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Omega Comm. No. 350



Date: September 07, 2006

Time: Thursday Afternoon (1pm)

Begin as usual by visualising a disc of light beneath your feet, a circular energy disc. More and more this becomes important to clear your energy field and to assist you to be in your own space, separate from everything that is happening around you and in the world. The energy warms the soles of your feet and then rises up through the soles of your feet into all of you and around you so that you sense you are enclosed in a column of energy.

“We greet you at this time. Orem speaking to you and we take you the next step through your energy, through your energy disc and into our assembly space. You may visualise this space and look around you for something significant to tell you where you are. It is here that you can come to many times and we will draw you into this space when it is time for you to be within the energy of The Command and members of The Brotherhood to be adjusted in any way to the higher impulses of energy coming through to you.

This is a place of peace. This is a place for you to absorb the messages within the vibrations surrounding your planetary station.

This is a place where you are brought in again to restore the higher order to you.

We have worked with this restoration of higher order in many sessions, just as you each do individually in many different ways in your lifetime and in your daily practices. Here be aware of the many different life experiences held in this single moment where you are at now. You may sense there are some of these that need to be cleared or enlivened or uplifted – many aspects of you perhaps you would relate to in your present existence which would need strengthening and uplifting in many ways that you would sense appropriate and would understand, and these ways may come to you in the moment as to how you perceive yourself. We would assist you to be in a single clear space – a clear being of light.

You will see and understand as you proceed further in the unfolding pattern of the universe how the clear state of being brings about the change within the Earth station, and there are many of us around you at this stage preparing many other channels and preparing the group entities that you belong to, to allow the greater impulse into the Earth. The Earth is being prepared in great detail for the alternate state of beingness that it is being brought toward. This is a state of advanced civilisation you might say – a state of a higher dimensional frequency wherein you will experience many changes to the betterment, to the raised state of consciousness and therefore the way of life. And there are many beings upon the Earth station in position and waiting for this higher state of consciousness to manifest. This is why we say to you many times to keep expanding your state of awareness and consciousness, holding the sense of pureness and advancement in all ways.

At this point Ulea comes forward to you.”

“I am here to work with you in a further stage and what I represent to you may be the ultimate feminine state of existence and although I do come as a feminine being, I embrace the existence of life that is neither female nor male to your descriptions and understanding, but a combination of an infinite being of light, merely being the messenger and carrier of the Divine Imprint.

It has been understood in the human culture that the Christ energy is held and brought to you by a male figure, whereas in fact the Christ energy comes through any particular individuals suited to be amongst the people and to bring in that Ray of expression of the Divine Universe. Even as I give you these words you will feel the adjustment take place around you and within you as the Christ energy is magnified around you and through you and the lovingness and the pureness that this expands in expression within you. Indeed the energy around us all in this space is that of the Ray of Christ, with all its creations.

The significance of this for you in this space where you are receiving this transmission is to engage the element of that ray of light energy into the deepest layers of your existence, for it must penetrate through all that is the earthly physical self, reconnecting into your core state of beingness and then emerging again, in a new creative way of the human aspect in the physical construction, and it is indeed important to transform this structure so that more of the light frequencies will be evident. This allows you to maintain your presence within the space where you exist upon the Earth station as it is which is affected by many aspects of radiation that adversely affect the human structure as it is now.

And firstly this light energy frequency that you are immersed in affects your light body, and it is in particular your light body that is the most present aspect with us at this time, even though you continue to feel the changes of light deeply within your physical aspect and the many layers that exist carrying the frequencies through all the dimensions of you.

We now lift you into that space, the open portal within the dimensions, linking with the Elders.”

“And so here we welcome you and embrace you, Beloved. Take into you the highest frequency that you perceive in this linking, firstly clearing from you all elements of doubt and concerns around you of the physical state of being.

In this point where you are in consciousness, you are an aspect of the universal creative existence and this we wish you to acknowledge and to sense that contained also in this state is the perfection that is within everything you may perceive as imperfection and where you focus your attention is what will be manifested around you. So, we are assisting you in this transmission by showing you the perfection that you are, and in that perfection in this that you understand yourself to be, is that state of transformation of the Earth condition into the liquid crystalline state as it transforms into the higher resonance for the Earth.

You will be assisting this transformation in the immersion within this energy. Holding in your awareness the Earth as you would see it now, you would be aware of the many beings of light receiving this impulse of energy through your connection, for you are indeed linked within the vibrational grid that holds the Earth planet in its network and energy. Together you are uplifting the state of consciousness of Earth and therefore the physical aspects.

We return you now to the meeting station, the communication area with the Messengers, for at this time to hold you in that state of immersion where we were would displace you too much from the aspects on the Earth where you must bring the energy into, so we enclose you in this meeting chamber and we will continue in further transmissions with this energy transformation. Thank you.”

“Orem here again, bringing you into this communication area where you may see around you many others of the light beings, recognising that you will be meeting some of these beings in your daily existence. It is upon you to hold this clarity that you have been immersed in, in all your daily activities.

The energy that we represent to you exists very strongly around the Earth plane and around you and you can switch your thoughts at any moment from what you are doing or see outwardly, into the connections to acknowledge the beings of light working with you and all that you achieve together.

You would feel the strengthening in the vibrational grid that you exist within around the planet and already you will be perceiving the change in the alignment of the Earth, for this occurs in the energy frequency before the physical movement takes place.

Also at this point we adjust your alignment once more and again you will feel the greater flowing of clear energy through you from your ultimate light form into your present physical condition.

Now, Dear One, we being you back to your communication area within this chamber, to consciously reconnect with the energy disc which assists the transportation back to where your physical form is placed and we come with you into your space, bringing you back to Earth, to feel your feet upon the disc and perhaps still sensing and perceiving your companions in light at this place.

All that you would perceive in your images and wish to establish will be established from the point of creation that you connect with.

I must leave you now in this place, encompassing you with my love and with the Blessings of Creation within you, around you and through you. And So It Is.

Orem out.”

You will be becoming aware again of the noises around you and settling firmly back within your body form. You may sense that you have been brushed – that your energy, your aura has been brushed and extended into great depths as your expansion in consciousness went into different dimensions, and that energy and strength comes back into you.

Bring it back to the top of your head and down through your spinal column into the light connecting you into the Earth, which exists beneath your feet, and then come back up to your solar plexus and to your heart centre, and be physically present again, aware of your surroundings. Take in a deep breath of light and open your eyes when you are ready.

Thank you.



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