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Commuincation with Orem

OremOrem Becomes One!

“We begin this transmission with you Dear Ones. Orem speaking directly around you at this time, into your space, into your awareness and thoughts and come with me as we link in with the greater group – the connected Brotherhood of Light serving the purposes of the Universe in upliftment of consciousness. Together we travel into the communication chamber.
Be aware that there are many being drawn in at this stage and the chamber encompasses all who are drawn in and all who wish to be understanding more of the pattern that is occurring around the Earth at this time.
Be still and listen and let your awareness absorb the inner messages both for you and for those around you, and take part again in this restoring of a higher frequency. The energy passing through you as you absorb it, takes away the layers of conditioning of Earth and helps you to be fully connected with that powerful golden light energy form that we see you as – a pure energy that exists within and separate from the vibrations that might be seen as thought patterns and emotional patterns, back to the Creative Power of the Universe. This then prepares you to move into the receptivity of the higher aspect that I bring through, connecting you with The Elders who, encompassing you as they do, can lead you into further areas well beyond the Earth dimension.”

“We begin this part of your transformation journey. We speak particularly with you for this is your journey in connection with the overall pattern of upliftment.
Through the portals through the dimensions that are available to you more readily in this state of consciousness sense the energy that you allow to be poured forth into the surrounding areas around the Earth, into the areas that contain dense patterns of distortion, passing into those areas a pureness of energy arising from your connection to Source and the pure elements of being – all in balance – full of potential to uplift and full of the energy that you in this process are embracing the Earth with, as if you alone are holding the Earth in a pattern of pureness. A pattern that accepts what is but allows the greater ideal of order and progress to come through, and through that there will be inspirational ideas received by many of those who create new studies and new pathways and activities.
This honours the creative process that is within every creature – every life form – and it honours that creative process within you as an individual and to what you can accomplish and spread forth an energy that you would recognise in its highest level as Pure Divinity belonging to the creative process of this universe.
You are part of that, expressing it as it works through you and through the immersion within it you will emerge enlightened and empowered as a principal creative aspect.
Now with this pureness and empowerment that you will be experiencing, this is gathered and collected together into a way that you can work collectively and where you know that you work to assist particular processes to be manifested in what is around you and the Earth. The vibrations that you express are co-ordinated and co-ordinated through the presence of those as us and in many other life forms and presences holding the same intention of upliftment and transformation, and always within that there is received impulses to be in particular areas and to speak particular words and to give forth particular loving creation in how you are, and to do this reflects the pureness that you have through all layers of your present being in Earth – the physical unit – the Earth unit – as we refer to it. You will sense the moving between the higher aspects of your pure life form into the layers that comprise your present Earth unit working in a co-ordination and flowing in all that is provided in many ways, and this includes the ultimate support of you in this working that you are part of.
You exist in the pure Essence of the Creative Source in this moment, fully supported.
Again we bring you to the level where you would be aware of that network of light workers existing with you. Do you see the strong connections you have with particular ones in this state. The recognition and connection is powerful, whether this would be in a different part of your world or in areas that are stationed off-world – wherever the connection is this serves to reinforce that connection as you willingly and consciously reaffirm the way that you remember to link in to facilitate actions, communications and all that is required of you in the greater sense of creation.
In many ways you may sense these areas as being within vessels that are not created of the Earth, and some of the ways that you may perceive it may seem also as merely drawn together in consciousness that has no need of a vehicle, but wherever the beings of light are drawn together there is a substance that you will recognise that holds you in that space of light and support and where there are particular activities you may be participating in. Part of this also is being within the vast crystalline cities that contain those ones who are working to establish and increase the presence of the higher existence in that dimension beyond the physical 3rd dimension, and we do bring your awareness to this in some transmissions so that it keeps being retained within the conscious thoughts. It is the conscious thoughts that are often held back from being the fully realised state that you achieve in these gatherings and in your personal connections.
In this transmission there has been a transference to you of creations yet to emerge and the ways to establish transformation in harmony whereyou will be consciously uplifting other people and assisting them to adapt to change and to follow a path of pure creation with Source. The great many light beings drawn into this planetary system are working to continue the awakening process of those who have been caught within the memory loss of the true purpose of their presence and there is always the work continuing to purify and uplift the lower aspects of life to restore them to the understanding.
You may see this as a great unfolding of beauty around the planet. The more that you unfold and express your pure connection and existence, the more you assist the process for others, as indeed you do know and understand.
We bring you back into the assembly point with these words of the transmission, where you can perceive more of what exists in this assembly point. You may perceive aspects as being tasks or learning in this state, or merely a place where you absorb all that is needed for you and then this will be interpreted in your life. We see the progress that continues to be made. We see the lovingness there is for the unfoldment and upliftment processes and we see the information being absorbed around you in many layers of your existence.
The clearness that you experience in this state take with you consciously as you return to your body form and indeed in co-ordination with the Messenger Orem we are doing this at this time, bringing your awareness to the transportation disc that is an aspect that you recognise and feel that draws you back to your physical form at this time.
The existence of creation, of Source Energy and Essence is within you, and around you and through you, and this we leave with you as our blessing to you, as this transmission is completed in this moment.”
And then be aware that around you, you have beings of light whom you may recognise and Orem continues to be with you through the higher frequency that you maintain and have drawn in to you. You have drawn with you, in simple terms, what is the pattern from the stars, the energy message from the universe that is created and that is existing within you in the infinite aspect of you.
All these transmissions work in the very real aspect of you through all your functions of the physical unit, and all the intelligences of the physical unit that is you stand to attention with this greater impulse that feeds them and thus you as an individual and all that works as a physical body, works in a co-ordinated manner, tuned into the greater consciousness for the presence of the physical form.
Embrace this form and all that is your life in the Pureness of the Order of the Universe. Known also to you because it is part of your conscious life, are all those people who would seek return to health or assistance on their life's journey, wherever that would lead, and they too are embraced in this Pure Order.
Now it is time for me to salute Messenger Orem and all those who have come around us, and we thank you for this time and energy.
“Indeed we do honour you” [Orem]
You are back within your physical form, and bring your conscious thoughts into you now, being aware of where you are listening and receiving this message, bringing into your conscious life the renewed energy and information, and now it is time to be back into your life and world. Thank you. It is done.


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