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The Golden Key!

Message From The Guardians:

The Golden Key

channeled through Laura

The Golden Key

Blessings one and all…

What a wonderful, beautiful world you live in Dear Ones. Sometimes

it is difficult for you to look from the inside and see it in its’

totality. We have the advantage of a broader perspective of outside

observation, even though we are not really outside your world at

all. This sounds difficult and confusing to understand, but we are

as much a part of your world as you are. We have the capability of

standing back and seeing it in its’ entirety. You have this ability

also but seldom use it. Why?


Dear ones the hardest thing that you try to achieve is “Trusting

yourself”. You can not gain trust in others, the universe, the

unseen world, or your own guidance until you truly learn to trust

yourself. This should be the easiest of all, as you know yourself

better than anyone else. We understand that it is not that simple in

your current vibrational existence, in fact it seems to be the most

difficult challenge of all. Why?


Angles of Earth, it is so because you designed it that way. The

ultimate challenge and there by the ultimate discovery and lesson to

be learned on Planet Earth is to “Trust yourself”. The path to

discovering the oneness, the unity of all things is to trust in ones

self and accept yourself as part of All That Is.

If you can not view yourself as truly part of All That Is, how can

you hope to see the truth that everything is contained in and part

of All That Is. You see the dilemma?


You can not perceive All That Is by standing outside it and

observing it wrapped up in a nice neat package. You are part of that

package, an interracial and irreplaceable part. Therefore, you must

become aware and understand All That is from inside the totality of

it. Where do you start?


You start by trusting that you are you, a magnificent part of All

That Is and All That Is could not exist without you! So you see Dear

Ones, greater awareness and understanding flows essentially

from “Trusting yourself” and not giving your power away to anyone or

anything else.


All the cultures, religions, and institutions of your world have

done such an excellent job of convincing you, over the centuries of

your time, that you are small, insignificant and totally

replaceable. You created such a network of fences and road blocks

for yourself before you came to Earth to ensure that the struggle to

find the truth would implant it so deeply within your being that it

could never be lost again. You all have been exceedingly successful!

Although it seems to be an insurmountable problem, to truly trust

yourself in all things, it is not what it appears to be. You all

move closer to your goal with each passing day and are steadily

moving in that very direction. Yes you slip, fall and stumble

sometimes. If you look at your overall progression you will see you

ARE consistently moving in the right direction, with a speed no one

thought possible before this time.


You wonder why we love and honor you so much? You are the ones

changing the very fabric of All That Is, weaving an ever changing

new dynamic on both sides of the veil. In every moment you create

ripples that touch every aspect of All That Is, seen and unseen. It

is an incredible ballet in constant motion and ever changing in

every respect. You are the Prima Ballerinas of All That Is! Now do

you understand why so many from every corner of the universe and

beyond come to witness what is occurring on Planet Earth.

You have accomplished and continue to accomplish things that were

never thought possible. Your creation nourishes the growth and

awareness of All That Is in an unprecedented manner. We are simply

so honored to assist you in anyway we can and stand in awe of your

exquisite creations. It is our purpose to help you re-member who you

truly are and reflect back to you the magnificence of your creations.

So you see Dear Ones, “Trusting Yourself” is the key to all that you

seek and the tool to find your full awareness of All That Is.

Grasp your Golden Key tightly and hold it close to your heart, use

that which you have provided for yourself to the highest possible

good for all.


It is our honor and greatest pleasure to be of service to the Angles

of Earth. You are truly loved and are never alone!

We hold you in our heart of hearts and ask you to do the same for

each other. Trust Yourself!

Blessings one and all…

The Guardians


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