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The ”Digiverse” started out as an idea I had about connecting people, ideas and the such from different social networking sites.  Making a presence on (then three) sites and interlinking them so there would be links to content on the other sites.  So when synchronicity kicks in the information one needs to create an experience is just a click away.
I truly believe that the way, is the way, is the way.  Holding no attachment, judgment or possession over on thing, feeling and so forth. Each person is on a journey of self awareness weather they realize it or not, therefore I feel it is important to plant seeds where ever I go so someone else can begin to perceive their next grand experience.
So, I linked up my 3 profiles on the social networking sights I belonged to, then it dawned on me. I have content on over 23 websites, all of which is public accessible!  Why not link all of my entire ”Digiverse” to one easy to use site for people to explore if they wish?
So the ”Seth D8 Digiverse Portal” was born.
What's There?
The ”Digiverse Portal” Contains all of the following links to content all over the web:
  • All of My Social Networking Site Profiles
  • All of My Blogs
  • All of my Art Web Projects
  • All of My Art
  • All of my Music Mixen
  • All of My “Must See” Videos
  • All of My Word Clouds for each Blog
  • A Light Grid Frappr
  • Even More Web Resource Links
  • All of my Webstore Site Links
  • and of course A Web Blessing of Light and Love
This is version 1.0 of the ”Digiverse Portal”, so if you have any feedback please let me know!  I really hope you have an awesome time exploring my Digiverse, and who knows maybe some seeds of awareness will be planted!
Seth D8

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