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Universal Abundace Bank

Greetings from the Angelic Realms!

There are a few things that We would like to address in regards to money and abundance. We have noticed that many of our Lightworker friends have been struggling with paying their bills and with remaining in the Universal Flow of Abundance, in general, and We have some helpful guidelines in regards to this. It is important for you to first establish that there really is a Universal Flow, a “Universal Bank,” if you will, which essentially contains everything that your heart desires!


Imagine this Universal Bank as a warehouse of unlimited wealth! Now, imagine that you hold your very own key to this warehouse, one with your name on it. As it exists because of Divine Love, its doors are always open, and any one of you could walk right through and claim whatever amount of wealth you desire, no questions asked!”If its doors are always open, then why would anyone need a key?” Great question! If you are wondering about this, please take a moment to listen to your heart for an answer. Take a very deep breath and relax into your Spirit. The answer is there! Dear Lightworkers, We will now tell you, for those who will hear it and understand it: The key to your abundance is ALLOWING it!

The key to claiming all that is already yours is in remembering that you always walk within this Universal Bank! Now, there are a few more things that We will tell you about this Bank. It is very “high-tech,” so to speak, and equipped with the very best in surveillance, security and service! It has e-motion-detectors which respond not only to your physical movements, but to everything you think, feel and say! Oh yes, this equipment is highly-sensitive to everything and nothing goes unseen!

Security guards are everywhere in this Bank, too! You call them “Guardian Angels.” They are absolutely real and each of you have many of them to assist you. They are also known as “Guardians.” These Guardians are non-violent and protect the interests of all beings through Divine Order. They are not here to police the Universe, but rather to act as intermediaries between the various dimensions. You are a Guardian as well, actually, yet you experience a process called “awakening,” and so that is what you are accomplishing. Now, like any well-trained security guard, they keep a very close eye on everything around them, and in this Universal Bank you are watched at all times! We know, our analogy here is a silly one, yet clear enough for you to have a good basic understanding of what We wish to convey about your natural state of abundance.

Will you guess who the bank tellers are in this Universal Bank of Abundance? Why, they are YOU, of course! Many would ask, “How can this be?” It is simple: You, the individual, are solely responsible for all transactions that you make in this Bank! Your account is already and always open, as a given, as a gift from the Universe. This has already been established for you, and is not really in question. The question is will you allow, accept and appreciate this Angelic Account that is open for you?

Another perspective or analogy here is to imagine your Higher Self as your bank teller, as well as your personal security guard. The service in the Universal Bank is impeccable! You are truly guided every step of the way, whether you realize it or not. Divine Guidance is not in question, either, for us in the Angelic Realms, for We have accepted this role ever since our creation, and We carry out our tasks in endless joy! Now, please hear us here when We say now that YOUR REALM is also Angelic! We are really not “higher up on the Cosmic Ladder” than you, in truth, as We understand the Oneness and Unity of all Intelligence. We do not limit ourselves within an experiential framework called “space/time.” We see ALL as Infinite Intelligence!


We will now get to the specific subject of money, Dear Lightworkers. In the Universal Bank you have infinite safety deposit boxes, so to speak, and what they carry is up to you. Some of them carry stacks of money, some of them carry diamond necklaces and some of them even appear to be empty! You see, as with everything in your dimension, money is simply a projection of consciousness, of intent, and if it appears to you that “there is not enough,” it is because you have not safely deposited enough LOVE and GRATITUDE into your “boxes,” which are your PLANS! Your desires/plans contain the images of what you put into them. If your plans lack peace and integrity, then you will experience the effects of a limited imagination, and there will be a lonely sense of emptiness, even if you were to amass large amounts of money. Our point is this, Beloveds: Money is never the real subject of desire, ever! The real subject of interest for all beings is the ESSENCE of the desired thing, but never really the desired “thing” itself. Everyone seeks things in order to fulfill a deeper desire, and that desire is for LOVE! It is JOY! It is WELL-BEING! It has endless names, and yet it simply IS.

The “key” that We spoke of earlier is your ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE, which ALLOWS abundance to flow to you because you have REMEMBERED that abundance is your Divine Birthright! The practice of feeling genuinely grateful for the blessings which you are already aware of in your life will seemingly open new doors everywhere you turn. The e-motion-detectors of the Universal Bank automatically respond to these feelings of gratitude by tracking down other people, situations and things which vibrationally match your heart’s desires. When you are in the Universal Flow in this way, you will not need to be concerned about “where” the money will come from and “who” will give it to you. It will just come! Please hear this: The things that you allow into your life are gifts to yourself, FROM yourself! No one can really force you to accept anything, nor can anyone withhold from you what is Divinely yours, Dear Lightworkers! Your personal state of abundance (or lack thereof) is totally your individual creative responsibility.

Here’s a “secret” about money: The essence of it responds powerfully to your feelings of GENEROSITY! No matter what amount it appears that you currently possess, money will flow to you easily when you generously give of yourself (your gratitude, joy, love, talents, gifts, etc.), but as you cannot give to others what you don’t allow for yourself it is imperative that you practice Self-Love! And as We love to say, “Self-Love is ALL-Love.” This is compassion and Unconditional Love for All-That-Is (and “all that isn’t”). A gift for all!


Now, it is our pleasure to get to the heart of this message of abundance for you. This is where We will discuss the subject of “beliefs about abundance.” We ask you, what are some of your most dominant thoughts on the subject of “abundance?” What is abundance to you? What does it mean to you, intellectually and emotionally? How does abundance apply to your physical reality? Do you see abundance in spiritual terms? We love the term, “Spiritual Abundance,” as it more clearly suggests the true nature of abundance. Abundance is truly of the Spirit, and even We have no way of definitively declaring, “This is what abundance is!” Like you, We cannot box it in and limit its infinite expression. In our banking analogy, this gives new light to what a “safety deposit box” really is! It is a limitation, Dear Ones, though We mean this not to convey that anything is wrong in having “possessions.” We honor your desires, plans and goals as worthy of your personal expressions. We simply wish to convey that “having things” is not the same as BEING ABUNDANT!

By “limitations” We mean “experiential limitations,” which are not REAL limitations (as no real ones exist), but rather are what you may call frameworks or matrixes that are created for specific types of experiences. A matrix is a veil. Basically, your dominant beliefs regarding abundance can either “imprison” your sense of Well-Being, or they can help to “set you free.” This is why We greatly suggest that you contemplate what abundance really means to you, in all areas of your life. And, Dear Lightworkers, We of the Angelic Realms are, of course, here to happily assist you in your Journey of Self-Mastery!

We thank you for your time and patience. Namaste!



  1. Namaste!

  2. Thank you. I needed to read this tonight as I was a little scared.

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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