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The Fourth Dimension – Explained

+ The Fourth Dimension
It seems to me that there is a lack of clarity over just what the fourth dimension is. And also on what exactly the Fourth Dimension does. In-fact, on many web-pages that I visit, I find an array of documents that say that the fourth dimension is the fragment of the whole Emotional Plane which is known as the Astral Plane – which it is surely not.
The truth of the make-up of the fourth dimension is veiled in the ‘impossible structures’ of mathematical artists, such as M.C. Escher, and which is quite brilliantly depicted his ‘Day and Night’ illustration which is shown below.
The fourth dimension is often thought of in terms of ‘movement’, since it is here that we find ‘thoughts’ [from the Mental Plane] and ‘feelings’ [from the Emotional Plane] travelling through the Fourth Dimension [the ‘Cosmic Motherboard’] and then into the Physical Plane atoms to manifest various objects and outcomes. We also find unrequired objects and outcomes exiting the Physical Plane and travelling, once again, through the Fourth Dimension, so that they can once again be ‘stored’ as ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ in the Emotional and Mental Planes until they are needed once more.
So now you can see why mathematical artists, such as Escher, are so ‘drawn’ to depict a two-way movement in their works of four dimensional art. Since probability comes from the Fourth Dimension into the Physical Plane atoms, and is also returned back through it. And Escher’s next illustration is another quite excellent example [and quite a prophetic warning] of that.
The Capetown Toltec Elder Théun Mares tells us even more about this Fourth Dimension. And what we find, is that the Fourth Dimension can be imagined as a giant ‘rubix-cube’ which is viewed from the ‘inside’. And it is here that all of the ‘pressure’ of the Mental Plane ‘ideas’ and the Emotional Plane ‘feelings’, is ‘vented’ into the Physical Plane atoms, to manifest some object or outcome.
And if you are still con-fused, let’s make two diagrams of the 4th Dimension to make things clear. In next chart I will show the 4th Dimension filled with lovely ideas and lovely feelings, which can only ‘vent’ into the Physical Plane atoms to make a lovely world.
As you can all see, if the Fourth Dimension is only ‘passing’ nice thoughts and nice feelings from the Mental Plane and the Emotional Plane to the Earth-Plane atoms, then the ‘contents’ will look quite beautiful.
We are all capable of creating such beauty…
However, that is not always the case. As you can see in the next chart, if the Fourth Dimension becomes filled with terrible ideas and terrible feelings from the Mental and Emotional Planes, then the ‘contents’ will look quite horrific.
And we are also capable of creating such horror.
OK, so if we drew a chart of the Mental Plane and the Emotional Plane ‘feeding into’ the Fourth Dimension, which in turn pumps objects and outcomes into the Physical Plane atoms, then what would all this look like? Well, the following chart shows exactly that.
Of course, if we con-sider nasty ideas [even ‘afterwards’], which lead to nasty feelings, then the Fourth Dimension will fill to the brim with nasty probability, which will ‘vent’ through into the Physical Plane atoms. And this, of course, will make a nasty Physical Plane experience for all of us.
At this point you can probably see why we all need to focus on lovely thought and feelings, regardless of what we are experiencing, since lovely thoughts and feelings can only make a lovely world. And the next chart shows just that.
At this point many people ask: “but I only think about nasty things ‘after’ they have happened, and so surely I can’t be responsible for any of the terrible news stories that I am always hearing about ‘before’?” And, if you were thinking something like that, then you are about to have a bit of a shock.
You see, following the destruction of Atlantis the Black Priesthood that followed the ways of the demonic hierarchy distorted the language system in every single country of the world, to ‘promote’ a three dimensional reality. They made up words for ‘before’, and ‘after’, like ‘last Wednesday’ and ‘next Tuesday’, which turned out to be more of a ‘hook’ for hanging things on than anything else. And this concept of dates as ‘hooks’ is made clear in the following chart.
Yes it can be quite a shock to find that you understand the workings of the 4th Dimension. Which is made very clear in the chart above, when Sananda tells us all what a day [‘hook’] in time-space really is made of.
A day is made from many things, and many ‘times’…
To put it in very simple terms, a day is made of everything ‘said’, ‘thought’, and ‘felt about’ that day by every single person that ever ‘spoke about’, ‘believed in’, ‘thought’ or ‘felt’ anything about the same day. More-so, it makes no difference from which point in time-space [another date-hook] that you ‘contribute’ some belief input from. Since in all truth you can ‘contribute’ amounts of belief ‘before’, ‘during’, and even ‘after’ the very thing that you were ‘believing about’.
Believe me when I say that ‘there is only Now’.
And by this I mean that you can ‘believe’ something about Tuesday 18th July 2006 at any point ‘before’ it, at any point ‘during’ it, or even at any point ‘after’ it. But make no mistake, whenever you choose to ‘believe’ something about Tuesday 18th July 2006 has little to do with anything: since whatever you ‘believe’ about will always head straight for the very date [‘hook’] that you were hanging your ‘belief’ upon. Which in our example case is the hook in time-space that is being Tuesday 18th July 2006.
If the Heavenly Beings known as ‘The Ancient Of Days’ were to look down upon our example date-hook of Tuesday 18th July 2006, then what might They Say about it?
Well ‘The Ancient Of Days’ would say something like:
“Based on our small statistical sample of 7 ‘belief inputs’ what we find is that the example ‘hook’ in time-space known as Tuesday 18th July 2006 will contain the following ratios of energies which will make it manifest as a day that has: [1] 28.58% of all people worrying, [2] 14.29% of all people experiencing loveliness, [3] a 14.29% availability of ice-cream, [4] 14.29% availability of good luck, [5] 14.29% of the populous will be ‘thinking’ that the ‘Bogie-Man’ is coming, whilst there will also be the certainty of [6] 14.29% of ‘very cool music’ to be listened to. Obviously ‘during’ energies would normally be arriving, as well as the ‘before’ and ‘after’ energies cited in our example date. And so, as ‘The Ancients of Days’, We Conclude that on our example date-hook it is such a shame that there is only 14.29% of ‘loveliness’ about. It is also a shame that 28.58% of everyone is worrying about something. And it is also a little sad for all the world’s children that there is only a 14.29% possibility of finding some ice-cream”.
Yes, it’s a shame our example date didn’t have a 100% availability of equality, nobody worrying over anything, and enough ice-cream for everybody. But then we’d all have to arrive at the qabalistic goal of ‘unity within time’ to be making ‘4D group-scores’ like that.
At this point, you may be fully understanding why it is that ‘aristocrats’ and upper ‘illuminati’ members do not read [‘believe’ about] negative newspaper stories, or indeed watch [‘believe’ about] the terrible tales about wars and class differentiation on the television news ‘programs’. Even ‘afterwards’. Since the karma of doing so is actually quite terrible.
This is also one of the main reasons that the remaining dark-side are found by some to be a bit tricky to depose. Since it is all of us newspaper story believers and T.V. watchers that have been ‘conned’ into conjuring the inappropriate reality structures in the Physical Plane that we all ‘say’ that we wish would end.
At this point you are probably fully understanding why the ‘illuminati’ originally devised a system of social control called ‘The Method Of Temptation’. Which was designed to ‘trick’ Mankind into ‘conjuring’ negative objects and outcomes into the Physical Plane, by pulling them through the Fourth Dimension from the Mental and Emotional Planes: largely by the method of ‘believing’ the stories about such things ‘afterwards’ – though sometimes ‘during’ too.
Of course ‘after’ heads straight for ‘before’…
Which is why the Ascended Masters are so fond of telling us all that: “There Is Only Now”.
We also need to be aware of something the Pleiadian ‘walk-in’ and channel called ‘Celestial’ has told us all on Her Blue Star web-site, when She warned us all that: “the truth is often stranger than fiction”. Which as far as the case of the true nature of non-linear time and the Earthly manifestation of our very reality is concerned – it most certainly is.
Or should I now say ‘most certainly was?’
What will you ‘believe’ in today, and which ‘date-hook’ in time-space will you be believing about, and hanging things on?
Currently I am believing about NESARA coming to the UK and the rest of Europe. I am believing about the uniting of all the world’s ‘channels’, instead of the warring between them. And I am also believing in the removal of all the worlds corrupt judges, politicians, and lawyers too. Amongst other things.
I was also going to say that:
“I have now completely stopped reading anything negative at all on the internet, such as the ‘same old’ 911 stories, and the various given reasons for the delays in Global NESARA. Since if I do ‘believe’ such things [which I can not], then I partly made the very things that I ‘believed’ all about. This is not to say that such knowledges are not useful at first if you are ‘coming from nowhere’, and building up your personal account of ‘how it was’ and ‘how it is’. But, beyond a level, all that such negative accounts are, are the very ‘spells’ [beliefs] that made the very things that we all despise happen in the first place. And this explains the line in the Phoenix Journals that speaks about ‘no written record surviving the 2012 planetary changes’”.
But then, Gea, the host of a very uplifting Dutch Ascension web-site asked me to write a more positive article about a better way of watching such ‘shows’, listening to such ‘chats’, and ‘reading’ such articles. So please look out for the follow-up document to this one, called ‘The 5D Survival-Guide To Successfully Watching T.V., Holding A Conversation, And Reading A Newspaper’.
 Oh, one almost last thing. How about making the following mantra:
“I [your full name] call to my Monad, my Soul and to all Ascended Masters, and I ask that it is noted that I am formally withdrawing by misappropriated ‘belief’ from any negative media story that I ever ‘believed in’ that ‘was’, that ‘is’, or that ‘will be’, NOT of my Soul and Monad’s true desire. This notice will take effect in all Seven Eternities Of Time; in all Seven Evolving Super-Universes; and in all past, present, future, and parallel incarnational experiences. I thank my Soul, my Monad, and all Ascended Masters for hearing and noting my request”.
And one very last thing. The date-hook in time-space that is known as Tuesday 18th July 2006 asked me to ask you all something. And the thing that this ‘future’ Tuesday wanted me to ask you all is to make the following mantric statement on it’s behalf:
“I [your full name] call to my Monad, my Soul and to all Ascended Masters, and I ask that it is noted that I only contribute my ‘belief’ towards making the date-hook in time-space that is known as Tuesday 18th July 2006 the most Spiritually Perfect Day that Mankind has ever seen since the Earth started it’s Millennium Ascension process. This notice will take effect in all Seven Eternities Of Time; in all Seven Evolving Super-Universes; and in all past, present, future, and parallel incarnational experiences. I thank my Soul, my Monad, and all Ascended Masters for hearing and noting my request”.
Of course for a ‘perfect score’ everyone would have to ‘join in’.
Become a guardian of the Fourth Dimension, and not a victim of it – John Grau.

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