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Messages from Ker-on & Atmos


Ker-On  | 17-July-06


We could always see that events would get worse before they got better. Out of the situation that now faces you in the Middle East, will come the opportunity to move politicians towards the understanding that the people involved seek a peaceful outcome. There is a lot of pressure from inside the countries not to just stop the confrontation from escalating, but to bring a halt to it for all time. Out of a difficult and delicate situation you will find it is possible to prevent it drawing in other countries.


We for our part are in a holding position and as we know the strategy and tactics being used, are able to circumvent attempts to incite an all out war. It saddens us that yet again nations create animosity, and draw on the hatred that has plagued some areas for eons of time. What you see is the inevitable outcome of karma that brings together those who have yet to see the futility in trying to use force to settle their differences.


The first aim is to calm the tension and bring about the possibility of negotiations that will halt the battle. Time can be a healer, and is vital in a hot tempered confrontation. There are several options that are available to us, but we are always bound by the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy who oversees such times. If you invoke situations that release anger and hatred, it is also your place to find the answers. We cannot do it for you, although we maneuver people into places where they have the opportunity to influence matters in a positive way.


In actual fact we have intervened on many occasions, over a great number of years to ensure that limitations have been placed on those secretly directing events. You are rarely if ever aware of the people behind the scenes, but we are and know of their plans. We always know what events are leading to and this is to our advantage. Behind our actions is a greater plan for Earth, and we ensure that its completion is not prevented.


Ascension cannot be averted or delayed no matter what tactics are used by the Illuminati. It is not given to Man to change the decreed path for all of Humanity. You may choose which path you take, and we shall ensure that no outside interference is allowed. The changes forge ahead that are destined to bring a halt to the reign of the dark. They will ensure that every individual will be enabled to complete this cycle as planned.


Do not be misguided by the outer happenings, as although they are worrying there will be moves made to bring a halt to warlike activities. In your modern age sophisticated weaponry means that you cannot sustain such a war for long. People will have to sit down and talk a solution, and they clearly cannot be allowed to fail.


As with very situation that causes death and injury it may seem unpalatable or unacceptable to many of you, but every soul involved in those conflicts is there from choice. Karma is far reaching and allows for clearance of old debts that bring about unpleasant experiences. Be not alarmed as this is the way that you acquire a greater understanding of how to use your freewill. Karma is not a punishment, but simply an experience that teaches the lessons of life. Karma can also be rewarding and is not just one sided, but I talk of evolution and not material gain. You are in duality to experience and understand both the Light and dark, but you have to accept the consequences of your actions.


The last hundred years or so have seen an immense clearance of negative energies, yet there is still some work to do before it will be total. Ultimately the negative energies will have been transmuted, and this clearly has to take place before Ascension. Even now the new energies being beamed to Earth are increasing in intensity, and it has resulted in a lessening of the power of the dark. Always remember that it is the physical battle that you see upon Earth. On other levels it is much more subtle and directed by High Beings who wield power beyond your comprehension.


We always ask you to see the larger picture; so do not despair at what you see at your level. Promises made by the Spiritual Brotherhood are the result of Divine directives, and they will result in your release from the dark energies. Carry on handling your own progress towards the Light, and leave those who choose otherwise to follow their path. Each individual has work to do and by focusing on self you will be less distracted by outer events.


If your attention is drawn to events that lack the Light, you can always send your prayers and Light out to help release and transmute negative energies. Know that this helps immensely whilst at the same time adding to the mass consciousness. It is the powerful force for good that is lifting you up, and it engenders unavoidable but beneficial changes. In spite of what you see around you, be assured you are still growing in your personal consciousness. Simply do not allow events to upset you, and try to center yourself and do not project yourself into what you see.


Fear is still your greatest enemy, which is why you must take care of your emotions. Balance what you see with your own knowledge that all will work out in the end, and that you will proceed to stay on the path to Ascension. Realize that if you are well on the path of Light it is extremely unlikely that you will be affected by outer events. It will only be karmic circumstances or service to others that will find you personally involved.


I am Ker-On and coming from the planet of Love you call Venus. There are thousands upon thousands of us coming to you through the Galactic Federation. We are near to that time when we can fully reveal ourselves, and how delightful and joyous it will be when you are finally released from the influences of the dark. We come as always with great Love for you all.


Thank you Ker-On.

~Mike Quinsey. 

  | 18-July-06


Dear Ones what a whirl you are in as events proceed at such a fast pace. Factions that have not yet found their Light confront one another believing that might and fight are ways of settling differences. That will never be a solution, as each time they are all contributing to the negativity and it will return to haunt them. Even the victor has to a face up to the negative energies that they have created.


How many lessons do the different nations have to go through before they wake up. All wars make for losers and there is no real gain that will be lasting. Israel has been at loggerheads with its neighbors for some 50 years, and peace agreements have lasted only a short time. They have never addressed the real problems, and will not until both sides sit down and genuinely allow for their differences to be settled.


Nations often reflect the desires of their people, and war is invariably the result of hatred and greed. It simply results in their fragmentation, and the repercussions have an effect for many years. Yet Man seems not to learn from personal experience, or a history that shows the sorrow and deprivation of your ancestors. You are your ancestors, and you have trod this path many times and deep down you know what it is like to be involved in wars.


By now you may well have thought that Man would have at least learnt from two major world wars. Unfortunately many souls return to Earth bringing with them their hatred of others, and often revengeful desires. There are no winners, particularly at a personal level as each time you incarnate into eras such as your present one, you are exposed to negative energies that you have in part helped create. The hope is that you will question your motives in bringing about wars and supporting them.


Of course many souls are here at this time because they carry the Light and Love, and it is greatly needed to bring about some sense of balance. They do have an influence and by their thoughts and deeds attract even more Light through Beings such as us from the higher Realms. It is a mighty challenge, but you would not have chosen this time unless you felt you had the strength to overcome it. How wonderful that in the midst of the dark energies your Light shines out, and acts as a refuge for those who are attracted to it.


Consider that every battle is about energies, the dark opposing the Light and this has been so ever since your fall into duality. You knew this was to be so, yet still accepted the challenge and now after many thousands of years the cycle is coming to completion. There is little time left and souls from the lower astral regions have been released, and you have never experienced so much negativity at one time. It is for many souls a last chance to experience at a level that is higher than their normal vibrations. It is an opportunity to learn much from their final incarnation, before they start another on the new Earth.


There would be no gain if everyone were somehow segregated from each other. People will however gravitate to others that are of a similar energy, and  that makes them feel comfortable. Now some of you will no doubt think of the planning that goes into creating a life plan for each soul. It will bring different people together for the purpose of challenging and testing their ability to overcome their weaknesses. They will also have set themselves goals that they try to reach before their life is over.


Be understanding of those around you who are experiencing or involved negativity, as whatever way it may appear to you they are ultimately trying to learn from it. In reality there are no failures, as each experience will leave you with lessons learnt that will serve you well another time. For this reason do not be hard on your self if you appear to underachieve. Do not feel guilty, but resolve to overcome your weaknesses. You will carry your experiences with you into future lives and they will serve you well.


As we often mention, you are not alone in your travels upon Earth. You are guided and if you did but take notice your path could be much easier. Your intuition is your inner voice and knows exactly what you need. In your sleep period every one of you will leave your body, and on many occasions you will meet with others to discuss your problems. You will even talk to those with whom you have differences to settle, and it is just as likely you will find a solution. This can happen, because away from your physical environment and in the higher dimensions you can see the broader picture and know what it is you need to do.


As life is so hectic and outer events impinge upon you, it is not easy to devote yourself to matters concerning your evolution. You are distracted at every turn and find it hard to find those quiet moments that are so essential to you. Allow time to think about your life and what you expect from it, but be open to opportunities that may well have been arranged for your specific benefit.


All may be changing and the end times are here, but you all have life plans to complete. You still need to live your life, and know that you will not be touched by outer events unless they are to be part of your experience. By all means spread your Light as good work can be carried out this way, and avoid emotional involvement in anything that would seem negative. Compassion and Love for those who are involved in the effects of war and any other activities is all that can be asked of you. More than this will undoubtedly be a karmic connection and you will know what to do.


I am Atmos of the Galactic Federation and not only understand your dilemma but also your part in the end times. In spite of how it appears it is a grand time to be on Earth, and you are to soon experience a lifting up that will see an end to duality. You are indeed privileged to be the ones to have been chosen for these times. Feel our love and blessings accompanying you every day.


Thank you Atmos.

~Mike Quinsey.




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