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Omega Communications #344

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OREM | Builds Awareness


“And we greet you at this stage, Beloved, Orem with you, coming in amongst you and assisting the process that you go through to come into receptivity to the greater awareness, bringing you closely at this time again into our assembly point that is the communication chamber. You will be most familiar with this now and the appearance of what is around you in this space.


This begins the series of talks and information arising from the assembly point and the adjustments that take place that are necessary within the levels of receptivity that you have that bring into your form a greater alignment to the different planes of existence.


Here you become that being that is full of light that is in contact with the process of life, the representation that you have of being the light being consciously connected with the Divine unfolding process that is Source, manifesting.


This alignment process gives you the impression that you are standing tall and you may have changed your form and what you are wearing, and the energy that you are will appear as a different form of clothing and a different colour and different vitality than what you are used to experiencing in the Earth plane. Hold this sensation that you will be experiencing of your form, and we bring about you here the energy that The Elders bring in.”


“We greet you and we uplift you and alter the energy that you experience, opening more of your vision and senses, for we are here to constantly remind you of the greater life there is and the greater life that you are bringing into experience around you, taking your part in uplifting the people you live with in this Earth planet as it is at the present time, bringing in all that is prepared, carefully processed and designed, in stages of awakening.


Each phase that you go through works on a different aspect of you, whether that is through your different life aspects that you would call lifetimes, or whether it is a process of thoughts or emotions that are existing around you, and in this experience in this transmission the energy is enlivening and working with the collective thought forms around the 3rd dimension on planet Earth. You may agree that there are thought forms that would not exist in the plane of being that you wish to associate with.


This plane that you would be sensing around you with us is filled with the crystalline consciousness – pure in its aspect as you would sense perhaps a light form and that is encompassed with a presence that is static and at peace and containing empowerment for you and all of creation and containing the sense of upliftment to an even greater state of consciousness and a sense of returning to oneness and home. In one way you may sense this as being in a void, where there is nothing tangible to see, but your greater senses experience much within this state and as your senses experience this, all that is contained within your form experiences the same input of this existence, and your body experiences it as a frequency of energy.


While you are receiving the transmission in your greatest light form, have the receptivity open within your thoughts and your mind, your emotions and body. These then participate in the greater soul alignment and all that you are capable of being. You may sense that there is an enormous amount of energy being drawn from you relative to the density that is upon you in the Earth plane, and that leaves the clear openness for the crystalline energy to fill you – a process which goes through aspects of you, illuminating you and passing into the formation of the tissues and the cleansing processes and transmutation that is activated within the codes of creation within you.

Be ready to live your life in a different way, where you extend your self and all of your commitment and will into the greater manifestation of consciousness. Consciousness goes beyond much of what you have learned and thought in this that we bring to you. It is a state of being that you can encompass in greater and greater ways. This transmission that you are participating in expands your consciousness. Along with this there is an aspect of you that is returning to the highest state of learning that you have been experiencing and bringing into you, connecting this into a position within your physical aspect.

There are ways for you to implement in enhancing the life style you have presently and during this transmission you will be receiving impressions of what you are creating, what you would wish to have around you in support of you as you continue to work in a co-operative fashion with the upliftment and the connections you have assisting the upliftment process of consciousness. Experience the energy passing around you and through you as we bring you through these phases.


It is asked of you as part of the energy transmission to accept your existence and presence where you are seen to be unique and as a leader, someone capable of being there to show the way to other people. You have great support coming around you that you will also sense as you acknowledge the being that you are.


We now bring you back into that more aware state within the meeting chamber with Orem, bringing in this transmission we have given to you this time. Here this is a happy meeting time with all who are assembled and we leave you in that point for you to continue. Thank you.”



“And here I speak with you as a group and the great company with you and I am given the name of Ulea and I am present in this meeting and assembly area. We are celebrating with you the transformations to come and the essence of the messages that you take in to you and we lift you into that area of understanding more easily.


I assure you in my times when I come to you that all that you need to participate in this uplifting and guiding process to others is always around you. You will be using many times the ability you have to draw upon the power of creation and you do it with authority.

You have the authority because you are created to be exactly who you are with your infinite connections into the great expanse around you of universal expression.


If I could make you laugh and giggle at this time, that is what I would do, but we understand the presence where you are in the aspect of your light form expresses that state of happiness and joy in a different fashion, in a particular glowing light form perhaps you would feel emanating around you in the linkups here with us.


Your journey and your service continues. It has been my joy to express this to you at this time. You are loved and blessed. Thank you.”


“Do you see the energy Ulea leaves with you is lightful indeed and it is a good point to hold you in that expression as you become aware of observing planetary Earth through this assembly station. Again at this point we would ask you to enfold this station in a loving reverent light, from your expression of empowerment with the Essence of Creation, enfolding yourself once more also with the same care and support.


Then we assist you to focus again on your transportation energy disc. Take with you the energy of this day’s transmission. It will continue to unfold around you and the impulses will work through you in many ways, many ways.


Unto you has been given a responsibility and unto you has been given the energy to fulfil that responsibility and commitment. And thus I leave you at this point. Blessings are within you, around you and through you. And So It Is.


Orem out.”


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