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“Dishonesty, cowardice and duplicity are never impulsive.”
~George A. Knight



by SethD8 – 29 Jan 2007

A Hathor Channeling through Tom Kenyon

February 8, 2003, Fiji Islands

And so it is that your Earth has entered another planetary phase of transformation.

What we wish to address in this time is the interdimensional aspect of what seems to be appearing in the surface consciousness of your global collective society.

What appears to be happening is only a shadow play from forces in the deeper levels of consciousness. There is an interdimensional battle, if you wish to use that metaphor, or struggle if you prefer something softer, between the forces that wouldliberate human consciousness to its next stage of higher evolution and those forcesthat wish to contain it.

You are at a collective evolutionary threshold and the pressures are building.

These are being felt by individuals, by those in relationship, by all aspects of your society–and your global politics. The economic powers that control the global economy are manipulating the press and information systems on your planet to create fear. Fear is an ancient method of manipulating human consciousness.

When a human is afraid, he or she operates from the reptilian circuitry of his/her brain. This results in less access to the higher brain centers, a decrease in reason, and an inability to see new options. The global economic powers have a vested interest in keeping you, and society in general, in a lower evolutionary state. Here it becomes very complex and to attempt a simplification is to enter very difficult waters, so to speak. But we will attempt to do just this because the hour is late.

At the monetary level of planetary power, those in control wish to remain in control. There is an understanding on their part that the information age is about to move the center of control out of their hands, and they are doing everything they can to stop it.

Some of those, but not all, in economic control of your planet are not who they seem to be. As preposterous as it may sound to some, this Earth is a crossing point for many galactic and intergalactic intelligences. What happens on your earth will determine many things, many future events and courses of action–not only in your galaxy, but in other galaxies and indeed other universes as well.

If you collectively pass through this threshold, having your human evolutionary freedom intact, you will accomplish great things as a race. If you are blocked from your evolutionary advancement by those in power and the religious, social and political structures of your society, your race will be imprisoned in a very real way. Not through bars, but through the closing of the doors of perception. Eventually you will free yourselves from this tyranny, but you have in this moment of time an opportunity to tilt the scales in favor of human freedom and to usher in an age of planetary peace and renaissance that you have never seen before.

And now, another level to the intrigue: the fundamental question from evolutionary perspectives is whether your planet will become a focus of cooperation and compassion or whether it will be a focus of tyranny and limitation.

Some of the intergalactic intelligences–how would we put this–interfering with the course of events on your Earth are interested in tyranny, from our perspective.

They have something to gain through the imprisonment of the human consciousness and the human soul. Other galactic intelligences, like us, believe and hold the vision of a higher destiny for the human race. We are, by nature and by decree, unable to interfere in your affairs. We can only offer our perspective and our energies to assist you.

It is ironic to use a militaristic metaphor, but your greatest “weapon” against the forces of tyranny comes through the harmonic energies of your heart, specifically your open heart. The interference patterns of fear, as manipulated by those in power, are designed to keep you at a low evolutionary threshold. Positive feelings, such things that you call love, appreciation, compassion, bring you very rapidly to a higher evolutionary threshold. The more individuals who choose the higher emotional capabilities of the human nature, the less effective will be the interference of fear on your collective.


Our practical suggestion is this: learn to live in love, appreciation, and compassion for one another. Regardless of what you hear in the media, live it in your life from day to day as best you can, and learn to grow your life with these emotions as part of your chosen identity. This will have two effects, one personal and onecollective. You will add to the collective atmosphere that will counterbalance the interference patterns of fear. The personal effect is a balancing effect on your emotional body that will bring you increased health and higher evolutionary advances, regardless of what happens to the collective.

We want to be very clear here. The path of the spiritual master requires that one take the higher pathway, even if the collective is moving downward. And whether you recognize yourself as a spiritual master or not, you are, at least from our perspective. For you have chosen embodiment at this extraordinary evolutionary moment. You are on the front lines. You are the ones who have the courage to be here. And we bow to you. Whether or not you are experiencing your life the way you wish it to be or not, is not the question. But that you are even alive in a body localized in time and space during these times of immense evolutionary pressure, these point to your mastery. For only a master would dare undertake such a task.

And understand that those who you might call tyrants are also masters. And in a very real way, what is happening on earth at this time is a confrontation between the masters of life (by life, we mean open-ended evolution) and the masters of death (by death, we mean close-ended evolution). The friction between those who live for andstrive for the higher human destiny, and those who live for and strive for the limitationand the imprisonment of the human race–this friction, is an evolutionary agent.

It is important to understand this so that you do not demonize those who areattempting to imprison your spirit, for if you demonize them, then you hav e fallen into their hands; you have become their prey. From the higher dimensional aspects of consciousness, the apparent “evil” is an evolutionary stimulus, for in the world of duality in which you live when you have light there is darkness, shadow.

As each of you rises to a fuller expression of your spiritual mastery, you will find yourself able to be in the open-hearted harmonics of love, appreciation, and compassion, even unto these tyrants. And then you have won. Make no mistake about it, the human capacity to love, to cherish, is one of the most powerful forces in this universe.

We said to you earlier that this was very complex, and to add to the mix, here is another element. What you might call a wild card. This wild card is coming in the form of your children. There are several types of souls, you might say, who have incarnated and continue to incarnate onto this planet. There is something different about many of them. They carry their sensitivities past childhood, into young adulthood. Some of these children are highly evolutionarily advanced, while the bulk of them are not much further along then the collective. Click Here To Join!

Many of these children are demonstrating odd problems, an increase in attention deficit, learning disabilities. As usual, your society is looking in he wrong

place for the answers; specifically they are looking into how they can make a buck off the situation. But the problem is actually the result of a disconnection from the earth, an energetic void-place that is a direct result of your religious and social attitudes toward your planet.

It is as if these children do not have the ground wire to their electrical systems. We are speaking metaphorically here. They are “acting out” the greater cultural discomfort and disconnection from Earth itself. Ironically, there will be a wave of interest on the part of many of the new generation in the cause of ecology, because they will sense in their soul wisdom what is missing: a reconnection to the Earth. And as these people mature, they will not tolerate the economic world power destroying their planet.

There is another wild card in the dealing so to speak. It has to do with Earth as well, but in a different harmonic. Some refer to this as “the return of the Cosmic Mother.” But we refer to is as the balancing of the sun and the moon–the sun being metaphorically the male fiery energy and it’s manifestation in the patriarchal society prevalent on the Earth at this time. Metaphorically, the moon is the feminine, receptive, and intuitive connection both to the Earth and the cosmos. There is an evolutionary shift taking place that will result in a balancing of these two aspects in a new way, and the Good Old Boys Club will eventually have fewer and fewer members.

These are simply some of the elements of a very complex evolutionary drama unfolding on your planet. You are the actors and the directors, but the script is many tens of thousands years old. Will life and evolutionary freedom reign upon the earth?

Will you find your highest genetic destiny? Or will you be thwarted by those who choose to capitalize off your imprisonment?

To the individual these complexities may seem overwhelming, but we say to you that your greatest power is within you. It is a power that collectively can turn the evolutionary tide in your favor. But regardless of how the collective proceeds, it will raise you up to higher levels of illumination. This power is the power to love, to appreciate and to forgive. Make these a part of your daily life. We used the phrase earlier “grow your life” with these attitudes. Interesting to think of “growing a life,” but that is exactly what you do in every moment of every day; and even while you are sleeping and in dreamtime. You are continually creating and growing your life through your attitudes about it and yourself.

In the Hathor Temples, we sometimes hold an imaginary box. We imagine that it holds something precious and of extraordinary value. We say that it holds the future of the human race, and we try to imagine what this might be, but we cannot tell, not even our wisest ones know. Only you can know what this is. But you can’t know, with certainty, what it is either, for it is your future. And your future is not predetermined. It is a swirling mass of uncertainty and unimaginable possibilities until you make a choice and take a course of action. Then the forces of the cosmos align with you, as align with you they must, for you are nothing less than creator gods and goddesses.

Know that you are creating your future now, both individually and collectively. We beseech you to step into your roles as spiritual masters and make the choice to move upward through the evolutionary threshold. We beseech you to make this choice regardless of how the collective chooses to move. There are enough of you on this planet to tip the scales. A wondrous world of new possibilities awaits you.

The Hathors

Personal Perspectives by Tom Kenyon

Let me state here, my understanding of the situation. I am basically a pragmatist. For all of the “far-out” kind of work I do, if it doesn’t have practical implications, I am not interested. I do not know if the Hathors’ vision is a plausible reality or not. Some days, I look at the human circus and wonder if we will ever rise above our petty, territorial and selfish monkey minds or not. And then some days I am heartened by the kindnesses of others, the twinkle in the eyes of children, or the courage of my fellow humans in the face of adversity.

I hold a vision of a more compassionate and liberated world, but I am no Pollyanna who thinks that “unity” is just around the corner. So what does one do when one finds one’s self in a sea of lemmings heading en masse for the sea? Well, for this lemming, I will continue to live with appreciation as much as my heart can hold. And I know that regardless of what happens in the world around me, I will be the better for it.

Radical Thoughts

I have come to realize that some thoughts are more powerful, or catalytic, then others. These radical thoughts upset the apple cart, so to speak. They often create outrage or hysteria in those who don’t share them.

The roots of our complacency can sometimes be shaken by such thoughts, such confrontations to our common sense. There is a tendency, by those threatened, to think that such thoughts are somehow intrinsically dangerous. Perhaps there is a deep seated primordial fear of contamination, that somehow thoughts outside the box will threaten our tenuous hold on reality. One thinks of Galileo and Copernicus, who were excommunicated by the Church of Rome for their preposterous heretical thoughts–that the center of the universe was the sun, not the Earth.

Our history is brimming full with other victims of collective society, some of them maimed, tortured and killed for nothing more than having a thought different than those around them.

Over the years I have actually become quite intrigued with thoughts outside the box, not so much because they may or may not be true—but because they challenge us to look at ourselves and life in new ways.

You can tell if you’ve stumbled upon a radical thought if all of a sudden you feel agitated, threatened or maybe even downright pissed. These are primal responses to threatened perception and belief. They’re as old as the hills, and the gut-reaction of a threatened human mammalian consciousness is to “circle the wagons and shoot.”

Personally, I have found another strategy more helpful when confronted with a thought or an idea that I find particularly disturbing. I don’t think that closing my mind to possible new information is a good idea. But jumping on the bandwagon isn’t necessarily good either. I sit back, so to speak, and look at all the evidence I can find. I reason it out. And I watch where I am squirming. Where I am uncomfortable tells me more about me than it does about the offending idea.

I think that we will find ourselves more and more besieged by radical thoughts (thoughts outside the box) in the future than we have ever known as a society. The old world is breaking up and seeds of new realities are a’sprouting. We’d best get used to it.

Reader Be Aware

Please note that the following information may be disturbing to certain closeminded paradigms. If you are bothered by views other than your own, I suggest you stop reading here.

I believe that we are in the midst of a planetary intelligence test, and the outcome may very well decide whether we are able to continue evolving or not.

One test of intelligence is the ability to consider the possibility of new information without regressing to anger, fear or sadness.

Consider all new information as a possibility, not a certainty.

The Hathor Agenda

According to the Hathors, the emotional atmosphere of our society is being manipulated by those currently in world economic power. The reasons for this, according to them, involve hidden agendas and an interdimensional battle for the evolutionary freedom of humanity. For some of us, the idea that alien intelligences might be fiddling with us seems preposterous. I was one of those. And for anyone questioning such things, I strongly suggest you read the works by the eminent scholar and researcher, Zecharia Sitchin. The evidence of “fiddling” goes back to at least the Sumerians. Their detailed records about alien interference are most fascinating and quite an eye-opener.

Now, personally, I can’t say whether the Hathor’s spin on things is accurate or not. I am simply reporting it. But I can say that there does seem to be a concerted effort to scare the living shit out of the American people. Some might say that this is a result of the “good guys” trying to protect us. Yeah, right. These are the same guys who have admitted to spreading “mildly active” biological agents in the San Francisco Bay area many years ago as an “experiment” to see how winds would affect the dispersal of bio-terror agents. And these are the same guys who purposefully leaked radioactivity from the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant near Spokane, Washington to see what effect released radiation might have on the public. Well they got their answer.

There’s more cancer in that area than in any other area of the state. That’s right, the US government orchestrated this against its own citizens without their knowledge or consent. And these are the same guys who have admitted to experimenting on their own military personnel on numerous occasions.

Since we are on the topic of bio-terror, the United States might actually have the dubious honor of being the first country to use biological agents in recorded history. Our government knowingly gave blankets laced with small pox to the Cheyenne as they were forced out of their homelands and marched to reservations in the middle of nowhere. It was a calculated decision to reduce the Indian population and the threat of further uprisings.

Given our political history, I wonder if we actually have the right to call any other country the axis of evil. Someone once pointed out to me that if you spell evil backwards it becomes live. Perhaps evil is simply that which prevents us from living.

For me, living is not the same as surviving. Living means to evolve. And either we are going to live our spiritual values and affect the outcome on this planet, or we won’t.

But back to the topic of manipulation—one of the oldest ways to manipulate us mammals is to strike fear in our hearts. Reason and diversity go out the window. We close ranks when threatened and the more primitive parts of our brain take over, making us become more and more like automatons. This makes for easy mind-control, and by mind-control I don’t necessarily mean dark figures fiddling with hidden electronic gadgetry. You don’t have to look any farther than your TV set. The mass media is virtually owned by a few corporations. And our evening news is not much more than slicked up self-interested advertising (brain-washing).

This was not meant to be a political article though, quite frankly, it is getting increasingly more difficult to separate our spirituality from our political choices. And by political, I don’t mean just national or state politics. The offices we work in and the car pools we ride in are political institutions of a kind as well. When we see something posing as truth that we know to be a lie, our spirituality may require us to take a stand (or not, depending upon our spiritual values).

I think the challenge for many of us (me included) is not to demonize those we deem to be the bad guys. If we actively hate them (i.e., project mental/emotional energy of hatred), they have won. And in this scenario, they will win because we will be fueling the very delusions they have built their power upon. And what is this delusion of which I speak? Separation.

I think what the Hathors have been trying to show me is that the entire cosmos is deeply interconnected. The realization of this interconnectedness is an evolutionary benchmark. And if we attain this realization as a collective, we will be able to consciously affect our destiny, despite manipulation from those who would wish to keep us in evolutionary bondage.

We are, I believe, at the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon. This battle, however, is not being fought so much in the outer reality as it is being fought in our inner realities. Every moment of every day, and even in our dream-times, we are choosing. We are choosing interconnectedness or we are choosing separation. Make no mistake about it–every person on this planet is contributing to the outcome of this great battle. And we are doing this by how we live our lives, and by how we view each other. Separation or interconnectedness, it’s that simple.

If we continue to collectively choose separation, we will be locked into the old world and the prophetic horrors of apocalyptic vision. If we are able to move upward in our evolutionary path and recognize our interconnectedness, we will leave the old world (and those who rule it) behind, as we enter a new world of possibilities beyond our imagining.

The power to face this battle of consciousness resides within our hearts, for it is through the opened heart that we can sense and know the truth of our interconnectedness. When enough of us know and live this truth in our lives, the power brokers will have to pack up and go home.

This is the Hathors’ message as I currently understand it.

Our political and spiritual choices are personal matters, and they have nothing to say about those choices. They are, after all, non-interventionalists.

They do hope, however, that more and more of us will choose to create stronger coherency in our personal and interpersonal lives as an antidote to the massive collective anger and fear currently being so masterfully manipulated. They honestly believe that if enough people choose to live in the higher vibrational octaves of appreciation and joy, the scales can be tipped. They base this optimism upon their understanding of hyper-dimensional physics and the harmonics of emotive energy. So that, in a nut shell, is their agenda. As more and more people choose an inner reality of appreciation and destiny will move upward. And if nothing else, the Hathors have taught me to look up.

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Copyright 2003, Tom Kenyon, All Rights Reserved. Permission from the author is given so that you may makecopies of this so long as you do not add or delete anything from its content and proper credit is given to the author.

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