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Mission 1017!

Mission 1017


A cosmic trigger event is occurring on the 17th of October 2006.

This is the beginning, one of many trigger events to come between now and 2013. An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions in universe-2 will cross paths with the Earth on this day. Earth will remain approximately within this UV beam for 17 hours of your time.

This beam resonates with the heart chakra, it is radiant flourescent in nature, blue/magenta in colour. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the colour frequency spectrum of your universe-1 which you, Earth articulate in. However due to the nature of your soul and soul groups operating from Universe-2 frequency bands it will have an effect.

The effect is every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Yes, we will repeat, all will be amplified one millions time and more.

Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.

What does this mean ?

Since all matter manifest is due to your thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts and solidify them at an accelerated rate making them manifest a million times faster than they normally would.

For those that do not comprehend. Your thoughts, what you focus on create your reality. This UV beam thus can be a dangerous tool. For if you are focused on thoughts which are negative to your liking they will manifest into your reality almost instantly. Then again this UV beam can be a gift if you choose it to be.

Mission-1017 requires approximately one million people to focus on positive, benign, good willed thoughts for themselves and the Earth and Humanity on this day. Your thoughts can be of any nature of your choosing, but remember whatever you focus on will be made manifest in a relatively faster than anticipated time frame. To some the occurrences may almost be bordering on the miracle.

All we ask is positive thoughts of love, prosperity, healing, wealth, kindness, gratitude be focused on.

This UV beam comes into full affect for 17 hrs on the 17th of October 2006. No matter what time zone you are in the hours are approximately 10:17 am on the 17th of October to 1:17 am on the 18th October. The peak time will be 17:10 (5:10 pm) on the 17th October. You do not need to be in a meditative state through out this time, though would be beneficial. The main key time no matter what time zone you are in will be the peak time of 17:10 (5:10 pm).

Perhaps at this time if you can find a peaceful spot or location to focus. The optimum is out in the vicinity of grounded nature, likened to that of a large tree or next to the ocean waves. Focus on whatever it is you desire. What is required for the benefit of all Earth and Humanity is positive thoughts of loving nature.

We call this UV beam trigger event, “818” gateway. Please forward this message to as many people as you know who will use this cosmic trigger event to focus positive, good willed thoughts. We require approximately 1-million people across globe to actively participate in this event. Please use whatever communication mediums you have at your disposal. Reach out to as many people as possible. We require 1-million plus people at the least to trigger a shift for humanity from separation and fragmentation to one of unification and oneness. This is your opportunity to take back what is rightfully yours i.e. Peace and Prosperity for all Earth and Mankind.

This is a gift, a life line from your universe so to speak, an answer to your prayers. What you do with it and whether or not you choose to participate is your choice.




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Comments on: "Mission 1017!" (170)

  1. Mission 1017

    A cosmic trigger event is occurring on the 17th of October 2006.

    This is…

  2. hey there, just wanted to mention that Delerium has a new album, ‘Nuages Du Monde’ that you might also enjoy. and then there’s BT’s “Binary Universe” which is also a musical gift.

    re: october 17th…

    this doesn’t ring true for me. feels to have already happened (for me) to be honest… time being so relative and all in “the dream” of the mental body. but a nice sentiment… and i wish you the absolute best with it.

    nice to stumble upon your sites; i lived in seattle for ten years until moving to san diego in 2000.

    warm embrace,

  3. About the 17th, I doubt it although feel positive twords the nice idea, doing affirmation every day. You ask us to forward it, before I do that i want to know your sourses for this information. Where did you came to know? And who told you, some scientist, some calender (like maya), som numerologist?

    To get references may strenght the trustworthyness even moore, and that is needed if this will succeed, i think.

    Looking forwar to hear from you,
    Love, Anna From Sweden

  4. The origin of this wave or its intention does not matter. We who are of the understanding that we have the power to create consciousness change can utilize this time for a miracle. Just for one minute imagine that if 1,000,000 people did give positive thought to this auspicious time. If it magnified the power of manifestation toward good and positive creation would it not be a worthy cause. SO I for one will act upon this proposal and utilise my world wide contacts to make this happen.

    My background is in Earth Grids and matrices and the power of intentions for the purpose of raising the vibrational frequences of human consciousness. I shall aslo act upon this because nothing happens by chance and this event has been brought to my attention throught a synchronistic seriers of events that for me is a direct confirmatiuon it is real enough.

    I have also been a Metaphysician for 30 years following all world events activations and energetic patterns being brought to this planet. Dont take my word for this event your heart will tell you all you need to know.

    I have a question for anyone who may doubt this. If it is true and it happens where will be your thoughts to magnify them 1,000,000 times? One has nothing to lose by believing this and acting upon it other than the opportunity to grow!

    Blessings of the Light

    Peter Stacey

  5. What is it that I can do on this day for myself and humanity? I have to work from 1:00p till 10:00p that day so I can hardly find time to ‘be’ and feel positive. Although I work in a positive environment (a fitness gym) I still deal with drama. I hope that my daily drama at work does not turn in to ‘my’ manifestation.

    Much Love
    Steve Miholick

  6. Thank you Sethd8 for these postings. Could you pls tell us more about Raphiem/Blue?

    I agree with you totally, Peter. If true or not, it is a focus of both intentions and energies that might trigger more positive effects, may be it will be the 100th monkey effect, to turn mostly everything into the direction of Light.

    Much love

  7. wow this mission 1017 seems to me like we will all wear that symbolic green mask which appeared in the movie “The Mask”, lol

    a beast or a beauty will came out from our selves.

    this is a real opportunity for all of us to bring here on earth all we dreamed since from we were children: harmony, peace, joy and love

    we can heal all through love then

    Love and Light,

    Mariana from Romania

  8. I have many messages on my page from Star Nations.
    Huge changes are in progress!

    Could this be one of them?


  9. The field is already breaking and my body is being reprogrammed as we speak .Check the twelve symptoms. I can´t work no more and sustainability becomes hard financiel wise. My sleeping pattern is all wako my dreams are now more instructions manuells to prepare .Note when you trip on shrooms or Lyserc…. you can already look inside the change you can see the masks people wearing and some of the trips will stay with you since you are opening your senses to the spiritworld .M¥ life has completely shifted and it is still doing it i thought i am loosing my mind but now i know for the better . If anyone knows about a trustfund for starseeds that would be great . I need to build a few things so i can do my light work. Keep it up .

  10. i did some cross referencing on google 😛
    what i found in the search was many sites with the same text that is in this blog… also not much else was said about the “818” gateway” there was one inconsistancy that i thought wasnt too significant. i posted some information and links i found while searching. there is a lot of alignment to what you say.

    please email me at or if you have a myspace –

    also the blog that has links and info on mission1017 that i found is currently on my myspace – i tried to post the link here but i got a server error from your php script 😛

  11. turns out in 10 years theres a total solar eclipse(aug 21, 2017) and in 17 years theres a solar eclipse ( aug 8, 2024).

    the famous Loma Prieta earthquake was on October 17, 1989; exactly 17 years ago in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in California at 5:04 p.m. local time and measured 6.9 on the Moment magnitude scale (surface-wave magnitude 7.1). The focus point was at a depth of 16.79 km.

    Magnetic disturbances
    The Loma Prieta earthquake was preceded by significant disturbances in the background magnetic field strength nearby. Large increases in extremely low frequency field strength were observed about 7 kilometers from the epicenter, up to two weeks in advance of the actual event. The measurement instrument was a single-axis search-coil magnetometer that was being used for research on radio communications with submarines by Prof. Antony C. Fraser-Smith of Stanford University. Signal strengths 20 times higher than normal were observed on October 3rd, rising to 60 times normal about three hours before the earthquake.

    in Dr Richard Boylan’s article, Return Of The Star Nations During Our Time Of Purification, there is mention of a Yaqui medicine man named Kachora. Kachora says while on top of a Baja California mountain he saw a meteor shower on October 17th at 1:30am (year wasnt given)



  12. I have had many experiences that leads me to believe
    that we can manifest our dreams or thoughts.
    although, what I have found from my experiences, is that
    normally average folk are to caught up with themselve
    to have the disipline to harness this ability.
    how ever how we look at things determines what reflex back to us, and of course how we interperate it.
    if you do not believe in miracles, then they wont
    manifest. you have to believe it from your core
    that you can. obviously the more this happens to you
    the more you embrace it.
    Yes if one million people around the world transcended the illusions of duality and opened themselves up to
    higher dimensions, reality as we know of it can transform before our eyes to what ever our unified consciousness agrees upon, or more fitting, what
    creates the balance. as far as a beam of light
    increasing our electromagnetic energy field.
    Now that would be interesting if that happened.
    just imagine what would happen, have you seen
    the movie “Sphere”, with Dustin Hofman.
    I think Budda would say to meditate.
    Our human race is being challenged to take more response ability, able to responed peacefully.
    I would have to say prepare yourself, would
    mean to learn to be appropriate with our emotions.
    High dimensional thought is the ability to clear your
    thoughts and be patient, synchronize yourself
    with the ways of nature, all things that become
    grow to be.
    I do believe that things of this nature comes in waves
    If the Earths frequency is rizing than we as nature
    will adapt slowly, or go crazy, maybe a little bit of both.

    I don’t know if we are being beamed from outerspace or not,
    but I would like to see more of this
    Global meditation for world peace and a Harmonic
    consciousness, there is something to it!
    I think using the internet in this way could become very useful for collective thought pools.

  13. People often mock what they do not understand.

  14. Hey … October 17 could be just another day like any other … but then again, maybe it won’t be. Does it REALLY matter if this started out as something “real” or not or just as someone’s imaginative idea of what would be nice to have happen? I don’t think the source of this idea does matter; what matters is HOW WE EACH FEEL INDIVIDUALLY ABOUT IT! If you believe that we manifest our own realities, then it certainly can’t hurt to spend some time sending out positive thoughts and wishes at the same time as a million other souls on Earth … and who knows, it just might help.

    I plan to put some exta effort into my thoughts, prayers, and blessings that day, just in case I can help a good thought become part of a great reality. After all, every little drop of Love adds to the ocean of support that keeps us all afloat.

  15. hi… I’m french from Martinique and i found the same text to-day on my computer… I agree with you Bendwill, when you say that it’s not important if this is true or not… But maybe we will be more than one million people praying or sending our best wishes for earth and peace, on this 17th of october… And every day….

  16. When you get 10 free minutes…please read :

    May our Creator bless us all ! …….dusk

  17. I have made it possible for every one to make structured water at home for free.

    I have upgraded The Triple Blow you can use on the website for this cosmic trigger event is occurring on the 17th of October 2006. So drink structured water every day and you will be ready to recive the energy.

    Love and light Torben

  18. Well, why don’t we create Mission 365.25?! That is, every single moment of our lives we live as though all is One, is Peace and is Love?

    I read a book by Walter Russell a while back, called the Universal One. Time is an illusion. The power of Love is at the neutral center, and it is from that point that twin cycles in nature commence. There would be no need to say “ok, it’s gonna be 17th October, I’m gonna send out a UV beam”. Some people know that they can make a name for themselves by preaching peace and love, and by
    securing a little slice of the action by having a channelled message and getting people to believe it. We want to believe because we all want a change. Let’s make it from that place we are all One, the neutral center, and then apply it to the fullness of the cycles, all year round. Of course it is 17th October, and 18th and 19th etc.

    2 cents.:-)

  19. please, someone address what should be done for those of us inclined to read or otherwise engage in the worldly ways on this important date.

  20. just keep smilin!!!!

  21. Thanks for the article… I have never heard of a Cosmic Trigger Event before… But I’m with comment #4 Peter Stacey. I have forwarded this to all of my contacts and have inquired with an astrologer about this auspicious day; if she sees anything in the forcast.

  22. This is a first for me. A very Good friend forwarded me the information and it just blows me away. I take this very seriously, I feel like it’s a door that will open and we should flood it with our prays of “Peace and Love wishes for our world. Right now all I see is negative programming for our world. Our poor children are feed so much bad programming (TV, movies, games of killings). We must take this opportunity to send up prays of Peace, Love, and meditate on excellent health. We must pray away disease, pain, killings, hatred and all that that in tells.


  23. He, Rose

  24. I just wanted to know if this time has a zone time… eastern standard etc……. I and some Wiccan friends are seriously into this and we have worked up a very sound spell for goodness in people all around etc. However, our question is is which time zone? Any response would be gratefully accepted. We are very very anxious about this event, as I’m sure you know that we Wiccan’s are very much into the Cosmic/Earth Events and use them to every advantage we can.

    Blessed Be

  25. I know you say the times stated are useful for all time zones, but surely us antipodeans would miss the whole event if we went off 24 hour early?
    Please give us some definite times

  26. This message was forwarded to me from a Turkish friend from Istanbul to Dubai. I have now posted this on my blog. True or not this message is travelling the world and anyone with a higher conciousness will feel the energy on that DAY.

    Coincidently the same day is the International White Band Day:

    A month of mobilization will be launched on 16 September, which will build up to a climax on a global white band day on the 17 October – the International Day on the Eradication of Poverty. During the month, countries around the world will undertake an array of actions, culminating in a global white band day. The white band will remain our symbol and expression of solidarity against poverty.

    LETS MAKE THIS A DAY TO REMEMBER! Lets all wear something white?!

    May peace and joy fill our hearts and our soul

    May the source be with us.

  27. found this priceless jewel..

    get it .. free… read it. there is only We.. just us. injoy!


  28. Rosie, if you read the message again, you’ll see that the hours are the same regardless of your time zone. What confuses me is that the math doesn’t work. 10:17 a.m. to 10:17 p.m. on ANY day is 12 hours. 11:17 p.m. is 13 hours, 12:17 a.m. (18 Oct.) is 14 hours, and 1:17 a.m. is 15 hours. So, a 17 hour event beginning at 10:17 a.m. would continue to 3:17 a.m. the following morning.

    Having said that, I’m still going to add my positive thoughts and feelings to the mix.

  29. My comment is to always go with your first instinct…

    My first instinct was to send it to my daughter, who is an incredible teacher and cultural orator on peace.

    God bless all of you that took the *time* to read this.

  30. This seems so odd. But everything in my life right now has been lining itself up for this day. Ask and you shall receive.

  31. Re: law of attraction – cosmic trigger ~ 10/17

    Jesus Christ… It took me fucking forever to figure out the SOURCE of this…

  32. Alfredo Villasenor said:

    “I feel like treating every day like Oct 17th. But making people aware of the present consequences of our thoughts, feelings, and understandings is great. People still question their power, as if they have not seen what they already have manifested by their desires and beliefs.”

  33. Another coincidence…or not… in the catholic digest for day-by-day prayer, the 17th is marked as “think positive thoughts” and the bible reading and interpretation are pointedly direct: ignore negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts today. – Art

  34. I think if you just keep forwarding this message we can get more than a million people and maybe we can start a fade LOL

  35. I read some of the book that Aba suggested reading,( thank you , it is quite good) and this is the thought i had after reading. What is important is for there to be more and more days/times that people focus outward and inwards with positive intention. I do believe that there are pre encoded dates and times when the cosmic energy is more highly charged, but we dont necessarily need those exact “special” circumstances to proclaim a day or moments of unified focus.
    I feel this period , the window between 1987-2012 is highly charged in every space, and we are ripe for as many mass vigils , times where the many focus on the manifestation of joy, peace love and prosperity, as we can create.
    I guess what i mean to say is if perhaps the 17th is not an especially cosmically pre endowed day , if it is choosen as a time to have a huge number of people focus with intention , it will become a powerful day.
    We are co creating our own reality constantly, we have the power as indivduals to attract into our life that which we focus on.
    If large numbers of us unify on a given day at a specific time with love and good will in our hearts and minds we absolutely have the power to create a rippling vibration that can manifest miracles.
    I am sending my love light and highest hopes for a positive joyful, abundant and loving future into the universe.

  36. Yes, the 17th of every month could be a love and gratitude day. A day of manifestation of wisdom, of abundant joy, a day of bliss and harmony and a day we train ourselves to be alive with love and good spirit thoughts. If every individual expanded this cosmic energy within the surrounds of our planet ever so briefly, we could overturn our fragmentations of self and others by our enlightened example. The 17 th of every month could be COSMIC AWARE day. This is more than possitive it is knwoing that the truth is all about you and the extensions of you. You are no less than the trees and the stars, more infinite than your concepts of paradise, and beyond the divinity you may catch glimses of, just as you retire to bed. The day is done. You are all there is. Your expansion is this moment of the cosmic ray blending every rainbow that ever existed in you minds’ expansiom into an eternity of mastery through your personal dediction to discpline. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God so loved the world that he gave you the same dimensions. Love the world as yourself. I am . I am a partner in Comic Keeping as Jesus was a doorkeeper to us all. You can do it. Open the door. I am, new ,this day, forever changed.

    Ishteru means I love you in Japanese and Namaste means

  37. Well I’ll be…

  38. Increased UV on our Planet is a call to lift our vibration level so that we move to the level of healers. I describe this higher-energy human in my book: RAPID Evolution.
    To help amplify the 1017 message, I will send out another RAPID newsletter Sunday evening so that readers can plan their focus for Monday… and schedule *time out* for 5:10 PM. The exercise of watching each thought and action during 1017 could be a daily goal after that. Yes, the DOMINANT thought prevails!

  39. as the light shines forth around the world may it help break the spells and open up the shells so that the golden light of love may flow through us all!! AMEN

  40. I originally saw this message as a channeled piece via Archangel Michael. I have since seen the message on a variety of e-mails that are flooding the world. As many of you have said, does it matter who started the message? After all, we are all one in this illusion. If we do band together, even for only a 17-hour time frame — what magnificent things can and will transpire as result? We will not know until we have come together and tried it. Whether you are at work, at home, or in the car, to just be aware of your surroundings and sending out the message of forgivenss, unconditional love, and abundance can do nothing but heal all of us combined.


  41. Amazing! The news tells us the 300 millionth American will arrive on that day!
    My question? Why do we need a certain day to be positive, loving and forgiving? Is it not our conscious choice to do and be so each and every day?
    Whether our lives are filled with drama or peace it is our attitude to the events that make a difference. I choose peace, love and forgiveness; daily, hourly, by the minute and moment.
    I participated in the Harmonic Convergence back in the 80’s and from many perspectives the consciousness of humanity was raised at that time due to the efforts of those who participated in a day of love and positive energy.
    I will add my energies to October 17 and each day preceding it and following it.

  42. Thank you! I just found out about this today and will forward the message onward. I have to work that day, but will take the time to stop and focus of peace, health and all the good things about this life.

  43. i first learned about this upcoming cosmic event the other day…someone posted an article about it on a yahoo group in which i am a member…so here is the url for anyone interested in suggestions on what to “do” on the 17th…remember, it doesn’t matter what time zone you are in…just be present, and keep your thoughts positive!

    peace & blessings,

  44. What have we got to lose? If anything, all to gain by thinking positive thoughts. It will be interesting to see what transpires. Yes, we should do this every day, but on a day where the magnetic energies are stronger~ makes sense to really focus on ‘good’.
    Let’s see if if works! I have a question: How are animals affected by this? I have a few animals and am curious how they will feel? They posess energies and abilities that I feel are still not completely understood by science. We know their powerful scenting abilities to track, their ability to detect cancer and their powerful abilities to heal. Does anyone know how this will affect them? I have a radio show called “the pet lady” on and if anyone would like to call in with any pet experiences, please do!
    I will be focusing on good and observing my delightful cats and dogs on that day to see if their behavior is any different.
    Thanks and Blessings to all

    “The Pet Lady” Saturdays 4:30 pm pacific time

  45. I only have one question up for debate… what about the rest of the world?

    If 1 million people think positive thoughts… what will the rest (99.9% of the world) be thinking about? And as far as it goes… EVERYBODY knows the mind is made of 95% negative thoughts (because of poverty, crime, etc.), and the other 5% is the positive side. IF this whole UV thing is true… what have we got to lose.

    what bothers me is “An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions in universe-2…”. Where the f*** did we get the technology to see into another dimension(s)? and Universe-2… where is that? what systems/galaxies/constellations does it contain… I might as well say I live on Earth-2… whatever, I rambled enough… If this is ACTUALLY true… Great… Neverending (hopefully) peace.

  46. Nous recherchons de plus en plus de gens qui veulent travailler en accord avec ces rayons d’amour et de joie…
    Demandez de connaître tous ceux qui ont ce coeur pur…
    ils vous seront présentés…

  47. Marilyn Lombard said:

    I’m in!! With all the negative energy going on at this time this feels like a breath of fresh air and that I can really make a difference all of us together can make a big difference!!! What do you have to lose fake it until we make it!!! Has anyone read any to the David Ickes books I highly recommend. Not for the faint hearted..

  48. doris nancy pollock said:

    compassion is something you can develop with practice . it involves two things: intention and action . when we open our hearts we greatly enhance our sense of gratitude .let us discover one of the greatest secrets in this world …… is it’s own reward …………….may we all live peace and love……….as above so below ……..d.n.p.

  49. Alfredo Villasenor said:

    Judi…excellent! What you said.

    Stargoddess…thank you for the link.

  50. 40 years ago on the 17 sept 1966 my mother tried to kill herself and i was present , a major shock i was 17 years old at that time…that same evening i kissed a boy for the first time ,an other shock…since then the 17of each month has always been a special date to me! also in tarot 17 is the star ,the card of protection and i feel that this next 17 will again be a significant date be connected to all of you with whom i feel ONE all of you ..
    you that think that this is bullshit…,you that think this is magic…,you that feel we can make a change in this beautiful and ugly world.yes iam here on earth right now to make a difference and as my name means unconditional love i would really love to live it at his fullest
    and as my friend Osho said ”being enlightened is being here now” love to you all

  51. Question not that which is sent as a gift, for all our well-being.
    Stay clear & open to your flow & it will guide you well.
    Doubt not that which is already there for you to have, for your love/life.
    Oct 17th & every other Collective Moment is truly a holiday to celebrate!
    From the Heart of Venus, Florida
    Serena Marsh

  52. Cant wait – lets all be creative. love and peace to all XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  53. My dear friend emailed this news. For that, I am blessed. We all should continue the positive thoughts towards mankind after October 17th. It may just stop us from continuing to create this hellish world that we are living in.If Whatever said is true, let us all make a conscious effort to create 95% positive thoughts instead of 5%. I know that I will try, starting Now.

  54. I will be gathering a group of like minded people to enlighten our mind in our journey of life.

  55. Was told by a friend to search for this site. Fascinating-can’t say I’m into belief or disbelief-however an amazing oportunity to make a difference. Cosmic rays or not lets join together and reclaim our humanity. My prayer will be for the Healing of Mother Earth and all her children. A Ho

  56. This message sounds amazing !
    I believe that we can create the light and positive energy for the world .
    I will be in Taiwan and meditate with my students in the garden .
    Actually i already have some strange feeling but not sure what is that ! Maybe this is the answer ?
    Let’s see !!

    Love and Light
    Isabelle from Taiwan

  57. Another observation–5:10pm is 17:10 on the 24 hour clock. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…

    Blessings and Peace to all

  58. Sounds amazing cann’t wait to see what comes around.
    Blessings of love and light.

  59. Hi, mybe i’m one of the firsts italians that some days ago has been known this great event (if is real)
    I was wondering if…if in this day all chakras could be opened and i ask about what i should focus on for this purpose 🙂
    However this news is spreading also around italian web ^_^

  60. Many translations in portuguese for this event is spreading in brazilian web and I am sure that a huge number of persons alreardy is in!

  61. ritamai(auramosis) ( said:

    just remember everyone, to remember to gaze deeply into the setting sun, use the muscles of the eyes to draw the rays down into the auricfield. Increase the squinting movement to that of rapid and watch the rays pulsate into the field. Eventually one will see the colours emanating from the sun then out into the sky and then they will flood into the auricfield creating a path from heaven to earth. Doing this shows our willingness to connect and accept the changes to our dna, which will occur when we truly connect to the intelligent sentient sun(be-in-(g).
    I AM totally “in love” with the sun, with the air, with the sea and with the earth and feel totally guided by the “Be-in-(G)” within these elements (my favourite use of “being” (for me, means “be in G(od)”
    may peace prevail
    with light and love
    ritamai (auramosis)

  62. Well – I can’t say I believe it but do want to believe in the power of people thinking and doing good. It’s quite a task to think good thoughts but for a few hours on one day – what do we have to lose – except negativity?

    I am in! Have you ever been to a wedding , the feeling is good, the people are celebrating, there is a sensation of union, of love, of friendship, of faith….imagine that sensation – expanding to the entire planet – feeling joy and love – all at the very same moment. There has to be POWER in that one feeling, thought, belief.

    When we simply ‘touch’ each other we blossom and a change is made, we live longer, there is a chemical change, why can’t we believe that our thoughts have that same power?

    BELIEVE… you have nothing to lose….

  63. YellowBrick Road said:

    I shall be repeating over and over in my head, “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” “I wanna get laid…” and hopefully those thoughts amplified a million times over will land a hot babe in my lap!

  64. are you all completely mad, I find this incredibly hard to believe. Where is your information from. I mean who tells you this. I would like to believe in some of this stuff. Not particularly keen on the links to the koran and the day of destiny, but in all honesty, what crap is the koran anyway? I will be positive for you all anyway. Positively thinking about how happy i am that i knew nothing about this prior to today!

  65. If anyone does not understand the power of your thoughts, PLEASE go buy the movie, “The Secret” and watch it as many times as time will allow before this cosmic event on Tuesday. Then as you fight the rush hour traffiic at 5 PM as millions of people will be doing, you have the opportunity while sitting in your car to change the world. Not only your life, but all of humanity.
    If you can’t find the movie just remember,

    Your Thoughts Are The Kingdom Within. The universe always answers your THOUGHTS, (prayers),

    Your Wish is my Command! That WISH is your thoughts. That is the Universal Law of attraction. It can NOT be changed. Control your thoughts carefully, as all thoughs are mind and mind is the universe we live in.


    Lin Phelps Bulverde, Texas

  66. lightworker2012 said:

    I am very excited about this event. I received information about this from a different web site also.

    I advise you to also look into You can find much detailed information on what has brought us up to this level.

    Being mindful of our thoughts should be a daily habit, but if we are given a chance to make such a huge difference, I am all go for it!

    In love and light

  67. Love, Love, Love
    Peace, Peace, Peace,
    Joy, Joy, Joy
    Harmony & Abundance for all


    Peace are committed to peace & helping the entire world evolve into a peace based society.

    We can each contribute to higher ways – the ways of peace.


  69. I am very excited to see someone is doing something with this. In an effort from the heart I am asking my whole group of over 560 individuals to also help with this. We work with the SITTER and Miracle 6 Software. This software is great for what all those here want to achieve and can assist you with this event. This is not an attempt to sell or self promote. This is simply what it is a gift from the heart to all of you for the beauty of which you are creating!

    Again from the heart I would like to offer anyone who i taking part in this event a free never expiring program and kit with manual and everything you need to get off to a great start before the date of this event. I would suggest to get yours today to be prepared.

    If you are interested in software based technology to asist you I have made a page just for you to get a free copy. located online at:

    This sofware is from advanced knowledge and advancements made in sefl help technology. I hope in some small way this contribution inspires others to get involved or helps them in their journey.

    Our group will also help as you all do your part we will also. I think this is something everyone should do. The more the better. May each of you be blessed for your endevors and may the angels lend their help!

    Blessings, Peace, Bliss, and Well Being!

    Madam Ambassador, Dr Rev Lynn Wedewer, Phd

  70. What I know now in Vermont said:

    Magic is upon us. Independance from fear, shame, guilt, jealousy, poverty and other human conditions of self suffering is encouraged for ourselves as independents as well as collective numbers – now more than ever. “i want to know if you will stand in the middle of the fire with me and not shrink back” Take a huge risk on the 17 and do something wild – but for christ’s sake don’t hurt yourself.

    Blessed Be * ^ )

  71. What I know now in Vermont said:

    october 17, 1777 colonists beat british at battle of Saratoga, new york.

    The metaphor of numbers is interesting.

  72. Dear friends,

    If this message is real or not it doesn’t matter.
    What is real and what isn’t real in this world?
    It is a nice idea. An ultraviolet, a microwave or a radio ( any wave ) pulse it doesn’t matter. It will be a wonderful to have in our minds from Oct. 17, 2006, until the end of our lives only good thoughts. Good and bad, this is another relativity.
    What is “bad” for a good man and what is “good” for a bad man? What is good for the mineral in the soil?
    What is good for the plants?
    What is good for the herbivores?
    What is good for the carnivores? The Creator didn’t clarify that.
    A ultraviolet cosmic beam can be devastated for the life on the Earth. May be, an another kind of wave…a Soul Wave, not an ultraviolet one?
    But a serious question is how many thoughts can generate our brains in 17 HOURS ?
    Who is that human being who can focus so well for 17 hours only on positive thoughts of love, prosperity, healing, wealth, kindness and gratitude?
    And if only 1 000 000 people will do this…what about the rest of
    6 000 000 000 people who are thinking to their daily disparate survival? This Mission-1017 looks like a Mission Impossible in the best case or Mission Apocalypse more probable. The good men will be good and the wise men will be wise.
    We need a Cosmic Ray to change our ignorance to wisdom, to purify us. But this wave is only coming from our inner nature, from our mind, and nothing can amplify it except us. It’s not easy.
    Good Luck!

  73. I am all over this one. I love it. I don’t understand about space and light beams, but I do know our energies working together can create shifts for all of mankind. So if this beautiful blue/magenta beam is going on, more power to us! I am taking the day off, I am riding my motorbike to whereever beautiful it leads me and I will spend the day being amazed. Love, light and tons of gratitude, jo from Kelowna, BC

  74. These positive, good thoughts should be our goal every day and at all times; so, why not join everyone else in this very good venture. This can’t do any harm and can only improve our lives. why not?

  75. PAVEL!!

  76. YES YES and YES, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, choice with every breath.Awareness with every thought. Increase the fiels increase the yield. Here’s to an ultraviolet blue wave tomorrrow and on through the spectrtum.

  77. YES YES and YES, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, choice with every breath.Awareness with every thought. Increase the fiels increase the yield. Here’s to an ultraviolet blue wave tomorrrow and on through the spectrtum. Thanks for the links.

  78. I received the email about this earlier in the day, but, it has been on my mind all day. It is early in the morning here in Texas. I live in the Hill Country, and the sky is beautiful. We had a white owl in our backyard, I thought he left, but this morning he woke me up, and it sounded like he may be in our chimney, it sounded so close. White owl’s are considered “good medicine” by the Native Indians. It is a sign of good things to come. Then I started thinking about this project and realized that this owl woke me up to have some precious time alone to think about all of this. We can move mountains, we can heal others, we have such power given to us by God and we have drifted away, the 17th will be the day that we all realize how powerful we really are, how strong our minds and hearts are and we will change the world.

    Back to my response, I was brought back to the site and I cannot get enough information. The mind and heart are such powerful forces. I am a person of great faith in God, and I know that whoever started this was positioned by God, I just feel that.

    There is a war in the heavens and tomorrow that war could end if everyone uses their minds to stop it. There are so many things I pray for, healing for myself, I have serious health issues and traditional medicine is not working, I want everyone I know and don’t know to think for themselves and know that everything they do makes a difference whether it is positive or negative. I want our troops home, I want peace and prosperity for all.

    As good stewards of the land, a beautiful gift from God, we have to mend what man has done, we can do this on the 17th and continue to make change with positive thoughts.

    I will think positive for new leadership, positive leadership. I will think positive that the hungry are fed, the poor are clothed, and the injustice is remedied.

    I will think positive for others to be kind to one another, show more understanding and patience. I will think positive that everyone who carries the heavy burden of debt and despair, will be lifted. I will think positive that our children will be safe and that the sick people who try to hurt them will go away, there is a place for them but not here, not with our children, I pray that all children understand the important position they will inherit and how important it is to speak of peace, love, tranquility, and above all be good stewards of this earth.

    I pray with an abundance of positive energy that all people are released of any guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness and become full of positive energy. I want them to see how important they are to this world.

    I pray with an abundance of positive energy that people see one another as one and the same, no color barriers, no misconceptions, we are all the same and we can all make a difference, right now, tomorrow and forever.

    There are so many things to feel positive about, 17 hours is a short amount of time to accomplish this, so continue to stay positive and set our minds on accomplishments and change each and everyday after.

  79. I have been aware of this cosmic event for some time now and see it as time and opportunity for all `LIGHTWORKERS’ (and you are if you’re reading this email) to unite in a global/cosmic enhancement of Mother Earth’s Ascension and our own and every single living being on our beloved planet.
    Despite our own personal dramas, which are many and very testing, once again we are being called to the `greater good of all Light’ to harmonise and reflect (affect) our glorious well being here in our Universe. I will personally devote the majority of my energies to this cause during the following time period despite our time differences globally. To the greater good in the I AM.

  80. I will really do the meditation tomorrow. I really recommend checking out The Secret movie, it’s a great inspiration for this quest.

  81. this is the magic of what we live for as carriers of light – take a risk and break through the mole but don’t let go…stay independent from negative whirlwinds and remember this is not about YOU its about your mind, body, soul connection to the greater good. , 10/17 is a day to believe that you are loved for exactly who you are in the circles you keep, not this year but every year. Astrologists have been aware of this for a long time. from a mountain lion mama who cares about her cubs more than herself -Blessed Be mother godess reawakens with vigor so be on your best behavior.

  82. fire on the mountain said:

    don’t overcommit yourself, learn a little bit about your independence before you give it away

  83. Harebol to All

    To Meditate is to be, to be out of illusions and to melt in the divine.
    It is possible, how… Make your body available by focussing on your upperlip just under your nose. Every time a thought is coming, don’t go in it, but let it go and focus on the incoming and outgoing breath, stay there for a while. Don’t make any idee about anything, also not about the breath. Let the Ray will do the work.The Ray is possitive enough.
    Let’s do it.

  84. Pour info

  85. Aho to All of My Relations,
    What a blessing it is that we have received this information. I have forwarded this site and information to all on my list. Those who are not on the net, I phoned.
    I am conducting medicine wheel ceremony and sacred pipe along with the meditations on 10-17. Those assembled here in flesh and spirit will merge energies on all levels with all beings of Love and Light for this blessing of planet Earth and the Children of Humanity.
    The Celestial Hierarchy has worked diligently–since before the start of the Angelic Wars and the resulting warping of Earth to an alternate position in our Solar System–to get Earth to this point on this date so that the final corrections and adjustments can and will be made. Balance and order will be restored on Earth. The resulting multidimensional shift will reboot not just Earth but all effected by these ancient events, which happened long before the Earth had reached densification.
    On 1017 especially we must all remember, “Where two or more are gathered miracles can and DO occur.” We who choose to participate form an unified front for anchoring this energy into the world of matter and form. Through Universal Laws we join rank for the healing of the Earth’s etheric webbing and realignment.
    With the focused intent, both collectively and individually, we can each do our part to restore balance on our beloved Ina Maka [Mother Earth]. Our beloved planet will be as Divine Plan intended…a planet of unconditional love and peace with health and wealth for all. And, the re-establishment of balance between the Cosmic Christ and the Feminine Divine.
    Sacred Blessings to All. Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all related. We are all One. As these things are asked in love, may they be received in love, and may they be returned in love.

    In loving service with joyous gratitude,
    Wolf Dreamer

  86. october 17th is my birthday so I feel extra blessed that the universe chose a really cool day for this transforming event. So happy birthday to all october 17thers and love, joy, peace and blessings to every one!

  87. A UV? pulse beam? from “higher” dimensions in Universe-2 crossing paths with the earth (in Universe 1) on 17/10 starting at 10.17 for 17 hours peaking at 17.10? All regardless of time zone?

    – OK, so this is a human creation. We made up those numbers, quite recently in fact.

    What about this universe 2 thing? is it a parallel universe? So it’s a UV pulse beam, but it’s frequency is out of this world, so in fact it’s not a UV beam, because UV is defined by frequency and if it’s frequency doesn’t fall into the UV spectrum, (10 to the power of 15 – 10 to the power of 17 cycles per second). then it isn’t a UV beam. So if it’s out of the UV spectrum then is it an X-ray, a Gamma ray perhaps, or higher frequency that Gamma? Then there’s the question of the earth moving through (in the space-time dimension?), a beam which is coming (radiating) from another dimension. UV is something we can measure easily, i.e. it’s exists in the dimensions that all humans can still detect, although I admit I am ignorant of it’s significance in terms of sprititual healing. My point here is about the language used. Why use the term UV?

    The whole text smacks of spiritual people trying to use semi-scientific language to make their point sound more credible. I wish you wouldn’t do that, I really do, because I’m open to many possibilities, including light healing and energys reaching the earth from other dimensions. But this is not sincere.

    But that would all be OK; – so somebody decided to put this out there to see if they could get a whole load of people to think positively on one day. That seems to be the general consensus in the comments, that it doesn’t really matter, I’ll give it a go. Fine. I hope plenty of positive thought and also some positive ACTION takes place!

    I said it would all be OK, except; – I do find it scary to see the original post use a warning and language that instills fear,

    “For those that do not comprehend. [….]. This UV beam thus can be a dangerous tool”

    followed by, but don’t worry if you don’t understand. let us explain, just do what we say, everything will be fine.

    “We require 1-million plus” – who is we?

    Also the response to queries about the information saying that it does not matter, and then go on to imply that what does matter is to do what “we who are of the understanding” suggest doing.

    I would love to see some demographic info on where these posts and comments are coming from. California, USA (no offence to the good folks living there) and other affluent parts of our planet I imagine have got to be well represented.

  88. Nicely put… you are 100% correct with the frequencies (I don’t know about the numbers, I forgot the exact numbers)… another question about this “photon belt”… doesn’t photons descern the colour (I might be wrong)? Photons are all around us… it is in the light, damn it. “photon belt”… lol.

    If 1 million people thought the same thing at the same time… damn anything is possible… if 1 million thought the moon is an orange… it may happen… There is a probability it can happen… 🙂

    1 thing… If you are all so spiritual… then why is the end of the world prophecised in EVERY religion?

    one word of advice… NO-ONE can change time… if the end is yet to come… all your doing is postponing it… I give this a shot.

  89. Don’t get stuck in the ego energy…..This is happening regardless of the “terms”……deal with it….Belief creates Reality!!!….Remember????
    …Come on people get it together……If you are resisting, release that ego….

  90. I’m inclined to agree with Paddy. Not that I disagree that their are times of greater and lesser ‘universal influence’ on our planet, but that someone knows them with such precision and that this 17 hour window is so critical. The critical time is Now, and the critical response to Now is Love.

    This 5 minute ditty offers a bit more…

    (copy and past in URL if clicking doesn’t get you there)

  91. The time has come for mankind to re-connect with all living beings. When we look at trees, flowers, rocks, wildlife – including our beloved pets – they can tell us how urgent it is to change our outlook. They have the answers.
    My prayers and meditations are that we ask for insight and the ability to listen, hear and understand what our animals and other life forms have to tell us if we are to survive and become one again.

  92. Draco StormWulf said:

    I care not of your religion, it is time we all become one with one another. I am a druid, the year has come and gone. The vale is thining. So let us embrace this gift. As all are equal, and non sould be left behind. Let us remember the past, but welcome the future. Let life bring us many joys. Do as you may, but dont harm another.

  93. Do as you may, but dont harm another.


    Absolutely, bottom line. Harming another takes many forms too. Anything from a kick in the teeth to betraying a close friend.

    An hour in and I’m still as Perfect in in the Creators eyes as I was yesterday, and the day before.:-) Even though I’ve told Bush to fuck off a few times in my head today. Then got totally pissed off when I got a knock on the door. Dunno why, I like company.:-) Still, that’s the point. It isn’t the everyday stuff that will eventually change our reality. It’s the ackowledgement that you can be someone better, closer to perhaps seeing the same image of ourselves as the Creator sees in us. Ok we may have fucked up then, but here’s the new moment, perfect for you again.

    I will confess here, that one should never be hoodwinked by messages based on illusion. Next time don’t wait for a UV Beam from Universe 2 at 17 anna 17 anna 17 and another 10 and a 17 and a 34 and even another 737.

    Honestly, live your Cosmic Self. Go out and really stand up. Stop wasting needlessly all of mother Earth’s resources, put extra clothes on in the winter and make sure the need for comforts is min imized for agood while! We can still change some aspects of the global warming. In fact we have the ability to build a paradise on this planet. That’s the other alternative to the images of a decaying world we’re fed with, that makes us lose our courage if not careful.

    There is way more land than we make out. 6 billion people may seem a lot, but if all the leaders, in fact everybody, got their heads together and “grew” up a little there is plenty of room to house and feed these people. But not using the system we use today. It is not designed for equality. The system that cooperates and lives by the law of not harming another, is the tool that builds paradise.


    you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.
    i hope this day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.



  95. Ev...Nanaimo BC Canada said:

    This is the new reality: “We” and “they” no longer exist, just “we.”

    Dalai Lama
    Speaking to 36,000 people at Rutgers University in New Jersey
    September 25, 2005

    CREATE A GREAT DAY…tomorrow and EVERY DAY!

    Peace and Plenty!

  96. Ray of Light, U the Pulse is Coming

    Dear Family of Light,

    Many of you have felt the energy of Mother Gaia fo…

  97. Blessed Be One and All on this auspicious day.

    Like others I received the message and came searching for the source, knowing that it really doesn’t matter, for it is a fine thing to spend at least one day of devotion to getting clear on our highest intentions for ourselves and humanity.

    It is my intention that all of humanity be raised up in awareness and united in intent to live in love, peace and harmony with each other and the planet. It is my intention that we reclaim our sovereignty as powerful co-creators on this planet that becomes a shining example in the Universe of love-based government where all beings live in co-operative creativity with each other, the land, the oceans and all life on earth and elsewhere.

    It is my intention that the planet is cleaned up. That humanity owns it responsibility as stewards of this beautiful place and rapidly manifests free, clean, renewable energy resources and elegant solutions to pollution, both spiritual and physical.

    It is my intention that poverty becomes the distant memory of a past dark age, and that health, prosperity, wisdom and celebration is the state of being for all life on earth.

    It is my intention that all liars, deceivers and abusers, starting with those in positions of authority, are exposed and deposed and replaced with beings that lead from love filled hearts. It is my intention that those who are unable to raise their consciousness are confined to places where they can evolve at their own pace and where they cause no harm to others.

    It is my intention that Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Love prevail on our world and in our our hearts.

    It is my intention to hold love in my heart from this day forward, to live with positive perspective, to bring healing and joy and to positively affect any being I come into contact with for the rest of my earth walk as I fulfil my mission and destiny.

    All blessings to SethD and every lightworker drawn here – it is my intention that you be empowered to positively affect our planet and peoples and that you personally experience health, wealth and happiness in great abundance.


    So Be It

    I give thanks for everything in my life and for this initiative, whatever it’s source, for inspiring my focus to join with like minded others for the benefit and highest possible good of All.

  98. Sami music from the North of Sweden with YANA MANGI is inspired of Mother Nature.
    Way of singing called JOJK is from the really old way of using our woice.YANA belongs to a really old sami family with the name of Mangi.She is often out in the Nature and to her sami willage witout electricity and running water.And the placed is blessed in the way that the mobil telephone dos´nt work there!!!

    For order;

  99. hi,
    Here Belgium – Europe
    I have taken a day off and will concentrate on beautiful thoughts as well. It is a beautiful and sunny day and indeed I hear the birds more powerful and stronger then usually. I m looking forward to this special day and the further evolution of this world with its new dimensions

  100. Love is all there is…. love & be loved!

    Many blessings to you all & everyone on earth. We are very fortunate indeed to be part of the major changes that are coming our way on this beautiful planet.

    Love the world and love yourself.















  102. Petra from Kauai,
    For me, this is a time to process and release our stuff. It is to “remove the blocks to love’s Presence, our natural inheritance”. That voice for love comes thru our open hearts to inform our actions if we choose to listen. Tapping on the thymus (activates thy muse) and helps us align with our spirit identity. It is time for us to embody our Christ essence and prepare for the new earth. The old will pass away as we focus on the high vibrations of love, light, peace, joy and truth. The cleansing of the earth and the dark energies that now dominate it will not be pleasant. It is important to remember “perfect love casts out fear” and Hold the Vision of a new humanity and a new earth. Namaste.

  103. Where is Galaxy 2?

  104. Hi!

    God bless all of us, our Earth!
    Hey, man love is the key!
    Love yourself, love your enemy, love your home, your parents, the animals, the plants with true, pure love come out from your heart.

    “Make love not war!” 🙂

    om bhûr bhuvas suvaha
    om tat savitur vareNyaM
    bhargo devasya dhîmahi
    dhiyo yo nah prachodayât

    from Hungary

  105. fire on the mountain said:

    Personally I find it most valuable that we are utilizing freedom of expression, across the globe.. hungry, england, us, india, etc.. ,

    tap into the love people – all is well in times of war fight the power

  106. Anyone heard of this: ?

    Seems like a good idea, and then we can coordinate a worldwide meditation every month. It’s possible to sign up to a mail list there too.

  107. Where is Galaxy 2?

    I think the so called UV beam message was claimed to be coming from Universe 2. I’ve thought about it, and come to the conclusion it is where Jimi Hendrix and his band (Janis Joplin, Keith Moon and all) are touring.:-)

  108. 111. “We are the light we which to see in the world”

    Hail to all who are here. We are with thee. Blessed are we who are present and blessed be our wisdom “to “live now and awaken” Hold for us now that immaculate concept of the true god reality from this moment until our ascension into the light.

    To all (men and women) who are here (hear), hallowed be the earth and the heavens. Give to each day your full awareness. All that is observe and acknowledge. Exhibit a posture of gratefulness to be in the here and now. Given the day and the now receive in measure what is given. Go forth and love for therein lays the glory and the power to live forever and ever without end.

  109. I am not suggesting that you read this WHOLE thing, but, I’ve been seeing this date 10-17-06 as a “portal opening”, so, thought I’d forward it to the both of you as an enforcement to be very careful of your thoughts for the next 24 hours, and let’s see if we can create some POSITIVE realities for the world.

    Check if out and see what you think. Okay????

  110. Like others, I am sceptical about the ‘science’ part; i.e.the UV part of the em spectrum has a definite range of frequecies. I do however believe in love, harmony and positive intention. So I am already in a meditative state – have been all day – I can still function in this way! I will send out love and peace and joy during the time around 17:10

    May we all tread carefully and joyfully along this path to enlightenment.

  111. Rev Doris L. Hayes, Director of the Universal Listening Post said:

    I AM most grateful to you and have alerted as many as possible via e-mail and hard copy since another TULIP Pray-er faxed me this in n
    the latter part of September SO if they choose to THEY CAN participate today October 17th 2006. I live in Niwot, CO and our Light Workers live around the USA and in France, India, So. America, several countried in Africa. We are connected with Ascended Masters: Sananda Immanuel, Lady Nada, World Mother Mary, Christ Michael and His Legions of Angels, Goddesses Liberty, Justice,Freedom,Victory. Saint Germain and HIS Transforming Violet Flame, The Great Lord Buddha and many more..

    We believe we are in the ONENESS. We are all One. We are children of Almighty God and some of us are from the Great Central Sun.
    We are assured from ON HIGH we are now in the fifth
    dimension. I am in contact with POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BONAFIDE
    Folk who aided the opening of that portal in Kawai in August of this year and in opening other PORTALS in the past few years that is bringing We, the People (who will ) and our Blessed Mother Earth and the Ones in INNER earth WHOM I have been fortunate to meet in 1994 in a powerful Conclave in Banff, Canada into the Christ Consciousness, Energy and Vibration.

    So dear ONEs, bring it on!!!. Teach us more!

    For some years now I’ve have been assured a time is coming when we will regain HOME HEAVEN ON EARTH and our LOST Garden of Eden from eons ago.

    So my heart leaped with great joy upon hearing from you and this Mission 1017.

    I have written my letter To our God Parents –my soul’s sincere desires, both personal and planetary that I have been writing about and holding in Love AND Light MANIFEST as the great SeraphimAngel Julian says: “In the Right and Proper Time. This seems now and I am open to it Now–today!

    Please teach me more about the UV beam. I have no qualms or doubt that it exists and is true, and I would love to share with my TULiP Pray-ers. Some of them have joined you. We are
    TRUTH Seekers and would be a joy to learn more.

    We belive Sananda Immanuel, our elder brother who told us the time would come when we would know TRUTH and TRUTH WOULD SET US FREE AND IT SEEMS TO ME now IS THE TIME FOR promised TRUTH!. Yay God!

    Also I have known for years of the Jehovan War Lords and that a time would arrive when we would be THANKFULLY FREE. So Be it! IT!

    That this Cosmic trigger is new to me does not keep me from being open to it. It resonates to be true with me. Again I am most thankful to you, R/Blue. God Bless you Mightily! Doris

  112. LightShift 2000
    Let’s Turn on the Light of the World

    Great stuff!

  113. Bullshit aint no truth in it.

  114. Some of my friends and I will be doing something along these lines, you may use it if you wish. Clear your mind totally of all stress and doubt, once you feel yourself at peace with yourself, start to think of a clear beautiful blue sky with the sun shining down on the ocean and the forests and the beautiful mountains below. In perfect harmony and perfect peace. Everything in nature atuned to each other perfectly to its natural state of pureness.

    See the human race upon this world that is now pure and unpolluted, see them all being happy and at peace with themselves and each other. No one coveting anything from any one else, no one trying to be the strongest nation or power. All races living in harmonious peace. Everyone sharing the goodness that belongs to none of us but is provided to us by Mother Earth. Sharing so that we all can live happy healthy lives together.

    Continue seeing and thinking these thoughts and sights and keep the same thoughts in your mind. You will find a sense of peace has overcome your self being and hopefully it will have done the same to the population of the world.

    How long you choose to meditate is up to you, keep in mind the thought of your meditation with your during this entire time.

    I wish upon you all the best of the best, and peace for us all.

    Blessed Be, and may we all discover true peach and happiness today and find that we as the human race can discover what it is like to live as One!

  115. 818 Gateway: When’s the last time you wished on a star?

    When’s the last time you wished on a star?

    I usually do not pay attention…

  116. I have been praying about these things in many ways. I am today going to be facilitating a breath and healing touch workshop in Portland Oregon. In the time before it starts i will be sitting at 5pm at the base of a great tree in the woods collecting a fountain of strength and calm to bring forth to the students who come to explore how to receive healing touch and give healing touch. The breath. THIS is the core of the workshop, with water it’s mover. Thank you for reminding me of the power of intention and to read and see the solidarity of healers and light workers from around the globe.
    I was in an Inipi Sweatlodge on sunday praying that this day Tuesday oct 17,206 i would be guided and reminded to share the power of intention.
    It is my intention to keep my heart filled with love and positive vibrations and to send them out to all beings that we may remember our true selves. The loving caring compassionate beings that walk lightly on the earth and honor all things.
    Aho Mitakuye oyasin
    Blessed be
    God Bless
    Sat Nam

  117. Cheree' Rainbow said:

    Blessings of love and light! May all awaken to one mind and finally we can self actualize and live in harmony with all living beings!!What a great chance to focus all of our minds together and invision a world in peace and harmony!!!Life is a magical thing! A gift! I am so happy to have recieved this email and have tried my best to pass it on. We need a miracle everyday!!Love and light-Namaste, Cheree’ Rainbow

  118. Cosmic trigger day!!!!!

    Be POSITIVE today, dream big, love lots!!!!

    I affirm that my love is etern…

  119. The positive thoughts outweigh the negative thoughts, MUCH more powerful especially when consciously directed as we are doing today.

    Re Science: Don’t give “science” too much importance. “Science” said the world was flat, remember? OOOPS!

  120. keep taking the lsd dudes…. keep the up with the rainbow love man. Its all buulshit I know coz Ive been to the other dimention and nobodys in

  121. Tanja Johansson said:

    Dear Fantastic and Beloved Friends Around The World!

    I’m also a truthful seeker of the Truth and God. I’m a spiritual teacher and healer, among many other things in this lifetime.

    What more can I say, you have al said so many beautiful things that really touched my heart. I believe in the beautiful inside and intelligence of the human beings and that we al have the power to change this world together. We have to start to network and be strong together, to learn from each other, help each other and grow on al levels. There are soooo many god people in this world today, just waiting for a good chance to change their life and others for the better. But we don’t here about them/us. It’s time we grow strong together!!!

    I want to cheer with you al, tree things that have changed my life in a very positive direction. Where I find so much of Inspiration, Knowledge, Friendships and Prosperity for my life, and also for many other persons I work with and helps.

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    We have to educate our “financial IQ” (Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki). It’s time to get out of the ratrace.

    And also look at for more fantastic spiritual and earth information.

    You will LOVE it al. I believe it goes very well together with al that we have been talking about on this site.

    Welcome to a beautiful future! Welcome to a new life! And God Bless You Al!!!
    Tanja Johansson

  122. I love you all. My heart is filled with joy. I think of world peace, I ask for love to all.
    I am in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Will be giving Ram Dass a Watsu and Waterdance session at 3:00 to 4:00 today the 17th October 2006. I have been here for 5 days working with him and taking Aquacranial with the dolphins at the beach. The dolphins are very in tuned with the beam of ligth that is passing thru us. They are here to love us and help us heal.
    Open up your hearts and love, and feel love and be love. There is no fear that can exist if you fill your heart with trust and love. Surrender to love, to the great power of love divine.
    Muito amor, great love, peace, gratitude, abundance, health and beauty.

  123. butt-crack-whore said:

    ” 100. BARNABY JOHNSON – Monday, 16 October 2006

    you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one.
    i hope this day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

    … you could at least write down who sang that piece of lyric…

    Imagine… from “A perfect circle” ?

    ” 114. Liam – Tuesday, 17 October 2006

    Where is Galaxy 2?

    I think the so called UV beam message was claimed to be coming from Universe 2. I’ve thought about it, and come to the conclusion it is where Jimi Hendrix and his band (Janis Joplin, Keith Moon and all) are touring.:-)”

    lol, that’s a good one.

    ” 127. nutter – Tuesday, 17 October 2006

    keep taking the lsd dudes…. keep the up with the rainbow love man. Its all buulshit I know coz Ive been to the other dimention and nobodys in”

    lol 🙂

  124. You listed hours of the day the UV beams would be strongest in your Mission 1017! article but not a time zone. I’m in CA and am 3 hrs off EST. Where are you?

  125. Love everyone!! said:

    To all the people who do not have dreams or beliefs… try believing in something other than yourselves, you might find something very rewarding at the end of the tunnel. Karma works its way into your life whether you believe it or not. If you give of yourself and what you have, and you will be rewarded. What have you got to lose?? A few minutes of your time, plus the feeling of genuine warmth will never steer you wrong.

  126. I am dedicating today to meditation, reflection, and grounding… of necessity, as there is such a strong sense I am feeling from the collective consciousness now on this planet of sadness and fear. These feelings are so clear to me, and not “mine,” although it’s clear that we are all as one, so what I feel affects us all. I am meditating to remain clear, balanced, energetically clean and grounded today. Thank you for posting this information, and helping raise the topic of collective consciousness and unified cosmic intent.

    I also hold the question in mind today, “How good can it get?”

  127. Tru-lon Exegesis05 said:

    Star Greetings to all Points of Light on Earth, all Great Beings with Peeners and Nanners Alike:

    I, Tru-lon Exegesis-5, bring you tidings from the Unknown so that it blossoms like a star-flower into the uber-plane of Mass Knowings.

    There is an infinite spectrum of Light in the Universe, and we’re about to get smacked up by one big bolt of it!

    It will be like the most beautiful thing ever, but beautifuller because we are here to love one another in Love of Light and Love to Love the Great Light Wallop of 2006.

    I, Tru-lon, do not wish to thwartle your mentacity with overly scientific nomenclature, but the Radiation Smackdown has something to do with UV, or Ultraviolet light, which you can easily tell is Mysterious and Important because it has the prefix “Ultra” in it. In fact, our Great Mountain Poet John Denver passed away in an “Ultra”-light experimental aircraft, and immediately transformed into a cluster of Alpha Wave Crystals which shine and give life to many distant planets in future galaxies.

    The Mega Super Space Light Pummel Fest of 2006 takes place today, today, today!

    All you really have to do today is get in touch with your Third Eye and make it Squint really hard, like you’re trying to see into the Ecto-Meta-Infinity without prescription Third Eye lenses. That’s the easiest way to enjoy this quantum photon bash, or at least it’s how most normal people will be doing it.

    Are you still feeling like a cosmic dumbass, with no idea what I’m talking about? It’s simple: if you take a flashlight and shine it onto some real object, like, for example, your best friend’s aura, then you can see it better. But imagine if the flashlight was a macro-phase karmic explicator from the guardian angel of a living quasar!! And your best friend’s aura was the hyper-dimensional Proto-Demon of the Omni-Philiac Over-Soul! Well, that’s EXACTLY what is happening today!

    If you’re really feeling adventurous, then activate your chakras and sit Indian style and say your mantras and shake your beads and put on your turquoise jewelry and light your incense and sing Hari-Krishna and hum some monk chants and blow your bubbles and watch the whole world join in with us, because everyone from all walks of life will be so mega-whelmed by the infectious UV sensation of the Universe that they’ll climb right out of their business suits, walk away from their wheelchairs, power off their nuclear reactors, and even our beautiful tarder children will swell with more proper brain faculty enlightenment!

    Peace to All, and thank you for spirit-shopping in the Love Mall of the Universe!

    Yours in the multi-spiritual Galactic Christ,

    Tru-lon Exegesis-5

  128. Wow, thanks for the laugh! That was funny. Lord knows we need some humor in this world. It’s hard to see sometimes, but when we can, it’s like a window into the divine. I’d like to be able to go back to other stages in my life when I was convinced that manifestation was all an illusion and not really hurting anyone, but living in this plane of existance is painful and there is no justifying it. I know that we could create heaven on earth, and we could do it right now, and the fact that we don’t choose to really makes me sick. I hope if anything comes out of this energy exchange it is that people become more choosy. Choice is everything. Thinking is only the beginning, it’s what you do with your thoughts that counts.

  129. A few years back I had a Near Death Experience and the part I remember the most was an Angelic being told me this, “Fist, you have to know what you want, then you have to believe that it can happen, and then when you think, have faith and put your emotions into something, it will happen.” My whole life changed that day. And I agree with the Angel. Regardless if there is a photon belt, which I read about in a Barbara Marciniak book years ago, or not, our thoughts with emotions attached to them creates what we are living now, so I for one will meditate for world peace and love to our world today, When it happens, will all of you skeptics out there laught loudest?

  130. “All we ask is positive thoughts of love, prosperity, healing, wealth, kindness, gratitude be focused on.”

    Can such positive thoughts help create better communities for all?

  131. The power of intention is GREAT!! It is my intention for earth to be a whole and healthy place to live. It is my intention for humankind to accept one another’s differences as strengths, not obstacles, towards understanding one another. It is my intention to be all that I can be during this sojourn on earth.
    Thank you ALL for your sincere intentions. I’ve felt the love all day. Let’s continue with intentional focus tomorrow and on…

    Om Mane Padme Hum.

  132. Dualistic thinking is a sickness.
    Religion is a distortion.
    Materialism is cruel.
    Blind spirituality is unreal.

    Chanting is no more holy than listening to the murmur of a stream, counting prayer beads no more sacred than simply breathing, religious robes no more spiritual than work clothes.

    If you wish to attain oneness with the Tao, don’t get caught up in spiritual superficialities.
    Instead, live a quiet and simple life, free of ideas and concepts.
    Find contentment in the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the only true power.
    Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.

    This is what is meant by embodying the Tao.

    Hua Hu Ching
    Lao Tzu

    The peace you seek must be found in you. Look nowhere but inward.





  134. I received the e-mail about the 1017 mission on October 17, afternoon, but just on time to work on my good wishes. When I received it, I got the Spanish version, my mother tongue. As many of you did, I tried immediately to look for more info about it. I found this page, and when I looked at the picture at the beginning of it, I was shocked. The reason: I started my day early at work, at 4 am, and during the morning hours at work I kept thinking of a strange dream I had had: I dreamed of an alien, a being from another planet – or dimension? – The curious thing is that this entity had a strange multicolor skin, EXACTLY the same pattern of colors of the spectrum that is on the photo of this web page that I saw later!

  135. What a load of crap!

  136. fire on the mountain said:

    Some are clairvoyant in subconscious, some while they’re awake..

    Daniel you have a gift I believe that you will use it wisely keep the faith that magic is as much a part of you as your DNA.. I believe you 100%

    Maybe someday you can pass it along to your children. What Tao in Boulder writes is the greatest truth of all, reflect inward to reflect outward.
    Blessed be,
    in VT

  137. cheree rainbow the spectrum twists and turns forward, backward, its essence sings waves of mystcial promises that peace is now and we are all connected. As long as the ocean is pure we will continue to be carriers of light as long as we have brains in our heads the world will not crumble on our watch. Angels have spoken again words of intention – what you believe will happen will.

    loving you like a sun shiny day

  138. I got this message late at evening 6:30..But still it is O.K.
    The point here is we need to consciously, consistently be in touch with our inner self and be positive, as everyday is a new opportunity given to us to change ourselves, by which we can effect others around us. We never know what happens next moment. So, the key is to be positive always.

  139. Unfortunately I received this too late but I am reminded of the power of the higher vibrations of love, peace and compassion. I will re-commit to shifting my focus. It is so easy to get dragged down by other energies. Thanx.


  140. THANKS fire in the mountain – in VT- for your blessings. I do want to help, not sure to whom or how, but I have a sincere disposicion to deliver good will. Also what you say makes sense: maybe my -our- DNA is awakening with this radiation in those segments named ‘junk DNA’. Perhaps now we will know that this ‘junk’ might be rather our most precious legacy in the espiritual/emotional/intelectual realms.
    Thanks again, Fire in the mountain.

  141. fire on the mountain said:

    Do your best.
    You’re never ever, ever alone.
    Look into your dreams, to-ward your heart..
    Speak truth.
    Be brave,
    dream warrior.

  142. I had a very interesting experience at that time on that day. Personally I’m experiencing a major life shift/transformation in the past two months accompanied with intense uncertainty about fundamental security (being alive or not). I have been praying intensely doing my best to tip the cosmic scales in my favor and still not clear if I was going to get what I needed.

    A friend called to remind me an hour before the five’ish target. I meditated and visualized for many subjects, but of course requesting that I get the shift I hoped for. What occured afterwards and over the next 24 hours was a complete and total sense of certainty that things have worked out exactly the way I want. Prior to this, so many factors have been uncertain that mine and other’s intuition were consistently clouded, and hence I was always fluctuating between panic and calmness for many months now. I guess some people would say that “time will tell” or that material evidence will be required, but I don’t need it for some reason. I know to the core of my being that my prayers were answered.

  143. God is all that was, all that is and all that ever will be. Therefore, who are you?

    Everything is unfolding as it should, therefore why worry?


    Fear not! you have no other place to go to but back where you came from.

    Your most precious gift is now, that is why it is called the present,
    enjoy it, no one will ever punish you for unwrapping it and playing with it as you wish.

    The word Omnipotent means there is nothing that can ever beat it or destroy it, so why worry about a war in heaven. God is going to win! dah!

    Do not worry about the rest of us, decide for yourself wheather you wish to be a light amid the darkness and walk that path, that is the best way to teach, if you look for companionship in that path it means you are doubting yourself.
    If you wish to be the darkness then we love you too for without you those who choose to be the light would not exist.

    Live and let live, respect one another, judge not the actors but the actions as a reflexion of what you are or wish to be; the actor is only exercising his right to play with his present as it wishes and so do you.


  144. Being led astray by a charlatan is nothing to be pleased with. It seems that if I do not believe the truth about this UV beam and the 10/17 date, then I am of low vibration, a non-believer. If I am being asked whether I believe in peace and love, well the answer is YES, it goes beyond belief even. But it has been rather humorous to seeing people who are obviously so easily manipulated and led by a nonsensical channelled message by supposed aliens try and make people like me feel bad for not going along with it. This has been a typical “emporer’s clothes” exercise. Someone mentioned the phrase “seek truth”…..good comment.:-)

  145. Hi Camellia,

    It is never too late. Just because you missed the strong ray doesn’t mean that the opportunity is over until the next time. Quite the contrary!
    The weaker ray is active all of the time. So make ue of it all the time.


    Andyzon1 🙂

  146. I find it very amusing that there were a couple of posts here just the other day that have “mysteriously” disappeared. Guess Seth ol’ boy doesn’t want any of his “people” to be influenced with theories or comments other than the B.S he is spreading around here on his site.
    Guess he got a little nervous about having to explain himself and deleted the posts…….ah well! No biggie – I just love a challenge!

    So the date of Oct. 17 came & went, just like the date in May of the predicted killer Tsunami and every other crazy made up date!

    Word to the wise – you don’t need this shit to be a good, positive, loving person. (I would advise you all to read post # 32…)

  147. Will have to read this. May answer a few questions about 10/17
    and what is special about it:

  148. The next few months will prove what has been accomplished,stop guessing and be patient the light is about to brighten!!!

  149. Both polarities are coming to a head actually. You will find things darkening somewhat more before the Light finally exposes.

  150. EUGENIE from Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK said:

    Well I had a gut feeling that this was for real and I send the news out to loads of people and organised a meditation in my house that evening. The peace and sense of sacred presence in the room was very powerful indeed. I agree fully with you guys who say “even if it’s not true – it can do no harm”. Indeed I felt so good spending one day totally focussed on feeling and thinking positive loving thoughts, I’m endeavouring to do this every day. See the film “The Secret” about the Law of Attraction and you’ll understand how crucial it is to focus ONLY on what we want in our lives and not allow our thoughts and feelings slide down into negativity – WE’RE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY WHAT WE THINK AND FEEL. Who know’s all of us who earnestly took part in this could be contributing to a 100th monkey syndrome for World Peace !!

  151. HeartFlash
    Cmdr. “UR”
    TX II Starship
    Acceleration Report on 818 Gateways

    CMDR. “UR” Speaks,
    The Quantum jump needed on the 818 gateway was accomplished as at least 2 million L/workers decided to time jump the current EMF and amp and multiply this Now/Future of Love and LIGHT being the dominant force field. Congratulations, all frontline first wavers here in service to the Light! Jobs well done! You will now begin to have the consistence of continuing to expand the Advanced Solar Ring. Quantum time lines were transcended, and Quantum Leaps of time jumped by you. You are now very fluid in consciousness. You will see much more support and expansion of your missions organically coming together effortlessly. You are now anchored well upon the tides and shores of Mother Earth. You have ridden the first eddy of timeline’s future to be here NOW!!!
    The first collective cross roads were met dead center by each of you. In other words, you collectively hit the correct target. The 818 Gateway has availed us much progress in the anchoring of the new Light Codes and Patterns within the crystal grid systems you have been working with and rebuilding, as these new structures are creating a releasing and expanding energy likened to your number 8. With each Inhale, with each Exhale, Balance and Harmony are being established for the Whole of Mother Earth.
    This a new HUM being broadcast thru the EMF .
    The LIGHT is and the LIGHT will always BE more Powerful than darkness, always.
    The LIGHT will always Be.
    World without End.
    World of Peace.
    World of Harmony.
    The end of duality and the beginning of Oneness established all over Gaia is under way and traveling in a mighty way. There is no stopping the Forces of Light In-coming Now into Gaia. Gaia will not shatter like glass. That is why you are here. Now is the Time to Shine. Everywhere there are L/workers who are very busy about the creations of Light and Love, by following your Divine Spirits’ Missions as they are coded within the cellular stellar 12 strands of your DNA. Just allow them to come forth and express.
    Your collective service to the Light is being established for ONE and for ALL. There is nothing else to serve but the Truth. Love is the only real POWER. This is for each of you, the Excalibur Sword which goes before you and prepares your safe journey ahead where ever you go. There is nothing else for you to serve but the truth which you each carry and remember. The Truth which each of you carry as “Excalibur” Blazes as Mighty Swords of Love and Light uniting ever stronger in every moment. Where ever you go you are now empowered and you empower others by your free-_expression shining brightly. You are holding the space of Peace. You are the many strongholds of Peace upon Gaia at this moment. We of the Galactic origins are joined with you, also holding the space, the pattern of PEACE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS with you.
    This powerful stabilization of the EMF rings loud as ONE Voice for PEACE and LOVE to be served. The many voids of darkness are being filled with strong Light!
    Serving no fear, you are bringing Freedom’s Return to Gaia. We are all called here in service to Gaia. We are all here United with each of you in this “Divine Intervention Time. The Source Creator’s Universal Call went out and you have listened to your Hearts and not your heads. The Light has landed upon this Earth Ship. You are it. Remember it is not about getting safe and off this planet. You came to bring your powerful Light here to Shine Brightly as the Divine Creation you each are. Because of your collective answering of this 818 gateway Gaia will not shatter like glass. Nor do we wish for human psyches to shatter either. Divine Intervention at its best. You have your gifts to bring forth for all healing to take place and restoration to begin. Keep up your continued L/work.
    You are seeing your fruits multiplied before your eyes and you will continue to experience the multiplication in increments of liquid light from above as so below.
    I Am Cmdr. “UR”
    TX II Starship
    Tele-communicated: Kara Kincannon

  152. Free Live Teleconference for Integrative Connection
    Post 10/17 Cosmic Trigger Integration and Stabilization
    Accelerating Creation in Tremendous Power with QuanYin
    QuanYin channeled in full embodiment thru Rev. Laura Lee Lizak

    Friday October 20, 2006
    Teleconference number (646) 519-5800 pin 7826# (Quan#)
    2 hours–6 to 8pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern, 3pm Hawaii.
    Please pass this information on to all who may find interest. We have 1000 phone lines available.
    By teleconference only

    Congratulations Lightworkers!

    The 10/17 Cosmic Trigger Event was tremendously successful. Deep love and gratitude to the million “way showers” who participated. We are standing in a new world together! We have totally created new possibilities for ourselves. We are the vessels of this vision, this energy, this love. To integrate and stabilize this, QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation will physically ignite this Convergence of Lighted Workers as conduits, and ground these Cosmic energies into our bodies, into this sharing, into this reality. Together we will ignite the physical bodies of all beings in this reality who are in need of it. We will accelerate tremendous energies together, igniting Celebration into all bodies.

    QuanYin States:

    “The Cosmic Trigger was experienced as Creation in many dimensions. We have connected into numerous powerful energy structures. We have given ourselves tremendous opportunities to accelerate creation. There are a lot of people who need this energy. There are going to be tremendous energies accelerating continuously now. We are going to make sure that enough people are creating what they want to create whatever we want for this reality. We need to ground it in our bodies, and to give it to others in their physical bodies. This allows us to create more power together, more acceleration, more excitement. We need to share this connection. We are going to enjoy ourselves tremendously together. Thank you for coming. ”

    There is no formal charge or registration for this event. For more information about our work, see below.

    If you are unable to join us by phone, please join in meditation, informing QuanYin that you would like to participate.
    (808) 328-9303 Creation@…

    Annual Divinity Intensive with QuanYin begins Oct 23
    24 Twice-weekly Ignitions Facilitated by Beloved QuanYin
    For those who choose to enjoy unwavering full Embodiment of Heaven on Earthk

  153. Mark: My perception: Earth is swamped right now with the discordant energies. They are feeling really out of whack with all the higher vibrations now grounding into the planet. Lightservers are called to focus on constantly on grounding their energies. The bridge that connects all dimensions as one is growing stronger and is bridging many souls to a new conscious experience.

    Ashtar: Many are choosing to align with the higher realities through death experiences, this will be physical death for some but so many are now choosing and following the bridge that aligns with the New Earth. The New Earth is really a composite that is a focal point for the higher alignment of humanity. It is a stepping stone to new adventures and experiences. So much of humanity are feeling crippled with their stresses and are now desiring release. We in the Command and of course Athena and her legions are paving the way for the growth of consciousness. The light is growing stronger and all souls are now feeling more aligned with the growing inner experience. The light is now merging with the higher vibrations. Home is being clearly felt by the masses. The light is swamping the discordant it is growing awareness of the bridge that really connects all as one. There is victory in sight from self created energies.

    Many of you are feeling the call to align with and ground new experiences. My advise is simply be allowing and open your hearts for you are paving the road for the way ahead. We are all experiencing the pressure of the merging light now and we acknowledge your challenges. You knew what you were getting into and we are so honoured that you are indeed honouring your chosen contracts. Let go and move on and embrace the new experiences now freely coming your way. There is great freedom in embracing each new moment. We your friends are with you constantly holding a vigil in your hearts. You have no doubt heard the phrase ?abide with me.? This is sort of our pet invitation for the truth of our presence in your hearts and in your affairs. You are accepting your higher light, you dna is being encoded with the truth of the heavens. You are fully awakening now to the might that is always there within you. We are so proud to share this journey. You are paving the way for so many and lightening their burdens. If you could see yourself as we see you, you would cry in all truth. You are proving to be capable of unfolding miracles in each now moment that you embrace the ever growing truth that you are masters of the universe. As the group so fondly say; ?Play well.? Know that we are forever among you and we are feeling closer to you as the veil continues to dissolve.

    Ashtar: Mark has asked me to address the changes that are being undergone at present. I honour this. Never before has this level of light influx being encountered by those present in a physical body. We freely acknowledge what you are all experiencing. The planet Earth is groaning under the release of her created stresses. The bridge being created by Light Servers is taking much of the pressure off the realigning with the home vibration that is in fact the truth inside at your core. You are all feeling your inner core coming to the surface. This is causing the direct surfacing of all your inner created pressures. It?s a very positive movement yet we are aware of the residual energies been thrown off in the process. Many are experiencing pressure in their crown chakras as their soul star expands and aligns with the heavens. The bowels in the physical system are taking on the workload of processing the toxins being ingested through self created habits. The heart is experiencing an unlimited transmutation process. It is aligning with its truth and it?s core. Your capacity for experiencing your truth is stronger now than ever before. You are coming home now in every new moment. The Earth is realigning with her higher physical bodies and all beings in a physical vessel are whether they know it or not functioning as a grounding force for this great upward shift in consciousness and awareness.

    Just as you are all now throwing off your stresses, so is Earth as well shaking loose of the miscreated thought-forms that she has housed for millennia. This manifests in her being as a sick feeling in her core as she releases the many thought-forms back through the cord of cleansing and transmutation that aligns Earth?s physical form with the highest vibrations of creation. Make the most of your healing modalities for they will greatly serve to ease the process. Our presence among you is magnifying. All soul stars are becoming one. The matrix of the earth is currently being changed from the inside out. It can be likened to the film the Matrix where Neo has the ability to make the changes. There are system busters in all major cities and places around the Earth that are realigning the matrix to fit in with their appropriate vision. As I said the New Earth is a composite of all your highest contracts. Soul learning is still the order of the day however you are now having the experience you have always most desired to experience. It can take a while for the old order to crumble when it was built and conceived from a plan of perfection for duality. Hold tight dear hearts, progress is being made.

  154. fire on the mountain said:

    My my my what a bizarre world it is we live in.

  155. Message from the Wingmaker

    The Wingmaker and the Creator

    The Selflessness of Creating

    The 818 Gate of Oct 17th & 18th brought a new time of everlasting change. A Spark of Light that lasted two of your Earth days released enough energies to reclaim and recalibrate a delicate imbalance of the haves and the have-nots of your peoples! The Human Evolution of the Earth is a guaranteed manifestation as long as its Human population shares in the experience. It all starts with selflessness and the sharing with others. All Creation is done selflessly so that the whole of the Collective Consciousness is in harmony or unison, otherwise there would be no reason to create except that of selfishness for which so few enjoy and we all know what that is like!

    Those of you who collectively gathered the Light on the Grids all around your World made the Earth a better place to live. Now the Collective Consciousness of the few will grow to the many to create rapidly a state of Euphoria of the Rapture of Humanity. Many of you and other humans alike have Fear in the Rapture because of your many Christian Religions speak of it as a death of your peoples by fire and brimstone and only a few devotees will go to heaven …if they are Christians. I am here to say “Not so!” As the Creator of all living things and non-living things of the Universe, Creating is done selflessly and to the benefit of all who receive. There is no reason not to share and there is no real good reason for Wars of any kinds. Your Earth has known too much of War and Slavery of it’s people to be in Fear Status Quo, that its Ruling Elite only see what’s in it for them. Yes the World is made up of 6.6 billion peoples of every kind imaginable and a small few Reap the Harvest of Wealth. This is about to change.

    Only those who work selflessly diligent will be able to make the changes; the Earth will shift to its Collective Consciousness in the process. All those who wish not to change will be left behind wondering and perhaps die waiting. You see everyone has choices, even those who fear change of the status quo. Many governments will turn over and be forgotten as the “People Enlightened” in their thought processes. This Gate brought on a harsh reality of the New is taking over and the Old is passé and will be pushed aside to make way for the “Compassion Thinking” of its new inhabitance of Enlightened Earth’s people of the many kinds. This week the energies caused a lot of instant sickness/illness for those whose bodies will be transforming in their DNA. Those who resist will struggle in what is to come. So I am here in “Joy” and your new revelation of who you all are to become in the next few years: The new Revolutionary Humans of your Species- Humanoid!

    So I am here now to work with the many of you as you grow in your Selflessness of who you are. You see when you get to me as you’re next Master Teacher, you have passed the Test of Selflessness and the willingness to make your World as you know it a better place to live. Your times are about to change to a new kind of Collective Consciousness for which many of you were not aware or perhaps were but not sure! Now you know!

    Welcome to the Universe!

    I Am the Creator, and I Am the Wingmaker Keg(J)

    TheOrderoftheMaster sofShamballa1024 @yahoogroups. com

  156. Tanja Johansson said:

    Hello again,
    I just want to say that I’m impressed. And I fully agree. I believe that a big Ego who makes a lot of money (=energy) only will become an even bigger Ego and doing nothing good for anybody else but themself, or worse maybe bad things to the earth. But good people, selflessness lightworker, can create soooo much beautiful and selflessness creations in this world to help many others and the earth, in their lifetime.

    I just want to correct my site address from last letter, the correct address is;

    If you are a good person who love to help, you have now the tool to create beautiful things for yourself and your families (money = energy) Because I want to remind you that we still are living in a material wold, everything costs money…. and money doesn’t have to be ugly….it’s only what you decide to create!!!

    I would be very happy and honored to be you sponsor in creating a beautiful world together!!!

    PEACE AND LOVE / Tanja

    128. Tanja Johansson – Tuesday, 17 October 2006
    Dear Fantastic and Beloved Friends Around The World!

    I’m also a truthful seeker of the Truth and God. I’m a spiritual teacher and healer, among many other things in this lifetime.

    What more can I say, you have al said so many beautiful things that really touched my heart. I believe in the beautiful inside and intelligence of the human beings and that we al have the power to change this world together. We have to start to network and be strong together, to learn from each other, help each other and grow on al levels. There are soooo many god people in this world today, just waiting for a good chance to change their life and others for the better. But we don’t here about them/us. It’s time we grow strong together!!!

    I want to cheer with you al, tree things that have changed my life in a very positive direction. Where I find so much of Inspiration, Knowledge, Friendships and Prosperity for my life, and also for many other persons I work with and helps.

    Someone were talking about the poverty on earth and that we have to find new solutions. I believe I have found the future of making money in a win, win situation for many people in this world. Look at this site and this lifetime opportunity; . I know this company is blessed. My team 8404435358 if you want to join us.

    We have to educate our “financial IQ” (Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki). It’s time to get out of the ratrace.

    And also look at for more fantastic spiritual and earth information.

    You will LOVE it al. I believe it goes very well together with al that we have been talking about on this site.

    Welcome to a beautiful future! Welcome to a new life! And God Bless You Al !!!
    Tanja Johansson

  157. is there a way for me to know when ther is another outburst of energy on earth like we had on tuesday 17 th oktober. Is there an internet link or can anyone send me an email?

  158. —– Original Message —–
    From: “Patricia Cota-Robles”
    To: “Göran Philipson”
    Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:34 PM
    Subject: What Should We Expect Now?

    > Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    > Last week the Earth was bathed with a colossal influx of 5th-Dimensional
    > Ultraviolet Light. This shaft of Light interpenetrated every electron of
    > precious Life energy for approximately 17 hours. This powerful influx of
    > Light accelerated one-millionfold the Etheric frequencies of the mental
    > and emotional strata of Earth. During that time, this acceleration had the
    > effect of amplifying Humanity’s thoughts and emotions one-millionfold as
    > well.
    > Lightworkers around the world took advantage of this rare opportunity and
    > empowered hopes and dreams for themselves and for all Life on this sweet
    > Earth. Now what should we anticipate from this gift of Light? How can we
    > expand the beneficial effects?
    > The Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth have been telling
    > us for a long time about the Cosmic Shafts of Light or Etheric Ultraviolet
    > Beams and how they will one day benefit the Earth. These Shafts of Light
    > vibrate with frequencies from the 5th Dimension and even far beyond the
    > 5th Dimension. UNTIL NOW, the Ultraviolet Shafts of Light have been above
    > the reach of the evolutions of Earth.
    > Over the past few years Humanity has aligned with our 5th-Dimensional
    > Solar Spines and our 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, and Mother Earth has
    > aligned with her 5th-Dimensional Solar Axis and Solar Meridians or Crystal
    > Grid System. This has allowed the Earth and ALL her Life to Ascend further
    > up the Spiral of Evolution. We can now withstand more Light than ever
    > before. Consequently, for the very first time, we were able to safely
    > experience the monumental influx of Light from the Etheric Ultraviolet
    > Beam.
    > What we experienced last week is just the beginning of these awesome
    > influxes of Light that will move this planet up the Spiral of Evolution by
    > quantum leaps and bounds.
    > This Cosmic event opened a multidimensional doorway into the Divine Heart
    > and Mind of our omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father-Mother God, All
    > That Is. A unique moment in time was created in which the focused
    > attention and positive expectations of millions of people around the world
    > had the ability to change the course of history.
    > News of this powerful opportunity spread like wildfire through the
    > Internet, which set the stage for a quantum shift in the consciousness of
    > Humanity. People throughout the world became aware of this astronomical
    > and global phenomenon, and millions participated with great enthusiasm and
    > expectation.
    > Now people are asking: What happened? How will this influx of Light affect
    > us now? What should we anticipate? How will this personally affect my
    > family and me? Will this event change who I am or how I live? Will it
    > result in peace and abundance in the world? Will there be cataclysmic
    > Earth changes? Will it change the way people think and feel about each
    > other? What will this event actually mean in the overall scheme of things
    > on Planet Earth?
    > As usual, there is a plethora of speculation. People have predicted
    > everything ranging from the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth to
    > the catastrophic end of the world. The Truth is, this was a new experience
    > for Planet Earth, and not even our Father-Mother God or the Company of
    > Heaven know exactly how Humanity will utilize this influx of Light to
    > physically change the Earth. The end result will be determined by Humanity
    > and how we choose to use our free will and our creative faculties of
    > thought and feeling to utilize this Light and to integrate the patterns of
    > perfection from the Heart and Mind of God. In other words, the
    > effectiveness of this Light is up to you and me and people everywhere.
    > One thing is assured, however. This influx of Light has the potential of
    > transforming the way Humanity thinks and feels. This Ultraviolet Light
    > accelerated Humanity’s awakening process and brought us into closer
    > alignment with our God Selves, our I AM Presence. It created a new, easier
    > pathway for Earth’s Ascension into the 5th Dimension.
    > The important thing for Humanity to remember now is that we are ALL Sons
    > and Daughters of God, and it is our Divine Birthright, our responsibility
    > and our obligation to cocreate this physical reality. WE are the ones who
    > will determine the results of this incredible blessing of Light.
    > The Ultraviolet Light bathed every person on the planet, but it takes time
    > for the effects of the Light to filter into the outer world. This will
    > occur in Divine Timing for each person, and no two people are the same.
    > That is why these events never result in instantaneous global
    > transformation. Instead, they unfold gradually according to each person’s
    > Divine Plan, each person’s conscious participation in the process and each
    > person’s willingness to be the Open Door through which the Light of God
    > will flow to cocreate the new patterns of perfection on Earth.
    > We must not let unrealistic expectations determine what we perceive to be
    > the success or failure of this Cosmic event. One thing we have experienced
    > in this lifetime that compares to this event is Harmonic Convergence,
    > which took place August 15-17, 1987. During that event, people all over
    > the world were expecting all sorts of miraculous changes too. When people
    > woke up on August 18, 1987, and things seemed the same, many people were
    > disappointed and classified the event as a New Age hoax. In reality,
    > nothing could be further from the Truth.
    > Harmonic Convergence resulted in the greatest influx of Light the Earth
    > had ever experienced up to that point. It paved the way for Earth’s
    > Ascension off the Wheel of Karma and back onto the Spiral of Evolution. It
    > began the initial reactivation of the Earth’s Crystal Grid System and
    > created the environment for our Ascension into the 4th Dimension and the
    > activation of Humanity’s Twelvefold 4th-Dimensional Solar Spines. The
    > Light that poured into the planet during Harmonic Convergence awakened a
    > full range of capacities within Humanity and moved us a quantum leap
    > toward our global awakening.
    > If you have any doubts about that, just observe your own personal growth,
    > and see how you have matured spiritually since 1987. Pay attention to how
    > your heart, your thoughts and your life have changed since that time. How
    > many awakened people do you know now compared to the number you knew back
    > then? How has your own direction changed? How have you moved closer to the
    > fulfillment of your Divine Plan, your purpose and reason for being?
    > The powerful waves of 5th Dimensional Ultraviolet Light that we will
    > experience over the next few years will be even more life changing and
    > more globally transforming than Harmonic Convergence. Because of the
    > acceleration of time, and because there are millions more people awake now
    > than there were in 1987, these influxes of Light will manifest much more
    > quickly in the physical plane than the changes that took place after
    > Harmonic Convergence.
    > With that KNOWING, ask your I AM Presence and the entire Company of Heaven
    > to guide you carefully, step by step through this process, so you will be
    > the most effective Instrument of God you are capable of being during this
    > unique time. Together we will change the world.
    > During the next several months, while you are integrating the Light that
    > has just bathed the planet, allow your thoughts and feelings to be filled
    > with an alertness, enthusiasm and a Divine Intelligence that is forever
    > open and pliable. Do not allow your thinking to become fossilized,
    > stagnant or obsolete. Know that your heart and mind are continual miracles
    > of advancement and spiritual development.
    > The effects of this Light will lead Humanity to deep and previously
    > unknown possibilities within the human mind and will eventually open each
    > of us to complete spiritual development.
    > Stay focused on the present, and glorify your every breath, thought, word,
    > action and feeling. Live your visions, and empower them with Love,
    > Gratitude and a deep Reverence for Life. Live each moment as you desire
    > the future to be, and KNOW that the future will fulfill your desires.
    > With courage and faith we are going to meet this great destiny, and our
    > Divine Purpose will become our every thought, word and deed. We are
    > embarking on a New Day, which will result in our full mental and spiritual
    > attainment.
    > Through our visions and spiritual desires in the present, we will cocreate
    > the future and release the shadows of the past. Our desires and visions of
    > Heaven on Earth will bring astounding results through our newly activated
    > hearts and minds.
    > During this momentous time, we must daily and hourly fill our minds so
    > full of visions and desires for Heaven on Earth and so full of Prayers,
    > Hope and Love for Humanity that there is no room for anything else.
    > Our super conscious minds and our conscious minds are becoming One,
    > opening us to full awareness and giving us the potential of mastery in any
    > field of achievement.
    > The effects of this blessing of Ultraviolet Light are now filtering into
    > the physical plane of Earth. As we integrate this Light, we will attain
    > new levels of Divine Consciousness. We will experience a majestic calmness
    > and control over our lives. We will revel in a joy and glory beyond
    > anything we ever imagined. We will have confidence that the glory of our
    > Divine Plans will continue forever and ever, and our discordant thoughts
    > of the past will be no more. Our Divine Consciousness will create our
    > destiny.
    > Divine Consciousness opens us to God and brings us in tune with the
    > Universe. Through Divine Consciousness, we can reach into Eternity and
    > gather from the Universe the unformed primal Light substance that will
    > fulfill our desires and visions.
    > The more we use this Light to empower our visions, thoughts and feelings
    > with Divine Consciousness and our heart desires, the faster they will
    > manifest in our lives. Remember, intense desire carries within it the
    > power of fulfillment. Everything that has blocked us in the past from
    > attaining our goals, every impossible, insurmountable barrier will crumble
    > before this Ultraviolet Light and our intense heart desires.
    > Nothing is impossible within the Light. It is the key to progress and
    > eternal power.
    > Through the victory of this Ultraviolet Light from the Core of Creation,
    > we will be able to tap into our full Divine Power and Potential. Our
    > hearts and minds will be aflame with inspiration and Love, and we will
    > know that the power to overcome all adversity pulsates within us.
    > Stay focused and be here NOW! Remember . . .YOU ARE THE OPEN DOOR
    > Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    > New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, Inc.
    > a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
    > E-mail:; FAX: 520-546-6143; Phone: 520-885-7909
    > PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717
    > This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it
    > through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.
    > ©2006 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    > The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the
    > Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of
    > this information is to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire all of us by
    > allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but extremely
    > challenging times.

  159. sorry i missd it…
    bt the +ive candle is within me without the ampification…
    nd i believe this….!

  160. thank you !!!

  161. […] the original post here:  Mission 1017! « Dimensional Bliss Share and […]

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    Sweet site dude, check out mine when you get a min……

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    this is mine…

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