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Play it Forward!

Hello Gang!

This is a another artist making an impression on the world. Artist X is their idenity, and they are trying to get 1 Million people to listen to their music over the next 90 days! Let’s help’em out and take a trip over to their website where you can hear the music. Artist X‘s letter I recieved over on zaadz is posted below, and of course a bit of my art.


Seth D8


~ How to make my song famous in 90 days?

Hello Everybody,

Like many of you here at Zaadz, I like setting big goals. No, HUGE goals. If we are going to go about making radically positive changes, and actually believe that we are capable of doing this, why set our sights low? As many of you who are familiar with me know, I am a songwriter who is releasing my music anonymously. Why am I doing this? I’m doing this because I’m tired of how the music industry focuses on things like Image, Sex, Money, Egos, etc…. and in the process seems to have, by and large, stopped caring about the quality of music that is being produced! I realize this is a bit subjective, but I know many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. So as a response to this condition of the music industry, combined with a growing sense of spirituality about my own life, I was inspired with the concept of Artist X. The idea is simple – write songs that reflect the spiritual, wonderful, mystical side of life and release this music in the most natural, ego-less and independent way possible. What do I look like? How old am I? How many tattoos do I have? Who am I sleeping with this week? Who cares! Music should be about music, plain and simple.

So, I think this little idea that came to me is a good one. I believe wholeheartedly that this is what I should be doing with my music! And I’ve received great feedback from many of you here at Zaadz, both about the songs themselves and the way I’ve decided to release them. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, it TRULY makes a difference and has given me the faith to forge ahead. However, I need your help to really make this idea work. Freeing myself from the constraints of the music industry has been very liberating indeed, but like all real change and progress, it comes at a price. In order for this idea to truly succeed, people need to know about it. I’m confident that there is a market out there for the kind of music I am creating. The trick is making people aware that my music exists in the first place. I’m putting everything I have into this project, emotionally and financially. But my budget obviously pales in comparison to that of a huge behemoth Major Record label! So, I came up with a plan that I truly hope you will help me with. It will cost you nothing but a couple minutes of your time and I believe if we are successful we will be sending a powerful message to both the music industry and the world about the power of intention and the power of music.

Do you remember that movie Play it Forward? If you don’t , it’s about a boy that gets a special assignment to help three people and instead of having them pay him back they have to do three kind acts for three other people and in turn those people have to do the same thing for three other people and on and on until eventually millions of people all over the world are touched by these random acts of kindness. It’s a beautiful film and it’s a great example of the exponential power that a good idea can have; albeit a fictional one.

How does this relate to my music? Well, based on this idea I have created a website called Play My Song The goal of this website is very concrete and that goal is to get ONE MILLION people to hear my new song, All Things Subside, in 90 days. One Million people is indeed a lot of people, but I told you I set big goals. I’m going to be doing everything in my power to spread the word about my new site and its’ goal, but I would be thrilled if you guys could help me get this thing rolling! All you have to do is think of anyone and everyone you think would appreciate both my music and my mission and send them to There they will get the whole rundown and there is also a link to both listen to my song as well as a link to continue “Playing My Song Forward” to others.

I’m thanking you all in advance for your help! I will thank you again in 90 days when ONE MILLION people have heard the first single to my first anonymous CD!

Artist X


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