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At this time of transition, be very careful about who and what you are following. In fact, if you are following at all, that is the first indication that you are off track. For those of you who are still the students of gurus, we recommend discernment.

This is no longer the time of great spiritual teachers. It is now the time of great spirits instead. This shift from master/student to just plain master may cause a temporary unemployment problem in India and elsewhere, but do not be alarmed. The true masters of light will make the shift with ease and will welcome your upcoming graduation with the same relief that they welcome their much-deserved retirement.

Others of you consider gurus passe and are following disembodied channeled entities instead. Again, we advise discernment. Many of our forces have gained entry to this plane through the use of channeling. However, we are not the only ones who have gained entry this way. There are many disembodied energies who are masquerading as the light and throwing their confusing two cents into the global pot. Being without a body is not an instant membership card granting the bearer status among the Forces of Light. There are an inordinate number of entities running loose right now, channeled and otherwise, who have no bodies and are solely interested in an opportunity to use and abuse yours. An important key in dealing with these energies is to approach as a master and not as a student. If you stand in the truth of that identity, you are very unlikely to fall for a lie.

Always test the energies you are in contact with to make sure they are not just fourth-dimensional freeloaders with a predisposition to remain in the dark. If an entity shuns the light and avoids standing in its presence, acting somewhat like a vampire who has just been confronted with a crucifix, you can be fairly certain they are not in the service of the Forces of Light. Anything that cannot tolerate the light is not assisting the light and should be taken to the light as soon as possible. Check your behavior and thought-forms as well. Much of what you have considered to be the product of your personality and upbringing may actually be the behavior of a fourth-dimensional entity that is time-sharing your body.

This is a particularly important issue right now because there is a great deal of disturbance on the fourth dimension which is leaking into the third. (Please see the second note under “UFO” in chapter 1 for more information on the dimensions.) This is the unfortunate result of a little interdimensional misunderstanding. As the fifth dimension continues on its spiritual descent into the third dimension, it is now passing through the frontiers of the fourth. Some of the fourth dimension’s darker denizens believe this incoming light to be a threat, and mistake their imminent transformation as a serious assault. A number of them have consequently formed a resistance movement that is fighting back, even though we are not fighting at all. The temporary chaos this has caused is making the fourth dimension look like a bad brawl in the Star Wars bar, and some of its disembodied refugees have made their way into the third dimension. Learn to recognize these energies and stay clear of them.

If a disembodied entity manipulates you in any way or wants your following at the price of your freedom, that entity is not on our team and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Any energy that is not contributing to the realization of your magnificence and mastery is not a part of this mission and is in the service of the dark forces. If an entity fails to meet this criteria, escort that being into the light.

Through your alignment with the light, you are in a superior position in relation to these temporarily confused forces. You have the power to bust them and lovingly usher them into the light. You can do this by identifying the entities, breaking any agreements you may have made with them, and, by an internal visualization, leading them into the light. This act will serve to assist the mission in its peaceful and efficient descent through the fourth dimension, while hastening its awaited arrival on the third.

Do not misinterpret this information. It is the light that is superior to these fourth-dimensional forces and not your winsome personality. Pitting yourself against them as if you were superior will invariably end in your resounding defeat. Call upon the Forces of Light in all your dealings with these energies. Your success will then be guaranteed, and there will subsequently be less mess to clean up.

ET 101


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