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Standing at the Doorway of Light!



Atmos  | 26 September 2006

Dear Ones, events as ever speed on to their destined end, and we are
quite satisfied that all is proceeding well. Bear in mind it is a
mammoth task to achieve the levels of participation by our allies, which
will carry you over the obstacles that stand in your way. Primarily it
is your last cabal that stands in the way, but we approach them on many
fronts and they cannot prevent the inevitable. It is written that the
end of this cycle shall result in victory for the Light, and so shall it

Meantime, The Galactic Federation is ever at the ready to move into
action at a minutes notice. We talk here of our support both on and off
Earth for those with the responsibility to lead the dark into the dead
end we have set for them. Already we have begun to curtail their power,
and know that once we have removed the last cabal we can set about
bringing immediate peace to all people. You have spoken loud and clear
of your yearning to see permanent peace settle upon Earth. The Heavens
have heard your cries, and the meek shall at last soon have their day of

Your future is bound up in the events playing out at this time, and be
assured that there is no power on Earth that can prevent the changes
taking place. With the greatest will, the little minds of men cannot
stop Ascension from taking place. The Light is firmly established upon
Earth and growing exponentially, and once it reaches a certain higher
level it will awaken many who still slumber. There is opportunity for
anyone to turn to the Light at any given time. It will however become
easier as the vibration continues to become faster.

We apply no pressure on people to become part of the Ascension process, but for everyone at some stage it would be considered natural
progression. Within you is a subconsciousness knowing that drives you
towards the truth, until you finally come to rest fully in the Love and
Light. You lose absolutely nothing at all by this lifting up, and in
fact gain back that which is yours by right. Many cannot see that this
present dimension has become one that is exceptionally restrictive and
oppressive. They have given up their rights believing that others should
reign over them and control their freedom.

This is exactly what the Illuminati have planned for millennia of time,
in their plan for total global domination. With modern technology it
lies within their grasp, and they will not stop at using brute force to
achieve their aims. They are a collective of those who prefer to stay in
duality, although offered a path to the Light. However, higher powers
than those upon Earth have decreed the end times shall see the dark
removed. The Love of Heaven will ensure that all changes of this nature
are carried out with caring, and the realization that everyone single
soul is still loved beyond measure.

The cycles of life must be fulfilled, and within the greater ones
millions upon millions of souls are moving upwards. They move
inextricably towards the greater Light that draws them to the Central
Sun. The Creator has provided for all situations and the actions of
those souls who have wandered away from the Light, who will still
eventually find their true place just as every other one. The great
experiences of life will continue, as all is in perpetual movement. The
Creator is All Knowing, and your plight upon Earth is not ignored, but
having been given freedom of choice you must help change the reality
that you have created. Even so, you are not without immense help, and
many loving Beings oversee your lives.

If you could truly see the magnificent Beings that draw close to Earth,
you would have no fear or doubts about your future. The Earth and each
soul upon it are highly thought of, and we cannot sufficiently emphasize
how great you are in your true reality. You were Angelic Beings who
become part of a great experiment, to experience being separated from
your God consciousness. It has been progressing from time immemorial,
and you reached the lowest point in this time period.

Fortunately, along the way many have come to recognize the Creators
energy and have reconnected with the Light. These Wayshowers have
ensured that the dark has been unable to completely subdue the Light.
Now you are at the doors of success, and as they open the Light will
come flooding in once again. The Light is waiting to burst out all over,
and it cannot be repelled by any of the dark forces. The minute details
of what is taking place right now often ensnare you, and I would say
look ahead and visualize your highest perception of what the future
means to you.

The more you dwell in the Light vibrations, the greater will be your
ability to survive the presence of the dark energies. You will be not
just be helping yourself, but every other soul that aspires to be lifted
up. The dark energies will quickly lose their power unless you draw them
to yourselves. Fear is your biggest enemy, without which the dark could
not imprison you in their web of deceit.

I am Atmos, and as Michael’s Guide confirm that he will remain a channel
through which we shall continue to send our messages. Meantime, know
that we come nearer to you and are ever active to achieve victory for
the Light.

Thank you Atmos.
~ Mike Quinsey


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