve master-seraphs of the planetary Governor General.

By and through the increasing numbers of the spiritually guided T/R (Transmitter/ Receiver) groups and the flexible, fluid group coordinated dynamics between them, the humanity should be able to sufficiently prepare itself for the future planetary changes and transformations on the Urantia’s ascension to its higher dimensions of Light and Life.

Through the Christ Michael’s Global Spiritual Network various planetary groups will have the opportunity to expand and strengthen the understandings of their planetary function on their ascension path to the morontia realms of the eternal life.

The final intent of the CMGSN website is to achieve the flexible cooperation and expansion in activities between its Directory listed PAO’s and PAG’s within the twelve sectors of their planetary destiny based on the principles of “as above so below“.



Seraphim and their associated cherubim have much to do with the details of the superhuman government of a planet.  These angels, ably assisted by the midwayers, function on Urantia as the actual supermaterial ministers who execute the mandates of the resident Governor General and all his associates and subordinates.

The direct administrative cabinet of the Governor General consists of twelve seraphim, the acting chiefs of the twelve groups of special angels functioning as the immediate superhuman directors of planetary progress and stability.

When the first Governor General arrived on Urantia, concurrent with the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth at Pentecost two thousand years ago, he was accompanied by twelve corps of special seraphim, Seraphington graduates, who were immediately assigned to certain special planetary services. These exalted angels are known as the master seraphim of planetary supervision.

These twelve groups of angels, while functioning under the general supervision of the resident Governor General, are immediately directed by the seraphic council of twelve, the acting chiefs of each group.  This council also serves as the volunteer cabinet of the resident Governor General.

The twelve corps of the Master Seraphim of planetary supervision are functional on Urantia as follows:

  1. The epochal angels. These are the angels of the current age, the dispensational group. These celestial ministers are intrusted with the oversight and direction of the affairs of each generation as they are designed to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they occur.
  2. The progress angels. These seraphim are intrusted with the task of initiating the evolutionary progress of the successive social ages, and they foster the development of the inherent progressive trend of evolutionary creatures.
  3. The religious guardians. These are the “angels of the churches,” the earnest contenders for that which is and has been.  They endeavor to maintain the ideals of that which has survived for the sake of the safe transit of moral values from one epoch to another. They are the checkmates of the angels of progress, all the while seeking to translate from one generation to another the imperishable values of the old and passing forms into the new and therefore less stabilized patterns of thought and conduct. These angels do contend for spiritual forms, but they are not the source of ultra-sectarianism and meaningless controversial divisions of professed religionists.
  4. The angels of nation life. These are the “angels of the trumpets,” directors of the political performances of Urantia national life. It is particularly through the ministry of this seraphic division that “the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men.”
  5. The angels of the races. These angels work for the conservation of the evolutionary races of time, regardless of their political entanglements and religious groupings. On Urantia there are remnants of nine human races which have commingled and combined into the people of modern times. These seraphim are closely associated with the ministry of the race commissioners.
  6. The angels of the future. These are the projection angels, who forecast a future age and plan for the realization of the better things of a new and advancing dispensation; they are the architects of the successive eras.
  7. The angels of enlightenment. These angels are occupied with mental and moral training as it concerns individuals, families, groups, schools, communities, nations, and whole races, dedicated to the fostering of planetary education.
  8. The angels of health. These are the seraphic ministers assigned to the assistance of those mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.
  9. The home seraphim. These angelic ministers are dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the home, the basic institution of human civilization.
  10. The angels of industry. This seraphic group is concerned with fostering industrial development and improving economic conditions among the Urantia peoples.
  11. The angels of diversion. These are the seraphim who foster the values of play, humor, and rest. They ever seek to uplift man’s recreational diversions and thus to promote the more profitable utilization of human leisure.
  12. The angels of superhuman ministry. These are the angels of the angels, those seraphim who are assigned to the ministry of all other superhuman life on the planet, temporary or permanent.


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The reserve corps of destiny consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs.  This corps is made up of the men and women of each generation who are chosen by the spirit directors of the realm to assist in the conduct of the ministry of mercy and wisdom to the children of time on the evolutionary worlds.  It is the general practice in the conduct of the affairs of the ascension plans to begin this liaison utilization of mortal will creatures immediately they are competent and trustworthy to assume such responsibilities.  Accordingly, as soon as men and women appear on the stage of temporal action with sufficient mental capacity, adequate moral status, and requisite spirituality, they are quickly assigned to the appropriate celestial group of planetary personalities as human liaisons, mortal assistants.

When human beings are chosen as protectors of planetary destiny, when they become pivotal individuals in the plans which the world administrators are prosecuting, at that time the planetary chief of seraphim confirms their temporal attachment to the seraphic corps and appoints personal destiny guardians to serve with these mortal reservists.  All reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, and most of them function in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment.

Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of:

  • Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions in the conduct of various activities of world affairs. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other cause, coupled with willingness to serve without human recognition and rewards. The possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and probable pre-Urantia experience in coping with planetary difficulties and contending with impending world emergency situations. Each division of planetary celestial service is entitled to a liaison corps of these mortals of destiny standing.  On Urantia there are twelve reserve corps of destiny, one for each of the planetary groups of seraphic supervision.


  • Based on the principle of “as above so below” the twelve sectors of the Christ Michael’s Global Spiritual Network (CMGSN) will be linked to the twelve sectors of the planetary reserve corps of destiny, one for each of the twelve sectors of the seraphic planetary activity and supervision.


Christ Micheal’S Global Spiritual Network (C.M.G.S.N.)


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