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Spiritual Weariness?

Spiritual Weariness

By Dr Joshua David Stone

Many lightworkers on this Planet are feeling a little“Spiritually Weary or Fatigued”! This chapter is dedicated to discussing, understanding and trying to remedy this most interesting issue!Let me begin first by saying this is a “multi-faceted” issue that must be approached from a “multi-faceted perspective!”There is a small part of this understanding that is normal for everyone. I say this not in terms of feeling anything negative, but rather everyone knowingand understanding on some level we are visiting here. We have all come from GOD and Heavenly Realms in our Creation, so it is normal for everyone to have a Spiritual Desire to return home so to speak! This is not to say, however, that we cannot fully 100% enjoy Earth Life, for we can, and we need to fully Realize GOD on all levels!

It must be understood that Earth is a tough school, so this mustbe considered as well. It also must be considered that we happened to be incarnated in a tough universe (there are infinite numbers of them), for the “Theme” for our particular Melchizedek Universe is“Courage”! Other Universes have different themes! So to be successful in this Universe all Souls must have “Courage”!

Understanding these things, we now will examine some of the other less Cosmic Reasons that some Souls are feeling a little Spiritually Weary. In the original Divine Plan for this planet, our Physical bodies were never meant to densify to the degree that they have, so this also has added to the difficulty a great many souls have! The things that I have mentioned so far are more Spiritual reasons. In listing these things I am not meaning to suggest in the slightest that we should feel Spiritually Weary, and if you don’t this chapter is not meant to convince you that you should for many don’t!

This chapter is being written to try to explain why some or many do! One other Spiritual Reason is that most Souls on this Planet have had an enormous number of Past Lives and this Soul Remembrance is inthe deeper levels of the subconscious mind and some of those past lives have been difficult. This might be called past life“bleed through.” We are also picking up on the past lives of all our 12 and/or 144 Soul extensions from our Monad who have usually had hundreds of past lives each as well!

Let us now look at the mental reasons why this is the case! On a mental level people feel fatigued because they have not been trained properly in Spiritual Psychology. This

being the case they do not have full Self-Mastery of the mind. This can be very mentally exhausting and is the biggest reason for Spiritual Weariness.

Many people also do not know how to quiet their minds, so the mind is always racing and in the western world people always tend to be doing and achieving rather than “being” which is also exhausting!

The more that you are in control of your mind the more energy you will have. The reason for this is that your thoughts create your reality, hence your thoughts create your energy! If you always think with your Spiritual/Christ/Buddha mind you will be filled with Personal Power,Unconditional Love, Active Intelligence, Harmony, Scientific Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, Devotion, Thirst for Freedom, Enthusiasm, Happiness, Joy to name a few of the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Qualities!It also must be

understood that you thoughts create your feelings and emotions so when you are in control of your mind your feelings and emotions are always positive, enthusiastic and energized!

Adding to this, when you are control of your mind and emotions you are in control of the negative ego/fear-based/separative mind, which is the number one cause of what drains your energy and makes you Spiritually fatigued!I personally may be unusual but I don’t feel Spiritually Weary. I am not saying this to toot my horn, I just don’t! I attribute this to the Mastery I was just speaking of and also that my life is so filled with GOD, the Masters, Unconditional Love, Beauty, Unbounded Creativity, and Inspired Service work of many kinds, that I honestly can’t wait to get up every morning! As A Course In Miracles says, “True Pleasure is Serving GOD!” When you integrate Spirit into every aspect of your Consciousness and Life everything becomes filled with Divine Enthusiasm and Energy! I am also so incredibly busy I don’t have time! I am literally too busy! One of the keys is to make your Spiritual Service Work a way of making money! Many people have to work at jobs they don’t like and I have great compassion for this. I also have great compassion for those who are feeling Spiritually Weary.

Take really good care of your physical body! Eat right, get lots of rest! Stay off of drugs, sugar, and artificial stimulants. Call on GOD and the Masters for help in healing your physical body and energizing it everyday. Ask GOD and the Masters to help you partially live on Light. I am not suggesting that you stop eating, for the Masters do not recommend this. They do recommend, however, partially living on light, where the light sustains you as well as food! You might consider drinking some of the “Water of Life!” It is also important to understand in this regard that everyone has health lessons that go on with their bodies. It is very important to not give your Personal Power to your physical body! Mother Teresa had a heart condition most of her life but it did not stop her! The Dalai Lama had hepatitis and was on a Special diet. All lightworkershave aches and pains and different things and one must not coddle oneself. If we stopped our Spiritual progress over every ache and pain of the physical body the world would never change. To a great degree in lightworkers, Spiritual Mutation Symptoms and even sickness is most often a sign of your highly accelerated Ascension and Initiation process and that you keep purifying and cleansing!

Also, living in this polluted world we live in, in regard to our food, drinking water, air, electrical pollution, noise pollution, pesticides, fast foods, drugs instead of homeopathics and herbs, mercury fillings, ozone layer damage, Green house affect, Acid rain, smog, petrochemical pollution, metals, chemical pollution, and so on, is not the best for our immune system, liver or physical body, all this tends to weaken or de-energize it a bit. This again, is where a good diet, drinking lots of water, a good living space, homeopathics, herbs, and calling on GOD and the Masters and Angels to cleanse you of these things on a daily basis and help to rebuild and purify your immune system and body!

So basically the answer to remedying this feeling is byI will say, however, if you can learn to master your thoughts, feelings, subconscious mind, and transcend negative ego thinking and only think with your Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Mind this will go a long way toward getting rid of most of your Spiritual Weariness, if not all of it!On a physical level, people get Spiritually Weary because they don’t have enough physical energy, or they have chronic Health lessons and/or they are going through Spiritual Mutation! I also have enormous compassion for this. When the Physical Body is having lessons which you mentally and emotionally have to battle, this can become a little Spiritually weary! The key here, of course, is to take becoming an “Integrated Ascended Master!”

The Higher you go in your Ascension and Initiation process, the more you will be filled with Light Quotient and Love Quotient! The more Integrated you become in this process, the more you will be filled with Radiant and Divine Light and Love on a Spiritual, Psychological and Physical/Earthly Level! When you learn to master all the levels in an integrated and balanced way you begin to really radiate this Light, Love and Power on all levels! You become totally infused by your Higher Self, The Mighty I Am Presence, the Masters, the Angels, the Elohim Councils, the Christed Extraterrestrials, Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Thoughts, Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Feelings and emotions, a Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Etheric and Physical body! Every action you take becomes God in action! Everything you think, say and do becomes filled with Unconditional Love, Joy and Godliness!

Your life is filled with an absolute Divine Passion to Service and help your Brothers and Sisters. Your mind is Sparkling with Creative Potentialities! The Joy, Happiness and Bliss of GOD is constantly welling up within you. You are living a Melchizedek/Christ/Buddha/Spiritual life and everything you start doing begins turning to Gold for you Integrated Godly life is giving you the Midas Touch. You become so filled with the Love of GOD, the Love of your Brothers and Sisters, Love for your Family and Friends, Love of Service, so incredibly filled with the Creativity of GOD. So filled with Divine enthusiasm for life that even the“donkey work” begins to become enjoyable! For there is not separation seen in any part of yourlife. Whether you are doing errands, or cleaning the house, or taking out the trash, it GOD is in everything. Your attitude is so incredibly positive that you don’t let anything bring you down. Everything that happens in life that does go according to your preferences is seen as a Spiritual Test and Spiritual lesson, and no matter how bad the situation, your attitude turns it into a positive. As I like to say, “turning lemons into lemonade”! This is the Consciousness of GOD! GOD turns everything into a positive no matter what! This is the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Consciousness! My Beloved Readers, are you beginning to feel how Spiritual Weariness can begin to disappear when “Integrated Ascension” is achieved?here at this time in Earth’s history where we are actually entering the Seventh Golden Age!

Souls are lining up on the inner plane trying to find physical bodies to incarnate! I am not kidding! This is one of the hottest Planets in the Galaxy right now because of the enormous opportunity for accelerated Spiritual Growth and Service! Count your blessings!The other key to relieving Spiritual Weariness is to be sure to balance your Three-Fold Flame! Nothing will make you exhausted quicker or will cause you untold problems in your life more than this. You must learn at all times to own your Personal Power at the 100% level unceasingly. If you do not own your Personal Power 100%, your psychological battery will go on energy drain. You will also become an immediate victim of your thoughts, feelings, nonreasoning subconscious, and negative ego lower-self mind. You must always manifest your energies only in Unconditional Love! You will be totally exhausted as well if you do not do this. Thirdly, develop Psychological and Spiritual Wisdom, the kind I am teaching in this book, and develop active intelligence.

This means use your Power and Love to manifest your mission with Intelligence on the

Earth!My Beloved Readers, if you completely immerse yourself in your Spiritual Path and Service work in an integrated and balanced fashion your life will be so filled with Power/Love/and Wisdom that the cells in your physical Body and your entire being will become filled with Spiritual Current on a Spiritual, Psychological and Physical/Earthly Level! Your attitude will be so incredibly positivethat you have inner peace, happiness and joy no matter what you are doing! You welcome adversity and thank GOD for it instead of letting it get you down! If everything is taken away you say, “Naked I come from my Mother’s Womb and Naked shall I leave! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the Name of the Lord”!Are you getting a Spiritual, Feeling and Intuitive Sense of how if you become totally God Infused on every level of your being, that.

Although this school can be difficult, we are so blessed to beSpiritual Weariness can leave! It is now 2:00 in the morning that I am writing this and I have been typing for four hours and I have so much energy I do not know what to do with myself! This is the energy of GOD, I have taken the subject of Spiritual Weariness and energized myself to such a degree that I am not sure if I am going tobe able to sleep tonight! I have just turned a Lemon into Lemonade! The last two things I want to say here are regarding the issue of overcoming Spiritual Weariness and Fatigue. What I want to say is be sure to keep your Masculine and Feminine Balanced. If you allow yourself to be overly emotional this will drain your energy. If you allow yourself to become too

mental ormasculine this will drain your energy as well for there is enormous energy and enthusiasm in your feelings and emotions. To live in this world effectively you must be very strong and very tough. This is one of the secrets to not becoming completely Spiritual. You must have developed in your life the ability to be a Spiritual Warrior when you need to! You also must develop a good work ethic! I am notsaying being a workaholic, for work must be balanced with Play and rest.

Heaven must be balanced with Earth. The vertical must be balanced with the Horizontal. You must have, however, a very strong “Will to Live” and a “Will to Life!” This means an incredibly strongfighting Spirit! Never give up, Never give up, Never give up! To get to the place I am now in my life where life is not a struggle I had to first develop this ability to be a Spiritual Warrior and be very Tough. When I say Spiritual Warrior I do not mean life is a war! I mean no matter how many times you get knocked off the horse get back on! No matter how many times you fall back climbing the SpiritualMountain you keep climbing! You never, ever give up, for if you give up you will get depressed!

As you learn to Master these lessons I am sharing with you in this book and my other books you will win this battle with your lower self and negative ego, and you will reprogram your subconscious mind with Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling! You will have fundamentally won the War of Armageddon within yourself. When this fundamental lesson of “Integrated Ascension” becomes achieved, Life no longer becomes a struggle. You have a “Spiritual Habit” of doing all these things. You may still slip occasionally, but that is not a big deal. Just another opportunity to forgive and learn another good lesson! I do not have to be a Spiritual Warrior anymore and have not for a very long time. It is just a habit now to own myPersonal Power, to maintain my Self Mastery at all times, to be Vigilant at all times, to be the Cause of my reality, to keep my Three Fold Flame and 12Rays in Balance! It is a habit to constantly call on Spirit and the Masters for help! It is a habit to remain in “Integrated Ascension”! By theGrace of GOD and the Masters, life is no longer a struggle!

I love Earth life, I really do! I am so filled with Spiritual Current from all the different Spiritual things I am doing on some many different levels that Spiritual Weariness is completely gone! I did have to work to get to this place, and I share this with total humbleness and humility for it is by the Grace of GOD and the Masters go us all! However I share this with the utmost compassion for those who arefeeling Spiritually Weary that the Spiritual Struggle is a phase that can and will be overcome as you fully realize your “Integrated Ascension!”


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  1. I am so weary at this point that I will have to print this out – cause it’s too much info to read at one shot for me.

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