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Visionary Dream?


A Perfect Dream at a Perfect Moment?


Once and a while I have these very impactfull dreams.  They are realistic in every way, I can feel, hear, touch and communicate in these dreams.  Last night I had such a dream, and WOW, I woke up with such a clear understanding and remembrance of everything that occurred that I just have to communicate it.


The dream started with me watching a browsing the NASA website, the time frame felt like about 1 -1 1/2 years in the future.  I was reading an article about new space telescope imagery that was able to detect planets in other solar systems.  They where talking about so far, all the planetary systems they have come across have more than 1 star(sun) in the system.  That so far our solar system was only one they have found with just one sun.


Then I was overwhelmed with a strong, but loving voice in my consciousness.  They said, “Now do you believe see the mission clearly?”  Then like nothing short of a grand awakening happened, I suddenly in one instant re-membered all which I had forgotten.  I re-membered the creation of our solar system, the reasoning in the creators mind, and why the Galactic Federation, Emissaries of Light and all Angels have converged on planet earth now and my mission now.


When the creator wish to experience itself as what it wasn’t they created a place (our solar system) with only one sun and rotation to create the experience of experiencing light, then what light is not, dark.  Our night and day.  This created a new type of being, one who could live in a dark environment.  So he slowed our energy down into the density which we call our present day reality.  This was some 80 million years ago.  Everything has always been perfectly created so we can experience all that is created when you live and are being light and dark.  All of our seeming opposing ideologies where created.


Our souls have experienced more than even the creator could have conceived, the new reality was starting to affect the spiritual hierarchy of the universe.  Dark energy was gaining tremendous strength and starting to misbalance all that is into it’s favor.  This is a very difficult thing to explain, but the creators, creator, or our gods as we perceive it’s god conceived let us bring the dense back to the light to restore balance with our creator.  This was 66 million years ago.  Our creator initiated a hierarchal call down the chain and all that where sent to help us evolve back into the awareness and vibration of beings of light where all dispatched to our planet.  The very first arrived about 2000 years ago and began the process of evolving our planet back to the light and away from duality which was creating immense darkness.  Everything up to now, has had to happen in absolute perfection, in order for us to gain our current consciousness awareness and to eventually evolve into the glory of being fully realized beings of light.


This is when I was overwhelmed with pure love and joy, I was bouncing from yard to yard exclaiming, they are all here, they really are here!  It only took 66 million years but they made it here now.  I new all of our helpers and aids had arrived and the ascension was accelerating and they had predicted the end of the duality experience as being 12 21 2012


Then, in the dream, I was meditating and I began to feel this strange vibration coming energy field, I realized I was porting into light and being asked to come home.  But then my cat was scratching at my head and I re-membered, again, all of the work which needed to be done here.  I halted the porting and returned to physicality.  Back in this reality, in the dream, I really kept seeing a bunch of me and people I know from around the world sitting eating a glorious meal and discussing the scriptures for our new way of being.  Then I woke up! (for real)


I felt so impacted by this dream I don’t know how to explain it, but I do feel an even deeper sense of perfection in everything in all ways.  I feel incredibly loved and my illusion of separation is becoming even thinner.  I definitely have a deep feeling that my actions here now are exactly what I am suppose to be doing, and I don’t half to fret over screwing the plan up.  Because the plan of ascension is perfect, and all that needs to happen will happen in absolute perfection that only our creators, creator could perceive.


Just felt compelled to share this one.




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