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Universal & Spiritual Laws


11 Universal Law Book

Universal & Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos

Star Laws of the Wheel of Humanity

Universal Law of Free Will

TUNKASILA – Protects Personal Freedom

ARCTURUS – Invokes the Freedom Ray

QUAN YIN – Accesses Great Karmic Council

Spiritual Freedom of Man

MATO MANI – Open Gates That Have Been Closed

MAHPIYA OYATE – Initiates The Alchemy of Self

KRISHNA – Invokes Dharmic Path

Universal Law of Change

UNCI KIMIMILA – Invokes Butterfly Medicine

MNI WICONI – Reinvigorates Stagnant Life Cycles

BODHISAATVA – Great Mystery Symbol

Spiritual Growth of Man

WANYECA – Assists Sacred Path


ST. GERMAINE – Directs Evolution Into Spirit

Universal Law of Movement and Balance

HOGAN IYOTAN TANKA OYATE – Heals Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Imbalances

TAWAMNIPA – Initiates Creative Energy for Manifesting

MAITREYA – Steadies Evolution Through Grace and Strength

Spiritual Strength, Health and Happiness

UNCI – Opens Doorways For Unification of Self

IYOZANZAN ZIZI – Golden Road of Health

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Strengthens Through Divine Law

Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family

UNCI IKTOMI – Grandmother’s Protection For Child, Etc.

SIHA TANKA – Cultivates Purity, Innocence, Truth

GAUTAMA BUDDHA – Opens Original Mind

Spiritual Protection of Family

TATANKA OYATE – Law Through Spiritual Discernment

WICAHPE WI – Brings One Into Right Relationship with Family

EL MORYA – Shield of the Fathers Heart

Universal Law of Symmetry

WAMBDI OYATE – Helps One Lift From Material to Spiritual Mind

ORION MASTER – Grounds Divine Presence

ISTA TO – Sets Eyes on Creator

Spiritual Law of Equality

CANUPA – Empowers Respect for Mitakuye Owasin

ANPETU WI – Invokes Spiritual Community

ITE OTAPI – Unifies Humanity Through Becoming One

Universal Law of Life

UNCI KEYA – The Straight Path

QUETZALCOATL – Awakens Human Light Centers and Attunes To Galactic Center

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Reconnect Lifeline to Great Central Sun

Spiritual Law of Choice

WAGMIZA WINYAN – Portals Manifesting Energy

IYOYANPA IZANZAN – Messenger Symbol for Lightweb

BUDDHA OF TRUTH – Opens Gates Of Future Possibility

Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration

HINHAN UNCI – Awakens Inner Wisdom and Remembrance

ODOWAN SKUYA – Awakens One to Cosmic Community

HOLY AMETHYST – Atones Self to Celestial Word

Spiritual Law of Intuition

MNISUNKA WINYAN – Heals Emotional Body and Heart

OILELE CEKPA WINYAN – Opens Wellsprings of Creative Intuition

TIN WAKIYENA WAKAN WINYAN – Change through Thought Alchemy

Universal Law of Judgment

DIAMONDBACK – Evokes Visionary Experience

THE GREAT HEALER – Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues

ALOHA – Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path

Spiritual Law of Karma

INYAN OYATE – Invokes Cycles of Cause and Effect

HADEN – Opens Doorways To Transcend And Transmute


Universal Law of Nature

TAHCA CIGALA – The Power to be

ITANCAN PEJUTA – Harmony in Light Relations

MELCHIZADEK – Invokes the Flame Imperishable

Spiritual Protection of Man

HEHAKA WICASA – Direct and to the Point

SATURNALIA – Sponsors Soul Evolution

JOPHIEL – Invokes Light Protection

Universal Law of Love

WICASA LUTA – Sponsors and Protects Life Transitions

BODHISATTVA – Essence of Happiness and Life

ISTA WANZI – The eye of Understanding

Spiritual Law of Healing

HUPAHU LUTA – Rays Healing Energy

CHIRON – Opens Healing Portals

SHAKINAH – Invokes Spirit of Healing

Universal Law of Perception

TATE – Opens Inner Eye

WAKINYAN HEYOKA – Promotes Multidimensional Understanding

URIEL AND AURORA – Aligns Self to Universal Truth

Spiritual Law of Future Sight

THOTH – The Prophets Mark

MAMMY – Directs Movement of Time

SHANGTI – Opens Doorways of Grandfathers

For additional information, and to see the symbol associated with each pair of laws GOTO: , website of Ihanktowan Dakota Chief Golden Eagle.

It may be noted that these Universal and Spiritual Laws, accepted and revered by all member civilizations of the Star Nations, are not couched in the “Thou shalt/shalt not…” language of Human civil and religious laws. Rather, these Universal and Spiritual Laws may be seen as universally-valid, self-evident principles, grounded in natural law and the fundamentals of consciousness, and in every intelligent lifeform’s connection to Source.

The symbols of these 11:11 Laws were found etched into the structure of the starcraft that crashed at Roswell in 1947.

I gave my photo of these symbols to Ihanktowan Dakota (Sioux) Star Altar-Keeper and Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk. He took them into sacred lodge, asked guidance from the Tunkasilas, (Dakota word for the “Grandfathers”, spiritual guides from the stars), and learned that the symbols stood for the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws that all Star Nations cultures accept as common metaphysical/spiritual foundation.

– Richard Boylan, Ph.D.



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