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Amazing 7th Chakra Video & More!

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
               –Eden Phillpotts

CLICK TO PLAY: Illuminated 7th Chakra


Hello Friends!

I am truly inspired and somewhat astonished at the above video.  It is a 5 1/2  minute video illustrating the seven Chakra system and the light interacting with the Chakras. As it is titled it focuses in on the 7th Chakra.  The symbolism, geometry and flat out energy encompassed in this video hits you right between the eyes.

It also illustrates some of my visionary views which I currently perceive in my minds eye.  The video travels up from mother earth through the different Chakras then up into the 7th Chakra.  Then it illustrates, in a very vivid a true fashion the 7th Chakra interfacing with consciousness of god.  The thing I really like is how this presented and also the fact that it takes a hyperspace ride through the universe with galaxy’s flying by, zooming out, then showing how each galaxy is a little point of light in gods mind, then it grounds back into our physical dimension.

I am also so happy that another person had this vision and had access/knowledge of the technology to bring it to life.  About a year ago I had a very similar vision, but put it on hold for having the means to bring it to life.  It truly excites me on many levels whenever any vision is manifested, whether through me or another!

I found this video on the Comcast On-Demand System.  This is our cable providers video on demand service.  I think the plain fact that I found this type of material being offered on their service speaks loudly to the growth in awareness and starting of main stream acknowledgement to somewhat traditionally small number of people interested in these things.  Bravo to Comcast and to you for all your pelandry!

I would like to honor Alex Wayne, Robin Silver and Anodea Judith for creating this video.  The entire DVD is titled the Illuminated Chakras. I would also like to honor The Institute of Noetic Sciences for supporting this project.  Also you can purchase a DVD on this and many other subjects at







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