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Invisible Peril!


~ The Master/through Benjamin Crème

If men were to see the state of the world as We the Masters see, they would be amazed, dumbfounded and afraid all at the same time. So far from the reality is man’s view of conditions on Earth, and so lacking in judgement is he about future possibilities, that without help, man would watch his planetary home languish and die.

As it is planet Earth is in a sad and perilous condition while each day brings it nearer to critical. Many voices have sounded warnings on global warming, and many views have been expressed, but even then the most dire prophecy falls short of the calamity facing the world today. Few there are who see the immediacy of the threat and the urgency of the steps needed to counter it.

Great as is the peril posed by global warming, this unfortunately is not the greatest or most hazardous faced by man today. Did he but know it, man is engaged in a slow but steadily increasing intoxication of the race and of the lower kingdoms. Toxicity and pollutions of all kinds, and in all fields is now the greatest danger to men, animals and Earth itself. All are poisoned and sick in their own way.

Unknown to men but evident to Us, the greatest harm sustained by men and planet in this sorry tale is caused by nuclear radiation. Men have gone far astray in the development of this most dangerous energetic source. Led astray by greed, and the false hope of vast profits, they have concentrated their experiments in “taming” the most dangerous source of energy ever discovered by man, neglecting meanwhile a perfectly safe alternative use of the energy of the atom. Atomic fusion cold and harmless, could be theirs from a single isotope of water everywhere available in the oceans, seas and rivers, and in every shower of rain.

Man must cease his “toying with death”. Atomic fusion is the result of the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which erupted in Chernobyl and causes subtly death and sickness today. It is “that” which stands where it ought not” and which must be renounced by man if he would prosper further.

Earth scientists are confident that they have indeed tamed the monster, and can keep it under control. They do not realize that their instruments are crude indeed, that they measure only the lower aspects of nuclear radiation, that stretching above these dense-physical levels, are levels more finer and more dangerous to the health and well-being of all. But for the tireless efforts of our Extra-planetary Brothers in assuaging this invisible peril in so far as the Karmic law allows, our plight would be perilous indeed.

Wake up mankind!



Vol.25. No.5. June 2006.      


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