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Message from Porf June 29 2006

PorfPorf Fills in History!

We are from the generation of Tibetan connected to the salutary historical system, which is an offshoot of Ramadan. My name is Porf and I will be doing most of the translation.
We have nothing to do with the Anunnaki race of people. They did ask us if we would give you an unbiased opinion of some key historical facts that have taken place in your inundated frequency. Our responsibility is to help you mentally clear a path that will permit patterns of clarity into your mentality, allowing you to be aware of what perfection is.
In order to pass through prismatic motion, which is a vibrational light prism that the dimensional consciousness is changing into which allows an energetic view of the new conscious ladder that you are stepping onto, you must be in control of all your automatic response systems. Many of you are aware of this, at this time.
Also, I'm going to repeat what you have been told. It is not you who are not waiting for the planet to change into a fifth dimensional
sequence; it's the planetary system waiting for you to move into a fifth dimension since it already knows how.
What do you think this 2012 interaction is all about? All the talk is about everything going into a new dimension. In actuality, everything going on at this time will be finished by 2012.
Another thing most of you have heard, that I'm going to repeat, is to remember that all conflicts entering into your circle of containment are presenting themselves to you at this time for you to learn allowance of energy. Remember this when people that you interact with become adversarial. It has nothing to do with somebody purposely trying to defraud you. This interaction can only enter into your life zone if you need this adversarial action to become part of your experience.
This is not our job to explain universal laws because this is what you're working on right now. We thought we would add a little to it. Basically, we are what you call historians. What we would like to do is present a picture of creation that has never been fully understood by the frequency that you preside in.
The only history that you know is the last three to five thousand years. Much of it has been misdirected. A lot of the reason for this
is the iconoclastic type people that tried to rule the world by telling their own story of historical facts. Many of these facts have
some validity, but the overall view of what has transpired in your past has been extremely misrepresented. One of the reasons is that a 3-D understanding of anything is limited to small pieces of the puzzle.
Now we have a captive audience that understands the multiple processes that take place for life to exist. Take for an example, a square block of wood, with six sides. Look at it. You only will see three sides at a time. When you rotate this block, you understand that there are more than three sides, but you'll still only see three sides at a time, which is only part of the picture. Some people will not even rotate the block, so they stay in the third dimensional view. The information we're giving you now would not interact with the consciousness that they preside in. So be prepared to turn the block.
The first thing that needs to be addressed is this stupid aging thing you have inundated yourself with. You have a perfectly functional physical vehicle that has been designed to basically function forever.  You then shut it down and do not let it do the job it was designed to do. This was accomplished by destroying your male and female connection with the mother planet. As you reconnect, as many of you are at this time, you will understand the real process of perfection. Start living it at this point and you will draw to you your counterpart, the one who is your true physical and spiritual mate. At this point you will make a complete balance.
The first thing that will go is this ridiculous aging concept that you were programmed to believe. You were first brought to mother earth's frequency approximately 68,000 years ago, not including the time loops you have been rerunning in a groundhog movie-like way. You know the movie that I am referring to.
You just think it is a silly story, but it was intentionally introduced, as are many different films, to the subconscious to open
up new avenues of concepts and reform. There are two groups that have their fingers in the film industry. One tries to control the masses with fear. The other opens up avenues of probability for you to explore.
Yes, that is us restructuring the intercom system of your computer. I understand there has been many changes to your verbal actuator device from every source of life. Oh well, it is our turn now. Have you noticed how quiet your processor is running? We have developed a system to balance it to the frequency that you're working with. It was basically working its ass off to keep up with your information. I think it will be OK now.
Before we go any further, I want to answer some questions that I am being asked. I am supposed to be some sort of a historian, but I will answer these questions first. “What is pain?” This is a very very good question.
When you are out of balance and your body starts physically breaking down, it sends you a message to where this inflection is taking place. Therefore, when you feel pain, instead of thinking that something is wrong, mentally focus on the point that is in pain. When you reach this point, understand what the discomfort really is. See that you have an unbalanced thought. In most cases you're allowing someone or something to make you feel out of balance or negative. Once you allow any situation or other person to gain your power point, you start losing your clarity. At this point discomfort, weakness, depression starts to set in.
Now let me see if I can get my empathic engineer to trust what I am presenting to him as historical facts. He knows what I am talking about because he has this big concern of misdiagnosing the information that he is being introduced to.
One of the most confusing aspects of comedic times is learning to understand that no matter what information you receive, the same information can seem like an entirely different story. This all stems from the view of what level of inept probabilities you are
experiencing.Anunnaki creational patterns.
I know, what the hell is that? Always remember your friend's favorite saying. “Everything in creative form is a vibrational frequency that is the result of a thought.” What a thought does is take the microns of energy, the responding pieces of non matter, and place it into a functional picture that fits whatever belief pattern you have inherited, from whatever program you have experienced in any vibrational form that is in a non-conscious creative condition. In other words, you're running around creating without realizing that you have the power do so.
The reason I'm going through all this rhetoric is that when you're explaining anything that is out of your immediate vibrated frequency, everyone who sees the picture will have a somewhat different explanation due to the vibrated pattern that this person draws to them. These are from whatever experience they have had in an elliptic viewpoint of whatever is being presented.
Confused? Let's try this! Everything you see visually or feel intuitively has only one channel to go through to process that which
you have stored of acquired experiences. Stop.let's see if I can get through!
For example, if you use a dictionary to find a word that is not included, the first thing you say is, “There is no such a word!”  Well, what does this mean? It means that whoever inspired the dictionary into a creative pattern of learning only had enough knowledge to fill one small book.
So, what about the rest of the information that is out there? You cannot be introduced to this information because the dictionary does not have a word that explains whatever you're seeking. This is what a third dimensional view does. It stops looking if it has no reference points to cause it to continue.
Now that you're expanding your points of reference, many of you are able to see a picture that could not be presented before. How many times have you heard somebody say, “Why don't the UFOs just land on the White House lawn and communicate with us?” My answer is this. They would be glad to if you would acknowledge their existence.  However, because you ran out of dictionary, you have no place to draw upon. So, you just shut everything down.
One thing I must say is that it will not be long before many of you will experience this new process. Actually, all that's in the way for many of you right now is still fear. Just keep on working on this and you will have amazing results.
Next, my friends and I will introduce a pattern of thought to you at a level of understanding that will have to be carefully processed. You are not allowed to go into a fear pattern of right and wrong. As long as any of these inept processes are in motion, they will interfere with staying in synchronicity with the velocity of the planetary alignments that allow dimensional change to rapidly fall into place.
In the beginning God created the earth. OK, right off the bat, creation has no beginning or end. Everything is in a constant flow,
regenerating itself. If there was a beginning where would it start from? If there was an end, what would be its destination? Where would it go?
If you look at everything in a third dimensional projection, you would only see three sides of a square block, believing of course, that everything has a beginning and end. Now you are working past this old concept, even though you can only see three sides of the block at one time. At least you are aware that there are three more sides.
Guess what? Once you find all six sides, creation will exponentially align itself to a process that will continue into infinity, which is
unbounded by space, time or quantity. It allows you to see the never-ending sides of the block.
I understand this goes past everyone that has a physical body and uses brain cells to cognate and process data. So let's just back up and use the six-sided block concept. This is where we will introduce this new information from. See how complex it can get to just get started with the history of a physical realm of existence? So what we will do, since we're working in time and space, is try to work from the biggest picture in this area. Sometimes it is necessary to drift in and out in order to get answers to some questions.
I was just asked a question if Atlantis and Lemuria were part of what we are today? Yes they are! Also there was Anoxia, Tryoden and Emesela, before that, and the list goes on and on. Humans have come and gone on this planet continuously. There never was a time when man was not. Many times humans had to return and experience technological restarts and some of these restarts are what you see in your historical fossil beds. This doesn't allow you much clarity on the historical facts of your ancestors.
If you could travel from planet to planet and see the infinite amount of different coagulations of atmospheric processes that are taking place, it would be quite overwhelming to comprehend. Each planet has a specific quality of uniqueness that the others do not.
Mother Earth has hers in its Elines Basela, which you refer to as gold. This is the energetic force that keeps all creative energies in flow, allowing the planet to function in a parallel expression of its original blueprint. This is why recently you have been told that any gold that has been taken off the planet immediately will replace itself, so that it can follow that original blueprint. I do not want
to get into the process of gold or we will never get any farther.
When different species of life realized the energy field that gold produces and what could be done with it, they came in droves to
harvest this precious commodity. I think this would be a good place to start. It is far enough back to give you a historical picture and give you a start on understanding what really took place in your history.
There are not many physical beings that have to deal with the load you carry on planet Earth. It seems like you created a special domain to come and experience everything in one place. It all stems back to when you each arrived here from many different planets and cryonic paths. At this point you were introduced to the earth's force field, which allows you to be able to adapt to the frequency of this planet.
To clarify a question, “Yes you can travel to other planets, but if you're not adapted to that frequency, in other words, if you do not
have a vibrational match to that planets frequency, you will not experience what the true aspects of life are in that domain.”
OK, now back to our train of thought. There was a group of people at that time that transported many different physical beings from many different planetary structures to create the life process that you're involved in at this time. They were basically brought here against their will to perform different projects for the Sumerians, who transported them to this planet.
When you look at the different races on your planet, it doesn't seem like that many. But actually, there are hundreds because the first arrivals interbred for thousands of years and looked like a single race. Now the second arrivals are in the process of doing the same. What the Sumerians did without realizing it, is allow these different races to combine their energetic fields. This combination gave them a conscious understanding of spiritual knowledge that can only be interacted into the system with a “We” complexity of creative thinking.
So there are two conducted processes going on in the same frequency. One of them is a group of beings that want to confiscate the precious metal from the earth's life form for their own benefit. They have brought many different cultures to your planet for this to take place.  The overall view of the original intent is to allow all these different human species to blend together producing a tremendous creative mental force that has not been attainable in this frequency, to this point.
In the last hundred years, without you realizing, mankind has spiritually risen above any point prior to this physical life's
experience. Each race of people that has been brought to your planet has brought a unique and precious commodity to enlighten the mental force field that inhabits the earth plane at this time.
For thousands of years mankind has gone through many trials and tribulations, allowing this segment of life force to adjust and
understand how to process thought without being controlled by others.  If you notice, all the way through your history there's always somebody or something in control.
Now if you pay attention, you'll see this is starting to change. This allows the new children to come in and prepare themselves to teach a new world an entirely new process of survival. These children would not be able to integrate into the system unless the system had prepared itself for it.
After many years of bringing different races of beings to the earth,  the Sumerians devised a method to keep track of the earth's progress by erecting Pyramid's in a certain order. This would allow them a visual advantage of earth's progress. As you were told earlier, the sole reason for bringing in millions of different beings from all over the Galaxy was to harvest all the gold that was available, as well as create a system that would be self-sustaining allowing the Samaritans to be in full control. They could then go back to their planet and everything would run automatically. They would not have to stay here to oversee the progress.
Well, for thousands of years this worked pretty well until they decided to build a tracking device using the geometric Pyramid energy. This allows all annonic wave motions to be detected from great distances since they only return approximately every 3,500 years; this is when their planet was aligned to allow this. After each trip they could return home with their precious commodity.
Now if you notice, all throughout the history that you know of, gold has been the most precious and sought after commodity in existence. So when the Sumerians first set up housekeeping and created a system that allowed everyone to survive in, they injected into your system a tremendous and overwhelming desire for gold. This desire is still is in place to date.
When they made the decision to erect the Pyramid's, the slave labor that they brought here had no means of constructing such a tremendous monolithic monument. Therefore, they introduced the process of levitation. This allowed these great mammoth shapes to be erected. This all worked very well for them. The Sumerians gave them the technology and taught them the means to erect these structures. They then returned to the 10th planet.
When they returned approximately 3500 years later, they noticed that they were starting to lose control because the technology they had given the slaves was being used in ways that weren't conducive to their project. So now they had to introduce a new process that wouldn't stop the progress of gold mining. At this point they created fear and added religion, governments, kingdoms, and even sports, because they knew the tremendous egotistical passion these people had.  These things would put them back in control. This is where the enlightened ones started their venture. This venture was later called the Illuminati.
Now, I want to inject a little wisdom into your intellect so that you will not start forming a negative mental image of all of this information. We're keeping this story in the highest collectible conscious frequency that we can. This allows us to tell a factual story. This is a process, a part of history that took place without a right or wrong concept as part of its demeanor.
If the reader of this information has any problem or connection with the concept of right or wrong, this information will not be allowed to inject into their mentality. This is nothing to do with whether you believe it or not. We are not concerned about how you process this in your belief system. All we are telling you are that if you're experiencing a disorder or mental conflict of how any of this information is portrayed, everything in your mental storage will shut down.
Let us go back to when you were first brought to Mother planet. When the word mother is used before the word planet, it means she has the capability to reproduce whatever she needs to keep survival in contact. When what you call the human race first arrived to Mother Earth, they were first taught how to manifest so they could create an environment that fit their needs. This was necessary because of the tremendous difference and variety from what they originally came from.
They brought many different ideas and processes from their original planets. Because they had the ability to manifest, they started rebuilding and duplicating what they had left behind. This is why there are so many different and plentiful new varieties of animals.  They also had to connect with the God force, which is the spirit world, so that they could line up each animal to match the sole purpose from the higher realms that each animal came in to be.
In other words, even though humans created animals, the original design and purpose had to originate from a creative intent. Understand that this is a new concept for you. The whole idea of this information is to train your mind to float with this information without having an opinion one way or another. This comes from an old Teradyne traditional prayer that goes like this; Mazade porede la paneled bucha pravaset tre, lile comred to corset . Is always keeps you in a place of allowance without control.
Teradyne is the group of people that was brought here in the very beginning of human transformation. This group has had the job of keeping in place a spiritual overtone so humans do not lose touch with the original creative force of humanity. Even though there is a historical view of what has transpired on the planet Earth, there is also a bigger creative power that put everything in place.
This has nothing to do with religion because religion is based on nothing more than a belief system that people tend to create. The result is the many of them that now exist, and will exist until the true meaning of creation is comprehended.
The true understanding of creation can only be comprehended when all beings in physical form have the same understanding of a creative force. This then allows everything to go back to one; this is the whole understanding of the God experience. In other words, nothing can function in perfection if all the parts are not there. This is what you're in the process of injecting into your consciousness; allowing all the nomenclature of understanding to create a view of knowledge which will allow you to step into a higher frequency of experience.
Yes! I will answer the question, “Does this continue forever?” My answer is, “Yes, only if you preside in time”. Remember, their never was a time when man was not. This is a metaphysical expression explaining that other aspects of life can take place without the use of time. Time was introduced into the third dimensional process of life so physical beings could learn to relate to a structured society. This is why people studying quantum physics have difficulty shifting to these new aspects that don't relate to time because they can only relate to their understanding of time.
Another aspect I would like to make clear is that everything we are discussing about your history is all based on the third dimensional viewpoint. There are many factors that are constantly working with all of you, all the way from cross-dimensional consciousness giving spiritual input introducing this third dimensional information to you.  There are many other levels of communication putting in their combined injection of knowledge.
When humans first experimented with cross consciousness between animal and human, as in many of the mythical stories you've heard, it actually took place, but not in the physical reality that you preside in. At one time mankind could phase in and out of these different vibrational experiences of life. This is where the half human-half animal aspects have their derivative roots.
The myopic understanding of Rainagod, the figure in Egypt which you have named the sphinx, is a good example of the connection between these two different vibrational systems. It was originally constructed by the Sumerians as a testimony of ownership, similar to how you would plant a flag today. They constructed an illusion of consciousness exchange to prove that they have the process of interlocking human and animal life force.
The Sphinx also is a landmark of where they have their akashic library, currently unexposed underground. It can be visited if you're properly identified as having Sufi thought patterns.
I understand your struggle with getting this information. Don't feel alone. We are so limited with these aspects of communication, but that's all we have, so we'll deal with it. What many of you are trying to do at this time is reconnect with this human and animal connection because of the tremendous understanding that interlocks between the two.
You know, I was just thinking how much information you have been deprived of because of the third dimensional connection you have with
the universe. Each one of the subjects that we introduced to you has a huge story in themselves. This might sound strange, but sometimes I am confused how far to go. I know you're looking at us as an overseer of all knowledge because of the tremendous information we comprehend. However, we still have our limitations on certain aspects.
To be truthful with you, the bigger the understanding of creation you see the more you realize what a small piece you really have. Staying humble actually draws in the understanding of knowledge. All there is is the understanding that we're all working to obtain.
Another misunderstood concept of history is the story of the Ark of the Covenant. What this represents is a collection of energetic
forces that help introduce new creative concepts into the reality that draws it in using the heading of “I need to know”. We will get into this more at a later time. It becomes very involved.
Wow! We just had an interesting experience connecting with the different entourage of life that you have been studying with for the past few years as it has come through your computer. You have had much more exposure than we realize.
OK, now that we see a somewhat different picture, I will explain a few more concepts that will help you understand our purpose in presenting ourselves and this information to you. By the way, I know now you understand about the soft electron force field that is directly interacting with your computer. This is one of the reasons you were directed to extend your house so the computer would be placed in this strategic area. This is why sometimes that irritating sound is omitting from your transponder.
I want to explain one more factor before we get back to our history lesson. This is back to being controlled, which I know you understand and work at all the time. There's one aspect that is overlooked where right and wrong still flourish and is still in control. This is the concept of staying healthy.
There are many of these concepts out there which are absolutely worthless unless they match your vibration. There is no right or wrong way to eat. Each person has to understand where they are in their belief system and pursue their habits according to this. Remember how many times you've been told everything is qualified by whenever you believe. If information is somebody else's belief, how can it help you?
OK! I am finished preaching to you. The reason I do this occasionally is that the more clearly I can enhance the reader, the more I can introduced the information I am passing on to you.
There are so many different stories to share with you that you have never had a clue existed; but because of where you live in time and space, there is not enough time to fit everything in. What I would like to happen is have people ask questions and work from that perspective. The main reason we have presented this information to you is to shift your thinking out of the old controlled nonsense that the system has been feeding you for years, which is all based on fear.  Once you start realizing and understanding that there is something in control over the whole planetary system, you will realize that all this control system did is switch to fear, blaming its own power, which still kept you in fear.
Everything is blamed on the government or on some secret organization that controls the money, or some low-frequency that drives you crazy, or different chemicals put out by jet engines. All you have to do in a world full of fear is put this information out, in some written form and a good percentage of the populace will believe it. What you have now is back to full control. All they do is find out what game you are playing and what belief system you have, and then they make up stories of fear and introduce them into that belief system through the media.
If you are in control of the news media and the educational system, you pretty much have control of the entire planet. Some of you
remember when radio and television was first introduced into the system. No matter how poor a country or person was, they were able to afford these two items. This made it very easy to control the masses.
Take 9-11 for an example. Nothing in history has put more people in fear than the process they used for this venture. The reason they are getting so nervous is because they're starting to lose control. Basically, in the big picture, this venture is backfiring on them. They even used the date to match the emergency number.
This was all carefully calculated with a fear based conclusion. Everything was screwed down and controlled tightly, using the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and many other religions, giving them the perfect control over humanity, as you know it.
The reason I am bringing this to your attention is so that you realize not to blame the Arabs or anyone for the situation the planet is in, at this time. What is happening is a last-ditch effort for the powers to be to stay in control. THE POWERS TO BE ARE NOT THE RESIDENTS OF YOUR PLANET. STAY AWAY FROM ANY BLAME. THIS JUST GIVES YOUR POWER AWAY. Most of this is controlled by the SUMERIAN race which we've talked about earlier.
Now this is a big one for you. What they did and are doing is all in perfection. So, look at the broad scale of everything. This is whereyour mind must venture to. See perfection in everything with no blame. Once you get to this point, the Christ consciousness is allowed to enter into your power point of awareness.
I know you have been told how the power point works. It basically works off nonresistance. The reason some of the great masters reached this point of enlightenment is because they were in control of their point of power and were able to start functioning in perfection by using the Christ consciousness.
Religions really don't have much information. They did hold a very important part of creation and that is why many of them stayed
connected to the source. The source understands that mankind cannot have the answers and really doesn't care. What the source goes by is the love feeling that is held in place. This allows a spiritual development to take hold. This actually now is a big part of the world's switchover; understanding truth and information that they have been using for years, but which was not a non-truth; it was just way short of the big picture.
In other words, if you had not have gone through the spiritual part of your incarnations with religion, you would not be where you are today. This was all set up by the original creator who understands that it has to follow its own blueprint to a final result.
A blueprint cannot be changed. It can be held back for some period of time, but once the gate is open again, it will continue on and follow its destination in perfection. No matter how disrupted anything in universal energy looks, it still is all perfect and the way it is happening is the way it was designed to.
Many of you have heard this a lot, but it still has to be said until people totally adhere to it and live it. The reason we are presenting this information to you is not to change your belief system but just to add to it. No matter what you have believed to this point, it is all true at some level. Once you get the entire story it will all make sense to you.
At some point this will allow you a mental freedom that was not attainable prior to this understanding. Once you have attained mental freedom you reach utopia. This is what the goal of physical form is at this point.
All mental freedom is nothing but allowing everything to be perfect. There is a man in your life experience at this point who has pretty well obtained this point. You can use him as an example. No, you figure it out! There is no lie, there is no truth. Everything is in the illusion that you are presiding in. It is in progress; a perfect experience of expansion.
No matter how bad or awful anything looks, the result of the experience is what you'll benefit from once you learn to experience
life in this manner. Do not see the bad situations as negative or positive, but as a way to get your attention. Learn to apply this to
the situation at hand and realize that without these different experiences your life adventure would be worthless.
This is the goal; handle everything that comes to you with eagerness and acceptance. Look forward to experiencing anything. Once you reach this point, all matter ceases as a disruptive pattern in your life, allowing a serene experience of life that's unattainable any other way. Thank you, Saint Germaine for your input.
Next we will talk about some of our early teachers that started your mental expansion. This was prior to Atlantis. The one you know as Thoth, who decided to incarnate at this time in a physical form and isnow walking among you as a child, at a certain point in the very near future will present himself to the masses.———— OK ! We have a situation here. We did not realize the connection you already have with this child. Give us sometime to check and see if he's the same one we're talking about.———————— boy did that one sneak in.
It looks like from here that we're talking about the same entity. I don't know if it's a good idea to print this. Let us leave it for now
we might have to delete this at a later point. What is your opinion?  I was just asked why this was a surprise to us, aren't we part of the spirit world? No we are not anything to do with the spirit world we still are a spiritual being with a physical connection not like yours but we still have to digest facts to see the bigger picture.
I understand you think we are infallible but we are just basically historians. Everything is pretty much the same as you are, except we have no veil between the physical and spiritual. You have to work much harder to see truth because of this veil, but in the long run it is worth the extra effort because of the tremendous knowledge that you have acquired through understanding without seeing.
Let me show you an analogy on this process. Would you follow a blind man who took you up a steep dangerous trail who never trips or falls and does this every day flawlessly? Or would you rather have a person with full vision who is constantly falling and getting hurt every time the ventures out on the trail?
Understand that we have the capability of interceding into your lives but we still have our limitations. Since you received an affirmative on leaving that piece in your ledger, we will go along with you and leave it in. I'm going to get off the track here a little bit and see if I can work through the receiver of this information's belief system about wasting anything.
Stop! The reason you can't understand what I'm saying is because you have a big block on this information. Now try it again! Most of you have been so programmed on how not to waste anything, especially food. I know, just flow with it! Think about it. How can anything be wasted if everything is constantly replacing itself? The only thing that can stop it is fear. If you have a fear of wasting, you stop the replacement flow.
Let's take food as an example. Everything you eat is grown from Mother Earth. The more that's used, the more she can produce. This is the same with currency. The more you spend, the more you draw to you—UNLESS— you have fear about it. I understand this is one of the hardest lessons to learn.
There is a famous saying, I worked so hard for this money and I have to be careful how I spend it, so it will last. This whole sentence does nothing more than stop the flow. Remember, everything is an illusion. Most of you have heard this before; it is time to start applying it.
This is going to be one of the biggest challenges you will have, getting out of a controlled environment/the third dimensional
viewpoint. You hear so much talk about the lack of, instead of the abundance of. I don't even know where to tell you to start, other
than to look at the law of attraction and understand the concept of this pattern. The new frequency that you are currently evolving into has to be a complete match to you so you can operate within these new energy patterns.
Sharing with you this information has been very enjoyable and we hope to get back with you soon so we can share with you one of this information.
– Porf


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