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It All Starts with Me!

It All Starts with Me!


Living in Unconditional Love?


What is unconditional love? Is it love free of any condition, judgment, attachment or possession placed upon it? Is it doing the most loving thing possible, even though it seems then conditioned sometimes. Or is it just that knowing that no matter what, the love will always be there, weather you want to feel it or not?


I know it has been my experience that very few people understand or even comprehend what unconditional love is. My best friend and my parents have shown me a glimpse of what unconditional love has the possibility to be, but often times even this love is conditioned is some form or another. Most of my experience around love has been caught up in judgment, attachment, possession and most certainly lots of conditions!


I do know one source of unconditional love which has never wavered and always been there for me, even though most the time I forget it. This is the love I receive in everyway, every moment from god. This is the basis for me to plant new seeds in my mind and grow the experience so I can live in unconditional love. Living in unconditional love is not only being this way towards all being and things, but also seeing the perfection of those things reflecting the love back to you, even if at a very small rate.


I have been observing my being, mind, emotions, spirit, consciousness, others beings, and actions. I have been gently noticing when negativity, anger, spite, jealousy when any non-loving thought or feeling occurs, I have been planting these noticing in my minds eye to gently align myself with who I am going to be next. I have grown allot towards being an unconditionally loving person, but it is work, requires patients, and the realization that the majority of the world is beginning to awaken, I still hit hurtles against being unconditionally loving. These hurtles though are absolute perfection from the creator giving the much needed experience to grow then know.


It all starts with me. I have made the choice to change, really change. I hope the change in my being will inspire others to do the same. The awareness that it all starts with them, then the commitment and the patients to truly change who they are being as well. Then you times this by several billion people and Walla you have a new reality!




Seth D8


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