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Offering of Love


I received the following message from my friend Jordon. He is an energy worker I have worked with in the past, he does awesome work and gives us some great insight! ~Sethd8

Offering of Love to the Collective Consciousness

Dearest Family of Light,
Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 25th, marks the “day out of time” in the adapted Mayan calendar (see for more info). This is the “pause point” in the Light Matrix, the day before the Mayan New Year. This day each year is an especially powerful opportunity to shift reality and enter into a new phase, collectively and individually, and has long been honored as a celebration time for Time itself, which is based on the radial, holographic nature of the light matrix, possibly best concieved of as the whole circuit of divinity as it flows through all creation from and to Source. It is the day before the star Sirius rises with the dawn (called heliacal rising).

At this present time on Earth, there is a lot of fear in the collective consciousness grids, particularly of natural disaster. THIS FEAR CAN BE TRANSMUTED BY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I’ve never sent emails like this before, but many light beings prompted me to write this email, explaining that for each person, each individual, who can offer their pure, unconditional love, their inspired positive affirmations, their joy for being alive, to the collective consciousness grids, the more gracious, loving, gentle and easy all the energy shifts can be. This is subtle yet powerful co-creation. The collective grids are strengthened now by all the healing and clearing work being done by individual humans to the point where they can be used as a broadcast network for positive intentions everywhere. This is an unprecedented breakthrough in the consciousness of humanity on Earth, and excellent reason to celebrate all on its own!

The angels and emissaries of light offer a simple process for positively imprinting the grids. Request the help of the angels and archangels of light, as well as any other beings of light with whom you may work (it is important to specify of the light!), before beginning this process. Request that this prayer, this offering, will be used only in the highest good of all. Imprinting the grids can only be done with pure love and intention to align with the love-will of Mother-Father God. Any prayer offered for the co-creative benefit of all will be registered and imprinted and is loving service to all the Human Family. So much is shifting, and the energy is preparing to accelerate many-fold yet again. Time does seem shorter still, does it not? One of the most powerful affirmations the collective grids need at this time is the message given above: “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TRANSMUTES ALL.” If you can resonate to this truth in your heart, then offer it; if you cannot feel the truth of that affirmation, that is okay; the grids can be positively influenced through any truth you may be inspired to offer. These truths act as messages TO ourselves FROM ourselves, almost like instructions which individuals and groups unconsciously check in with 24 hours a day about how to be and be-have. Since we create the grids in the first place, it is up to us to shift them. We already shift them through our individual resonance, though we are perhaps often unaware that it is as though we are all on the radio, all the time, for and with each other! We are much more powerful in love than we think we are. Offer your affirmation like a mandala of energy, allowing it to form directly from your heart and soul matrix to the collective consciousness grids. Allow the grids to adapt to and recieve this energy, and see if they accept it. You can ask the angels, devas, and elementals to assist in supporting this new, positive imprint for as long as necessary for it to be fully integrated into the collective consciousness grids. Ask that this be done in alignment with the love-will of Mother-Father God, and you are supported in your endeavors. Finish by asking that when this is done, the new intention be sealed in love in the grids, and that it may not be interrupted, disturbed, or altered by any negative intentions. IT MAY be changed by higher frequencies of LOVE and nothing less. Thank you deeply for this loving service. You are all the love, peace, and truth you seek.

Namaste and Many Blessings,
Jordan (and the Angels and Emissaries of Love, Light and Healing)


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